Thursday, August 24, 2006

The then Mahishapuri... The now Mysore.

One of my friends sent me this and I couldn't help smiling and agreeing with "each-and-every" sentence! Here it goes.

Mysore cannot be experienced in holidays or weekends. Like a creeper growing and encircling the staff, you have to live, and grow with Mysore to experience it. You have to be with the ajjis who have seen you from the time you were soooo small, where the maid who works in your house is your family maid, your ajji had "recruited" her mother.

Mysore is:
  • When you go on an evening walk, and the poojari of the Ram mandir, stops and chats with you, and moves on saying there is a pooja at 5 next morning.
  • When you walk a little ahead and the librarian says he has the latest copy of "Kasturi" or "Mayura".
  • When the milkman sees you on a walk, and delivers an extra half litre without being asked.
  • When you board a bus at the bus-stand and conductor-uncle gives you a ticket without asking.
  • When you collect little red 'gulganji' seeds on your way back home from KukkarahaLLi lake.
  • When you come by the Tippu express, and you find someone going in your direction to drop you off.
  • When elephants are marched in from the forests for Dussehra.
  • When you wait for your copy of "Star of Mysore". - That's an evening daily.
  • When the English movies are only at Rajkamal. Or Sterling.
  • When you look for your KEB uncle to book tickets at Woodlands.
  • When there are student body elections in Sarada-Vilas.
  • Mysore is the eternal SJCE-NIE feud.
  • When Jayciana is.
  • When you got your project report bound at Venkateshwara Binders in Saraswatipuram.
  • Having grape juice at RTO circle.
  • Buying vegetables at Agrahara.
  • Buying plantain leaves in NanjumaLige, savoring the aroma of the agarbatti factory behind.
  • Eating ice-creams at Penguin. - That was the first "all-icecream" joint in Mysore.
  • Eating dosa at Mylari Hotel.
  • Having biriyani early in the morning, near Philo's church.
  • Drinking sugarcane juice near kukkarahaLLI lake.
  • Munching corn-on-the-cob in the palace foreground.
Mysore is when I grew up in Mysore. My Mysore.
Mysore before :
  • GRS
  • Underbridge in front of Saraswatipuram Fire Brigade
  • Infosys
  • Ring-Road.
Those who grew up in that Mysore, will relate to me more than those who came to Mysore, to work for Infosys, or those who came to study, or those who think Mysore is a good place to invest, or those who think chilling out in Mysore is just CCD or Pizza Corner.

Oh, How they misunderstand my pretty home !!!

Found out now.. that the "original" author of this post is viky
He has commented here!

Thanks Viky! For transporting me back to nammooru...:) When I was reading this, I forgot that I was in Uncle Sam's Land..and was actually visualising each and every place you had mentioned there!


pavan kumar said...

Mysore has this laid-back attitude.. which is good for settling down in the long run, but might not appeal right now.

the best things are the climate and the people there..

shark said...

This "laid-back" thing is what is missing in our day-today life.
We are in such a hurry.. God knows for what though! We have forgotten to stop and enjoy the subtleties of life.

mysorean said...

Good one na! That's why even I put it up! In fact, Sutejas picked it up from my blog and only sent it.

What else do you want apart from best people in a city?

mysorean said...

Getting damn famous I say!

WinterBlue said...

Hmmm! That's really very very touchy. Atleast, some people are still holding very fond memories of their home towm.

I think shark is right. What else do we need more than "best people" around us. If you feel it's laid back, it's better to be aware of what needs to be done. After all, we all enjoy the busy schedules... you will have restaura's, pubs etc., in major cities. How many of us really enjoy them or hanging out?

Viky said...

Shark: Thank you !!! I am happy there are so many out there feeling the same about Mysore, and I lent voice to their feelings.

And thanks for the clarifications on Star of Mysore and Penguin. I should have done that myself.

Adi: Again, all of it due to the city itself, and its large hearted people. Come what may, we can never be larger than the city, can we? Take us out of Mysore, and it still goes on, take Mysore out of us, and see how hollow we feel. ;)

mysorean said...

I guess you meant "I think Adi is right"

I challenge someone to take Mysore out of me!

Hardu said...

