Friday, August 04, 2006

The switch for my electric blanket is with somebody else...

Frankly speaking I do not know what to write about P. Should I write about him as a person all by himself? Or should I write about him as Mr.Shark? ;-)

P is very reserved to the outside world.. kind of keeps to himself unlike me who has some million friends and can talk even with a wall!!! He takes a LOT of time to come out of the "formality" mode and speak with people casually. So there it goes... our first difference :)

P shows his emotions right on the face. He CANNOT lie. This is good for me since I can always catch if he is lying to me about something... but bad for him because he can never hide anything from anybody ;-) Just by listening to his "hello" you can make out if he is happy or sad or not-so-ok or hungry (yes! you can make out that as well...) And all this is just listening to his "hello" over the phone... so you can imagine if he is right in front of you... you can even make out what he had for lunch ;-). This is difference number 2! I NEVER show my emotions on my face... I might be all gloomy and sad... but then I talk to people around me as if I am the most happiest person on earth! I rarely share my feelings with anybody.. sort of inside-myself kinds!

For P.., I am the most important person in his life. (Many people will be jealous of me.. I know ;-)). He will leave anything and come and meet me if I ask him to. This reminds me of an incident.
I was studying engineering at that time... and my semester exams were on. It was the last day of the exam.., It was a tradition of sorts for P to come and wish me for each exam personally. It so happened on this particular day he had to go out of town for some work. He had called me and wished me... But then, just as I was going to college, there he was! In the usual place.. standing and waiting for me.... He had driven some distance of 60kms inbetween his work... just so that he can come and wish me for the exam. He went back to work after that!!!!! P.., I fell in love with you all over again on that day... :)

Truly speaking I am not at all like that. For me also though P is the most important person in my life.. I am too practical!! I let my mind rule more than my heart! So there it goes another difference!

But then, even with all these differences, I have never felt that close to anybody else other than P. Yes! I am sort of a boring character.. I didn't even have a crush on anybody else before P!!!

Infact I was not even interested to get married... I had seen too many troubled marraiges around me.. and somehow that had left me not to beleive in the institution of marraige and all this "mooha".

But then, the entry of P changed everything. No! It was not love at first sight! (Though, P claims it was for him.. but I don't believe him..;-)). He was first my "teacher". Yes! whatever little programming I know today, it's all because of him.. :). Then he was my friend.. and then he became my boy-friend. It has been a beautiful journey... :)

Some of the things that I like about P..,
  • He is always straight forward. He tells what he feels. He does not think one thing and tell another thing!
  • He is very caring, not only with me.. but even with his friends and family, Goes out of the way to help people around him.
  • He does not care about money! I hate people who think 100 times before spending even 100rs. But he is not like that... and I love that! After all what is the use of money you have, if you can't spend it!
  • He is smart... I mean the way he talks, the way he presents himself... man I love him for that!
  • He is clean :D Yes! That had to be a major criteria for me :) He is extremely cautious about his clothes.. (just like me).. irons them neatly each and every day he wears them. Goes to office, very well dressed! I hate men who don't care about their attire.. and don't even bother to take bath to go outside leave alone ironing clothes!
  • He is extremely sensitive towards my feelings. He is the ONLY person who can make out how I am feeling inside... though I might be just the opposite on the outside.
  • And most important... man! is he a good listener... with me, who can talk on and on about anything and everything, you need a real good listener as a partner..! And he is more than what i asked for :D

Some of the things which I would have loved if he ..,

  • I wish, he could stand Shah Rukh Khan! It's a big effort to make him agree to go for a SRK movie with me... (I strongly feel this has more to do with Jealousy rather than hatred for SRK.. but till now he has not confessed!)
  • I wish, he could learn to talk in Tamizh.. :)
  • I wish, one day he owns a mercedes benz... :D
  • I wish, he controls his temper atleast a little bit... is he short tempered? don't ask!
  • I wish, he hadn't had 7 girl friends before me!!! :(((( (Now, it's another matter that those were all those school-crushes kinds... and never went beyond buying an icecream in the evening types... but still....!!!!!)

