Monday, August 14, 2006

God Bless America... and India more than that please....

"Indian" Independence day celebrations in America.
  • Independence day March - American Flags held in hand with Indian Tri-Color as Shoulder belts.
  • The march band - Not sure what they played, but were all some american numbers. That much I could make out. (They confirmed that later on while thanking the school band!)
  • Shouting - Jai Hind, Vande Mataram , Azaadi Amarrahe and God Bless America all at the same time!
  • The stalls - All "supposedly" authentic Indian stuff. The prices were well.........! If I ever loose my job, I am going to join this "business".. ;-). Buy something in India for 100 odd rupees and sell it here as "desi stuff" for atleast $30!
  • Newly weds - clung together like they have been "joined" by fevicol. I wonder what's with desi couples in videsi envi... too much physical love for display! I can understand if it was some romantic place or something remotely close to that... but come on.. it's Independence Day celebrations remember? It's a big ground with some stalls around. I wonder what's romantic in that?
  • Rows and rows of food stalls :-). No surprises in that. Indians are fond of food like ants are fond of sugar :-). So there is Gujju, Punjabi, Mumbai, Gulti, Mallu, you-name-it kind of food. We are celebrating world food day.. in case you are asking :P
  • National Anthem - Sung by a female in a "raaga" of her own. I always thought you are not supposed to add any "beautification" stuff to the national anthem! It's not to display your singing skills. There are other songs for that.

Anyway, even with all these.. it was a wonderful evening. Saturday evening (the pre-poned Independence Day celebrations!)

The best part was concert by some sa-re-ga-ma-pa singers. Though nothing fantastic, it was good.

The grand finale was fireworks. I will upload the video of it soon :)



We the people shall celebrate the anniverseries of these momentous events, which occur in 2007. What the governments seem to be ignoring, we shall celebrate in our own way.

Please copy the image above and put it in your own blog, along with this request.

Source: Jag's Blog


pavan kumar said...

thanks, wish you the same!

btw about "Newly weds", they are enjoying their "independence", you see :D

pavan kumar said...

[wb] sorry, I feel guilty for snatching your 'first place'.. cant blame the RSS feeds :)

WinterBlue said...

Wow! Independance Day in America!!! (Vi)desi style ;-)
I reckon, it was a much better experience in Europe. The Indian I-Day was held in the Embassy itself and it was all very desi you see.

--Pavan-- I don't mind being 'Nth' in the comment list ;) only feeling is, by the time I put my comment, the post would have pretty old. It's just putting a ? mark on my participation:)))

WinterBlue said...

I saw a news item in NDTV. The children from the streets of Mumbai selling flags and singing the first two lines of "Saare jahan se accha"... the question was... what is so special about 15/08 and what is I-day? 99/100 children were not even aware what and why? leave alone this... they didn't even know who is "Mahatma Gandhiji" :(((

shark said...

@pavan: "Independence" to make a fool of themselves?

@wb: No da..The celebrations were pretty good. I just highlighted the "flaws" that's all..;-)
Atleast they are doing that much na.. it was nice..:)

Coming to those children... atleast they are not to be blamed! The circumstances have made them that way! Who cares who is Gandhi when I don;t even have 2 meals for the day!

What will you say for the educated clan who are no different? One of my second cousins said "Oh come on.. why should I learn about some Ghandi and all.. now we have independence.. and that's it! I would rather learn about the top rock stars.. that's more useful info!" - So there you go!

WinterBlue said...

Well, atleast she is aware of Gandhiji;-) These kids never heard of kinds or rather may be truth.

By the where are other??? Celebrating Independance day ;-)) ???

pavan kumar said...

[shark] I was just teasing those obsessed with PDA :)

talking of I-day, I so wish that it be changed to a working day rather than a holiday.. unfurling the flag, singing anthem and all is fine, but doesnt make sense if no work gets done! Just my thoughts..

shark said...

@pavan: You are very right! Atleast here I went for the "celebrations". But to be very frank it would just have been "another-holiday" in India :(

I used to be very excited about the Independence Day - Parade that they used to telecast in DD early in the morning... but these days even that's boring!

I think, the best tribute to the freedom-fighters and the martyrs would be to build the INDIA that they dreamed about....**sigh** **double sigh**

mysorean said...

Well, belated happy Independence day!

pavan kumar said...

hmmn, you missed the source :)

shark said...

Thanks da.. Pavan. Corrected it!

Hardu said...

Here also 15th Aug was an off (not for Indian Independence day though ;)). It was some Catholic festival and so an off.