Saturday, February 05, 2011


When do we consider that we are successful in a specific relationship? Be it Father, Mother, Siblings or Spouse....?
  • There cannot be any relationship without a compromise. But when do we know that we are compromising too much? Where do you draw the line?
  • When do you know that the fights are too much? Is there a yard stick? 2 fights in a week is ok or not ok?
  • How will you know if YOU are doing justice to a relationship?
  • On the other hand how do you make the other person know that you are doing the best you can and they need to appreciate the effort even if the results are not favorable.
  • How will you stop being taken for granted?
If the strain in the relationship is obvious, like a dowry-harassment or a property fight or physical violence, the success of such relationships can be evaluated quite easily. But when things are subtle, when the results are not so obvious... how do you gauge?

Friday, January 07, 2011

Its new

Yea. Its a brand new year. Last year was a breeze... Don't we say that every year though :)?
Let me start this year with some prayers
  • Give me more strength to balance home, work, college and my Son! Some days I feel as if I just should not get up from the bed! Give me more :)
  • Give me more patience. There are times when my patience is tested to the maximum extent. though by nature I do not burst out openly, it drains me from inside. I need to let go.
  • Help me accept that there will always be people who are not satisfied with you, no matter how much effort you put in to please them. Forget them. Move on.
- Life is like a white board. YOU decide how its going to be.