Thursday, May 18, 2006

Deep Blue Sea

This is the movie which came to my mind first when I saw the brochure of "Dallas World Aquarium". It boasted of big sharks, large fish tanks world's largest infact..;-)!
With my expectations set that high.. I was kind of dissapointed after seeing the so called "big" building. But in any case went inside. We were welcomed by 4 cute penguins, but felt sad because they were kind of imprisoned in a glass case..:(

Further inside there was an artificial forest setting. Not very natural.. but very well set.
The whole aquarium is well maintained. There aren't too many species or anything, but whatever was there was very nice and colorful.:)

The welcoming view of the forest

I will not go into the details of each and everything that I saw there! It's too boring to write.. and I am sure it's all the more boring to read it..:D

Some of the snaps.. please note the captions for them.

This one reminds me of my sister... peacefully sleeping;-))

This one was really huge.. Guess more because of the magnifying glass!

Looks like they have faught. Must be husband and wife..;-)

The best part of this place was the "Mayan Dance". It seems most of the artifacts that were displayed here belonged to the Mayans.
There was a performance from the "Mayans" in this place. It was cool.. the music was great.. foot tapping kinds. They kind of played with the fire also.:)
One of the snaps is below.. can't put any more as it has me in that...:D


Girl Interrupted said...

looks like u had fun....

Girl Interrupted said...
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Girl Interrupted said...

akka, atleast photos email maadthira??

shark said...

Yes mam.. maadthini..:)

Hardu said...

Poor M. Does she read your blog. Atleast you are remembering your sis in some way. ;)

Photos kalisu! Do I have to even ask for it!!!!!

shark said...

He..he.. she should be greateful to me.. I am giving her free publicity..;-)

Yes mam.. the photos are in my other laptop at home.. will send later..:)

Hardu said...

Don't tell me that you stayed at work the whole weekend! I say this as you have said that photos are on the laptop at home and as you still haven't sent the snaps, I presume that you are at work the entire weekend. ;)

Girl Interrupted said...

Liar! Sumsumkne photos kalisthini antha promise maadi cheat maadthiya?

shark said...

@Hardu and @GI: Illa kanre.. I was not working over the weekend...
complete aagi marathe hooythu...:(
Ivatthu sure aagi maadthini darlings..:)

Anonymous said...

Nice photograph and captions made them really interesting. :-)