Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Psuedo Secularism

Consider two incidents:

Incident 1: May 01 2006: Violence in Kashmir leaves 35 people dead!

Some militants disguised as soldiers and gunned down 35 kashmir's hindu minority people in a small village.

Mr.Prime Ministers reaction: Kashmir's people have always been brave.. they have always protested militancy!

Is that all you expect from your prime minister for such a gruesome killing?????? what crap! how can you justify the killings by just terming the people brave!! poor soles what could they have done except getting killed!!!!!

I have a colleauge who is a Kashmiri pandit... and you can see the pain in her eyes everytime she narrates how they "ran" away from kashmir... which was once termed as "Paradise on earth"...:(

No further action was taken.. oh ya! how can you track down militants? how can you find them? you can't find them right!!! :-/

Leave alone the government, where are those human right watchdogs & where are those leftist liberals ?

This was not the first mass killing or anything... this has been happening for ever!!! But still our watchdogs are just mute spectators!!

Incident 2: May 03 2006 (not very sure of the date): Vadodara: Man burnt alive!

Now supposedly this man was from a minority muslim community....

Lo and behold! there is so much of violence in vadodara becasue of this! a complete communal violence has started and the situation is out of control of the police!

Extra troups are being brought in!

Now... that is fast action!!!:)

Though I express my sympathies to "all" those who are killed in such acts... but then one question really makes me think... is a life of 1 person more valuable than the lives of 35 people? or is it just because he is from a minority community?

Sometimes i really wonder... do hindus in India.. supposedly their "own" mother land... live happily? Are they really enjoying the "majority" status?

I am not against any religion... but then i can't help myself wondering... is being a Hindu Brahmin a crime????
If somebody kills you... nobody (read government) bothers about it... If you want to have a good education... well "reservation" does not let you do it!
Where do we stand? where do we "belong"???

It's time we rose up against this!!! we are too soft... not really seeing the enormity of the trend.....
But then the million dollar question is... HOW DO I DO IT??????


Hardu said...

The 35 Hindus were killed in Kashmir because of some previous thing which the hindus had done there. So it was first the Hindus who took the initiative.

There is too much of religion involved into all this. Only if both the hands come together, can something happen. If only one religion fights, there will not be any violence. But neither want to stop and hence this continues. Innocent people will get killed, thousands will lose their home. all this will happen due to the religious extremists.

Girl Interrupted said...

and if u think this will it will cast shadow on others and the effect snowballs......

Anonymous said...

This is the way I used to think when I was in high school. But 4 years of professional life has taught me so many things. It is easy being judgemental, but more and more you get into the whole system even you will do things which now your are totally against.

These things are beyond religion, it is how smart people exploit certain emotional content of average individuals. It is not maths that u say 35 > 1, any killing is condemable. Have you not seen Hindu killing Hindu or Muslim killing Muslim, those do not make any news as you cannot but any political color to it.

shark said...

Hardu: what previous thing did hindus do in kashmir? they were asked to flee from their own birthplace...If they had actually faught back at that time.. maybe we wouldn't have to see these days...

This is NOT religion... this is politics! I am not talking about people fighting people...
I am taking about the importance given by the governmnet and the media in these separate incidents!

GI: How I wish this will stop..:(

Anonymous: So you mean to say after 4 years of professional life you stop being judgemental... and just follow the tide? do nothing about it?
I know that the whole system needs correction.. but if each one of us.. the so called educated class.. just choose to ignore.. and think about only ourselves... well i can see a not-so nice picture of my country in the near future...:(

And I did not say that 35 killings is greater than 1 killing! I equally sympathise with "all" those who are getting killed this way.... But that was not my point...

The point was importance given and action taken in both the cases... that's what has left me thinking....

Hardu said...

I would not like to make anything religious. As Anon says every killing matters, be it 1 or 35 or be it a hindu or a muslim. It is alright if there is importance given to the 1 killing. Atleast there is some importance being given to the killing and it is not being ignored completely.

shark said...

Hardu: Then why is it that the importance is "always" given if the killing is of a minority community? How can we justify the ignorance shown to 35 killings... by saying "atleast" they gave importance to one killing????

Hardu said...

Why are you going into religious things? If the people from other religion are fanatic, does not mean that we have to be as well. Let us not fall to their level. Yeradu kaiyii horadre maatre chappaale!

Anonymous said...

Follow the tide V/S fighting against it, hmm, difference of opinion here, for me blogging on something is not fighting against it.

It is not that you just start accepting things, you understand that there are other things to work upon.

Now for this specific case, the possibility of a more widespread retaliation was possible in vadodara case, so it was a sensible move. For Kashmir, we all know the current situation, when 75% of our army is in Kashmir who else do you want to post there? We need to think beyond the boundaries.

Few of your lines make me remeber RDB, it was one of the hard hitting films I have seen, when after the movie I saw my friend being still engrossed in the same thougts, I told her one stupid thing, "See, if Rakesh Mehra was so much concerned about the things he showed in the movie, he would have not been a director, he would have been whatever he advised in the movie and go an change the system, it is easy to preach, but at the end you just think about yourself, you accept or not, it is the truth"

Five years from now, when you look at this blog, you will yourself realize the change in you. I could see old me in your post !!!

Anonymous said...


i agree with you - see my responses to greatbong's posts ... (

- s.b.

WinterBlue said...

Well well well, you are talking about incidents that happen in a country with over 100 million population. Hindustan is world's largest democratic country which is run by mostly corrupt politicians.

You see, even in America these things happen. May be in different forms and for different reasons. In Hindustan, it is usually in the name of Rama and Allah. Everyone is involved, may be yourself or myself in some or the other form.

I don't intend to harm anyone's feeling here, but I think there is problem in every person in there. The country has people who think they can lead / live better in states than in their own country. See the highly educated lot in the country. Most of them serving either Brits or chatting on web to their Indian friends about life in America.

If you want to change this, change the attitude of younger lot to join government services, politics and lead the country towards right direction.

Till then :)

shark said...

Growing up is not just accepting everything just as it is! I very well know blogging is not going to help! But blogging is a way to pen my thoughts, and that's what I did. My intention was not to rectify that situation by blogging .. ;-)
Let me re-iterate again... I DID NOT say that 35 > 1. I equally feel bad for that one person who got killed! It's not his fault there also!
I am not even talking against any religion. I know it's only a "few" miscreants who are creating this havoc in our country and truly speaking they do not belong to any religion! they are Brutes! that's it!
Army in kashmir... well my own cousin was in kashmir in the army.. and they are there just for names sake! They have very little "power" to do anything! Everything is governed by politics! It's a pathetic stituation out there!

And that's exactly my point! It shows how vote bank oriented is our government!

Look at any incident.. they are behind it ONLY when they see an oppurtunity for votes! ANd the Media is aiding them!!!!!
That's what makes me feel really sad! where are we heading! Is the lives of our brothers ans sisters that cheap? Is it just for votes?

Well people seving brits and americans, to some extent I agree with you. But then you can't blame them altogether! People go where they can find better oppurtunities and lead a better life!
If only our governmnet was more concerned about developing our nation rather than just staying in power, all of them would have stayed!
Everybody can't be a polititian or in the army and serve the country. It's required that all kinds of people are there in a country!