Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tissue on a croton :

I have no idea from when did my father become so superstitious.
Though he was always kind of orthodox as long as I can remember.
Actually he is some what weird.. In some cases he is too forward thinking and in some cases he is too backward.. But whatever the case might be.... Now the below incident will prove the later..:)

It was the day I was to travel to US. Now.. That day seems to be really eventful..:) My last post was also on that...:D

My father had to travel to bangalore early in the morning... So here goes the "instructions" for me the previous night..

" Tomorrow, it is ekaadashi with shatabisha nakshatra.. Which is not very good for you to travel... So do as I say!"

Next day morning...

Got up at 6... Had head bath.. Did pooja for God.. Lit the lamp that too Nandaaa Deepa (The one which burns thru the day) mind you!

Now comes the funny part... Since the "bad" time was starting at 11:30.. I had to tie a hand kerchief to a tree outside the house..:)
Now where in the world do I bring a kerchief? I guess the last one I had was in my 10th class!
The closest equivalent of a kerchief that I could think of was a tissue..:) So I went ahead and tied that only to the tree,,, I felt so silly/funny doing that...

the story does not end there.. I had to carry the same one with me all thru my travel. Now the best part was taking out the paper tissue out of the knot from the tree.. Obviously I am not "supposed" to tear it or anything. But then all "supposed" things don't happen as required.. So I ended up tearing it a little bit...:)
But somehow (should I say miraculously?) I reached Dallas in "one" piece..;-) even though my "protector" was torn into bits by the time I reached here...:D:D:D:D


Hardu said...

Thu Katthe kane neenu! But tell me one thing. When appa had already left for bangalore, why did you actually follow his instructions? Amma also wanted you to do all that is it? Or were you just being a very obedient daughter for a change? ;)

Did you call up appa from Frankfurt and as soon as you reached Dallas, so that he wont be tensed? :P

mysorean said...


One more use of a paper napkin!

Must admit you are amazingly innovative!

NIE navarella heavy thale galu! Like me

mysorean said...

Blogrolled you!

Atleast ivagladru yaaru antha gottayta??! Athava inna illva?!

Girl Interrupted said...

Aiyoo stupid,
See bad time started at 11.30. So u had to tie a tissue slash kerchif outside before 11.30. That symbolises that you are already out of the house coz ur belonging is outside. Now u have to take that belonging with u right???

During exams in JCE. If paati said the time was bad I used to leave my sandals out of the gate. That means that I am already out of the house even if my physical self is still in the house!!!!!

shark said...

Hardu: Hoon kane.. amma was bent upon me following the instructions..:)
Anyway I would have followed it.. just in case, I do not want to die in the middle of atlantic ocean you see....;-)))

Adi: I had guessed you are from NIE... but still not able to place you..:(

GI: I know all that logic... and I must admit I used to do the same thing (leaving chappal outside) before going for exams... but tying this kerchief around a plant was a bit funny...:D

pavan kumar said...

hmmn change of layout and profile.. btw I was late in commenting because I was waiting for Rahu kaalam to subside.

Oh and yelcome to Dallas. Did you hear about that kid who killed a puppy, unga ooriley? that scared me and hence the delay in sending .pavan :) are you sure I could send my resume? :D

Hardu said...

Hey please allow comments from anonymous people. Yaaru spam maadalla! Saritha guessed who you are and wanted to leave a comment but couldn't.

Saritha said...

Hi, Welcome to the US. Heg anstha idde? Jet lag kammi aytha?

shark said...

Pavan: You are comparing yourself with a puppy? Anyway the later you send your resume.. lesser the chances... You see mini-shark is in great demand...;-))

Hardu: Made the change...:)

Saritha: Thanks kane.. Ya Jet lag and all gone now...:) How are you?

pavan kumar said...

resume? hmmn maybe something new?.. let us (me and mini-s) know each other or maybe even better: you could evaluate me and then give a strong reco? :D what say? and as regards to competition, I only have this to say: "ddlj" ;) shshshshark :)

Anonymous said...

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