Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am back!

Finally after a long self imposed hiatus... I am back! Basically had been very busy with lots of things happening around, a series of exams, project pressures.. the same old stuff.
Well, so now I am finally back to the blogging world. I know none of you have missed me or anything... but I missed this virtual world.
As the wise men say.. let the show re-begin.
Some updates just to keep you all informed:
- mini-shark is getting married in another 4 months. (Pavan you had your chance.. .missed it!)
- I am finally going to pursue higher studies... after really trying n number of times ;-)
- Married life is as lively as ever with the number of fights increasing exponentially ... ;-)
- Work was pretty hectic till the last week. Finally getting a breather now. Will resume the same old hectic schedule in another 2 weeks when another release comes along.
- Too many social gatherings and parties happening around.
Well that's the update in short for the previous 6 months. Will be back again soon