Sunday, April 26, 2009

I got promoted

April 7th. I still can't believe it. When he came out of me I felt as though my whole body was sucked out of air... and then he was in my arms.. my bundle of joy... but still I can't believe that he was inside me all these 9 months and I am his "mommy" now! Wow! This feeling is amazing! For a person who can't keep her mouth shut for more than 2 minutes.. I was at loss for words. Some say that the bonding does not happen instantaneously.. specially when the baby looks all ugly (which is true to a certain extent.. what with all that fluid on him. The whole body is also kind of bloated because of water content. The head it shaped really sharp. and so on!) as soon as it is born. But I felt the connection immediately.. I don't know how!
My days have now become shorter and nights have become longer. All I do from morning till night is snooze-feed-clean. Please note "sleep" word does not exist anymore and it's only snooze. Sometimes it does get very tiring and frustrating as well. I think this is why people go to their mom's place after child birth. Its easy to shout/scream at moms than at mils. My mom gets a dose from me every now and then for very small things like a cloth was not provided on time, or water is too hot or whatever! Poor her!
Coming to my son (haven't named him yet).. he looks almost like his dad according to all my husband's family members and he looks just like me according to my family members. So there you go! He has been very quiet till now. Even when its feeding time he makes some small "unhuh" noises and just looks at me intently... I think he is saving all the crying for the coming months!
ok. gotta go now. I have just one more hour break.. let me snooze a bit. More later!

Friday, April 03, 2009

And then I am back again...

Well, I have been pretty off the blog lately. One main reason is that it is blocked in office. And I hardly get time off office hours. Other reason is that I had too many things happening in my life and too little time to think and pen things down. I am back now and hopefully will stay!
The first thing I want to comment about is IPL. For once I am with the government. Come on.. what is IPL? A game? OK A multi billion dollar game... but more important than is our loksabha elections. I wonder what they would have lost had they held it a month later. The government for once was right. They couldn't probably give enough security to all the players and also manage the elections. On top of that it is Indian Premier League.. what was the hurry to conduct in a foreign land and make it easy for others to pin point and say that India couldn't manage security for a game. Its easy to point fingers at the Govt and say that they couldn't come back on time and promise that the security will be taken care off.. but then we all know how election times are... do we need to add more salt to all the chaos?
The second thing I wanted to comment about is the elections itself. Have you noticed that the majority of election violations are done by BJP candidates? Its becoming too obvious. I mean its common sense that the ruling party now is now really worried about retaining the power and hence will resort to any tactics to put black mark on the other party.. I just hope that the public is not blind. I am not for this party or that.. I would rather vote for a capable candidate than what party he belongs to.
The third thing I want to comment about is the obsession of housewives to serials. On an average my mil watches round 6 serials in a day.. just imagine! While I have no reason to complain, I am just amazed at the reach these serials have. At first sight I thought this is the best way to address social issues, as it has the widest reach and people follow these with so much interest. But then I was wrong, while it is acceptable in a serial to have an inter-caste marriage the same is not acceptable in the family. While it is ok in the serial for the son to live separately from his parents along with his wife due to compatibility issues, the same is frowned upon in the family. There goes human nature :)