Shark: This is the first time I am hearing you praise Mysore. I guess the terrible traffic in Bangalore made you switch your loyalty. ;)

BTW, have you really done all of those you have listed? I never had grape juice near RTO circle. Where is this place? Just next to the RTO? You haven't mentioned the Milkshake center in sterling!!! How could you forget that yummy thing? Also you have forgotten Ballal circle churmuri and also Gobi!

You have mentioned NIE- SJCE feud and the very next point Jayciana! Grrr! I hope no JCE person reads your blog. :)

Vin said...

hmmm.. this makes me remind me of my oldddddddddddddddddddd "Namma Bengaluru"... less trafifce.. lazy life.. less noise... many parks... many trees.... today all trees chooped off to accomdate the growing traffic... mad traffic.... noise everywhere.. :-((

pavan kumar said...

[shark, adi, wb] it melts down to an individual's perspective. I dont deny the bliss of having a quiet life, but isnt there time for everything? If there is no pressure or life (or "buzz") in the formative years, things wont move at a fast pace to compete with the outside world (with cut-throat competition).. I shall reserve my best 20's for a faster life :)

PS: I guess all the "/*" in previous comments were italicising html tags that werent recognized

shark said...

@adi: Fantastic one man!

@wb: You are right! Though I don't have anything against fast life.. I love that also infact...:) We don't seem to have time for anything these days! But Mysore has it's own charm.

@viky: You are really really famous now :) And man.. what words...:)

@adi: Tension maadkobeeda..;-) nobody will dare take Mysore out of us..:)

@hardu: I love bangalore even today :) But then Mysore has it's own charm.. Bangalore is more cosmopolitan and I love that... at the same time Mysore is traditional and laid back. Well I love both.. and I am really lucky to enjoy both :D

@vin: How much I agree with you! I was born in bangalore.. and I still remember the calm roads of Jayanagar when we used to go for evening-walk... now you will get killed if you do that :((((

@pavan: There's no way of choosing.. I mean I love both.. the fast life as well as the laid back life. That's why I work in bangalore.. and come running to Mysore every weekend.. so that I get to enjoy both :)

Viky said...

Shark: :D

shark said...

@hardu: Oh I forgot to mention about the places you have pointed out. Well, In the post, the places are those which Viky remembered. Those are not my wordings...

Oh yes! I have never forgotten
- Milkshake in front of sterling
- Churmuri in front of St.Mary;'s School
- Gobi in Chamundipuram
- Masala Puri in front of Bake Point
- The special chats in Dhanavantri road.
- Samosa of Aroma Bakery
- The trips to Chamundi betta (both by bike as well as climbing)
- The trips we went to blue lagoon

The list is just endless...:))))

WinterBlue said...

Shark: Just to add... Cool corner ;-)

Adi: Yep! I totally agree :)

Fast growing traffic... Hmmm I do believe, hear, read about this a lot in B'lore. I myself drive for about 1:15mins just to reach my office even when I start at half seven in the morning. Now, it might take more time I reckon.

I recently read an article "Readers Speak" in TOI edition where an american (Steve Dykin" speaks about bangaloreans addicted to more of an US culture than european in terms of lifestyle (Not fully thou). Where he goes to speak where people in US do not walk and mostly prefer to use their own cars. Where as in Europe, its mostly public transport and/or "walk". Man he speaks a lot about parks/fountains etc., where European govts make it beautiful to walk. He also goes to speak about not just about widening roads, also to build nice pavements, parks (don't know where the place is) etc., encouraging people to walk. Nice article...I liked it and believe most of his testimony.

shark said...

@wb: Actually Bangalore was like that! But now it's not feasible.. You cannot walk for 15 kms daily for work right :)? Yes the public transport can be improved a LOT!

shark said...

@hardu: ANd yes Jaciana... well though I hate! to agree... Jaciana was definitely good...:)!
We had this stupid restriction to close shop at 7!!!!

Hardu said...

I like Dharwad bakery samosa. I haven't had it from the Aroma bakery which you have mentioned.

I don't mind admitting Jayciana was good in front of anyone, including people from JCE, except one person. You know who right? :)

pavan kumar said...

"..The trips to Chamundi betta (both by bike as well as climbing).."

wow! you stole my words.. and we played cricket at the helipad near Lalit Mahal.

shark said...

