Monday, May 15, 2006

Love you Amma

With all this mother's day celebrations going on around me, I can't stop myself thinking about my mom....
She's the best mom anyone can ever have. I know, all of us say the same... but that does not make any of our moms less special.
I can hardly think of a day when she did something for herself. She always thought about us first and then herself.
I don't remember thanking her anytime for all that she has done to us (me and my sister). She was a career woman, headmistress in a high school. But we never had a nanny or anybody.. she always found time to take care of us. We were also studying in her school which was kind of an advantage...:) (For us more... becasue we could get away from the boys bullying us... after all we were the head madam's daughters..;-)))

As a dutiful wife

She was or rather still is a very dutiful wife. Never did anything against my fathers wishes. Infact when my father got transferred to a different place, she just resigned her job! just like that we could relocate.
I know I will never do such a thing so easily..;-) I will make sure my husband has a tough time re-locating..;-)

She is lovable... sociable...

She is always so good with my friends, she knows exactly what to talk with whom...:D
For that matter she is so good with everybody, from a 2 year toddler to an 80 year old woman, she can socialize with anybody and everybody.
Her extra curricular activities are just endless! she is a writer.. writes novels, articles etc. Does creative embriodery and tailoring. Sings beautifully:)
Cooking.. my father always preffered more than one dish for lunch/dinner.. so we always had variety! Then after my father had a open heart surgery, his diet was kind of low oil, low spice .. so there was all the more variety... one set for him,.... and one set for us...:)

She is an epitome of courage

My father's illness reminds me how courageous she was during that whole thing.
It was the greatest test of her courage. My father had a very sudden heart attack, and he was to be operated immediately. She handled everything single handedly.. and never let us get scared.... she wore that smile on her face always when she was to see us.. she made sure everything was proper in the house also....
She always encouraged me in whatever i did... was with me in whatever i was interested in.. music dance.. everything.
Sometime my father was a bit upset about me spending too much of my time in dance class rather than studying... we used to have heated arguments for that.. but my mom always supported me... never ever let me down. She was the only person who had confidence in me, that I would do both...
She never even thought twice for sacrificing her "needs" for our "wants".

She taught me great lessons

She taught me to be artistic in life. She taught me to be independent. She taught me how to behave in public. She taught me to respect elders. She taught me music. She taught me appreciate small pleasures in life. She taught me how to love somebody unconditionally. She taught me that family comes first above everything. She taught me life is not about goods and bads, it's about your attitude. She taught me to pray, to beleive in God.

Amma... I really love you... very very much. I would love to see you happy at all times. I hope I can be the ideal daughter you want me to be one day....:)


Hardu said...

Yes, you mom is really very nice. Very friendly and has treated me like a daughter always. :)

Girl Interrupted said...

Awwww....and she cooked awesome food!!!

Saritha said...

A very nice post.
I got really emotional reading it.
Seriously moms are just too amazing. And ur attempt to acknowledge ur mom is also amazing :)

shark said...

@Hardu: :) true.. But you know that my dad like you more than me....!

@GI: yes she does..:)

@Saritha: Thanks :)

Hardu said...

Shark: Your dad will be even more impressed when he knows that I am allowing my parents to choose my husband like a "good" daughter. ;) may be he will adopt me and give me all his money. What do you say? :P

Hardu said...

But jsut imagine, if you would have had an elder brother, then it would have been sure that you dad would have asked me to marry him. Right? ;)

shark said...

@hardu: girl.. you are already so rich.. and still have eyes on my father's moeny...:P ...;-)))

well.. thank god I don't have an elder brother! otherwise i would be confused who my sil is and who my partner is!!1 things would become so complicated..;-)))))

Hardu said...

I guess I should eye your money. You must be richer than your dad. Ok, so I will continue to be your "partner". ;)

Veena Shivanna said...

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