P.., THANK YOU... :)

  • For making my life so beautiful.
  • For everything you have done for me.. and for us.
  • For making me feel so special when I am with you.
  • For being just YOU

So, finally... this is what I have learned from being with P all these 6.5 years!!! yes! it's been a long time.. but a beautiful journey!.

Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride
~ Franklin P. Jones


WinterBlue said...

Oh! Oh!!! finally about my request. I'm extremely happy for you. Wish you all the best things in the world. Including the Mercedez Benz ;-)))

WinterBlue said...

For the first time I had the privilige of commenting first... otherwise, I have always end up being last in the Q ;(

shark said...

@wb: Thank you so much.. and see you are the first to comment on your request.. and that's nice.. :) Please visit this space more often!

pavan kumar said...

nice.. I hope P reads this (does he?) and feels happy about you presenting him to the world :D

in guy-talk, some say "periya meenu pudi da".. does that have anything to do with you being "shark"? ;) j/k in other words, who hunted whom? :D

shark said...

@pavan: Thanks :) He knows about my blog.. but I am not too sure how often he visits.. But I am not telling him this, let it be a surprise for him if at all he sees.. what say ;-)?

And he..he.. that's true.. he hunted me...;-))

Anonymous said...


nice post. ok, i get p now. but who is d then?

- s.b.

shark said...

@s.b: d is my colleague and my house mate. We work in the same project :).

By the way "my" P is not the same as the P in "this" post! Just making it clear ;-)

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

awwwww.....cho chweet....

But me a bit kanfuzed....U writin this post for friendship day...reads more like a valentine's day dedication...

Personally, I don't believe in love....But I liked your post very much...Mr.P is a lucky dude...

shark said...

@ganesh: First of all welcome :)!
Oh! This post has nothing to do with either of the days.
This has been a long pending request from some of my readers... just fulfilled it today :)

WinterBlue said...

Hmmm... Yep! You are right. I must visit your blog regularly. But, often I end up reading posts on women, women and women. That makes me think that m readin articles in The Hindu about gender discrimination / AWHRC related articles ;-) That also makes me keep away as I'm not too keen on such things. I'm a person who does what is in my purview and I do not stretch too much on such issues. That also brings to my notice that there are certain things in this world I cannot handle properly.

shark said...

@wb: what I write in my blog, is completely my choice and my thoughts. If that does not interest you, you are free to ignore :) No compulsion da.. that you have to comment on everything. Some people are interested/feel strongly about some things... it does not mean that the rest of the world also should feel the same way!

Keep visiting and you can comment on what you feel for and the rest of the posts you can ignore :)

Velu Nair said...

after going thru this loooooong post, i wud wish u the very best in ur life, and hope that things turn out to be at their purrrrfectest best with P!!


shark said...

@velu: Thanks :)

WinterBlue said...

It is not about interest. It is about comfortability. I'm aware that there is no compulsion about leaving comments. Feeling strongly about it... I'm sure you know me and my feeling towards women. You also know how much I respect women. By the way, is only Mr.P is lucky??? ;-) Reading this post I can understand that there is a huge difference between you and P. How do you cope with this? What is the secret of this success. Honestly, I pray god that you both get married and live live with utmost happiness.

shark said...

@wb: I am equally lucky if not more than P, to have him in my life :)

You can NEVER find a partner who is exactly like you! No two people are the same. It's just that you find somebody with whom you (as well as the other person) have to make the minimum adjustments to make the relationship successful.

Finally it's all about adjustments, sometimes me and sometimes him..:)

Hardu said...

I should ask P to read this. :) You are right Shark. Opposites attract and its good if one is less emoional than the other. I can't imagine how a relationship will be if both are very emotional. There has to be a balance and it is a good balance between you two. :)

mysorean said...

Did "P" hunt you down? Being a reserved guy, it must ve taken a lot to do that!

This post justifies whatever effort he put into catch his prey! His prey is well and truly caught! ;)

veena shivanna said...

its nice meeting u sjark.. atlast @ ranga shankara.. I was thinking u were single still !!!!!!

Name: Chai said...

cho chweeeeeeeet...

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