@hardu: I know you like those samosas.. but I liked the other one better :)

@pavan: When were you in Mysore? I never knew that! And FYI you have not answered my previous question also.

pavan kumar said...

I was there from VIII-X.. and near B'lore for another 2 years..

were you refering to the ladder pic? It just somehow didnt appeal to me whenever I opened my page.. nthing more.. I keep cleaning old stuff that I dont like :) did I say "clean"? hmmn I guess I score some points there ;)

shark said...

@pavan: You scored 100 straight point s:D

ssk said...

hey shark ..

thanks for dropping into my blog..

Hmm I came to mysore as a kid on a tour and then as an infy guy for a 2 day meeting.

But I feel like this about my beautiful chennai .. the lovely city with awesome beaches & even more famous auto waalahs ;-).

& i am awestruck by ur post on P..

Anil Jagalur said...

Ah, It looks like small world. This post was an addendum to my sister's post Mysore.

I am a "chronic Mysorean" if not a terminal one! No place like Mysore.

I always remember the statement of a friend of mine from England. He had seen a fair bit of this world and repeatedly came to India and stayed in Mysore for a while each time. He once declared that "Mysore was the best place in the world!"

If Mysore needs a testimonial none better than this. Right?

shark said...

@ssk: First of all welcome! :)
Except for the weather I like chennai as well. I have been to chennai quite a few times and yes it's a nice city!
Oh the autowalas... tamizh teriyaadu anna.... god only can help ;-)

And thanks! (for liking the post on P)
Keep coming!

@Anil: Welcome to you too...:) Yes it's definitely a small world and getting flatter by the day!
I have also seen a "bit" of the world.. and yes nothing to beat our hometown :) Keep coming!

Szerelem said...

i visited Mysore loong time back...and all i remember are the cute little Mysore Silk sari shops...dont know if they are still around.

I visited Blore again after a while a couple of years back and it had become like any other city with crowds and traffic jams. It was kind of sad.

shark said...

@szerelem: WElcome! Yes There are still those cute "little" shops around..:) But now we have lots of "big" ones as well...:)
Bangalore... yes "sad" is the word!

WinterBlue said...

Chennai is a lovely city. But, it mostly makes me think like an alien country. I could not speak in Tamil and never could get an answer to my questions :( some people behave as if they should never speak to people who don't speak their language. No harm meant thou.

shark said...

@wb: Every city has it's own +s and -s. We should just enjoy what's good for us ;-)

What's up?? said...


Sakath post!! Can I add few more places??

- Gangothri & Gangothri downs
- K D road,
- Open air theater
- Palace
- Zoo

The list goes on...

shark said...

@what's up??: Thanks :) Oh yes! All those places are worth mentioning as well...:)

Veena Shivanna said...

Cool post. I had received it over email as forward. Had just fallen love with it except few last line. Nice to see the author here.
Jayciana was good, atleast i used to enjoy those holiday's! mad guys, fashion shows uff...
when I said about walking to Chamundi hills, my husband says Are you crazy? I said.. whats there, we have done it so many times.. I love taking walks on those roads! though they are small , they are simply marvellous.!
saraswathipuram park, 6th main ,14th main, VB Bakery & the list grows. Ballal circle, kamadhenu bhandar(these doesn't exist at all ;-))... Theatres were always fun! Shantala,lakshmi, saraswathi, to Streling, Ranajit, Woodlands etc! Its all about our city!

anikethana said...

Thanks Viky! For transporting me back to nammooru...:) When I was reading this, I forgot that I was in Uncle Sam's Land..and was actually visualising each and every place you had mentioned there!

above lines r heart touching and X'lent feelings 'fans of nammooru' big hug through this message fell it for ever and ever

Ramesh said...

Hi This is excellent post on Mysore. I'm currently in the US and trying to find a place to settle down in India. I'm thinking of coming to Infy Mysore . Seems from this post that is not a bad choice?

Arjun M said...

Hey just stumbled on this blog...
Ya quite a nice list. And with this years' Jayciana, the feud got even interesting :)
Can i add the places- Mahajanas college ground, gangotri downs, betta {uthnalli road}, and ramanuja road churmuri!

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