Friday, April 03, 2009

And then I am back again...

Well, I have been pretty off the blog lately. One main reason is that it is blocked in office. And I hardly get time off office hours. Other reason is that I had too many things happening in my life and too little time to think and pen things down. I am back now and hopefully will stay!
The first thing I want to comment about is IPL. For once I am with the government. Come on.. what is IPL? A game? OK A multi billion dollar game... but more important than is our loksabha elections. I wonder what they would have lost had they held it a month later. The government for once was right. They couldn't probably give enough security to all the players and also manage the elections. On top of that it is Indian Premier League.. what was the hurry to conduct in a foreign land and make it easy for others to pin point and say that India couldn't manage security for a game. Its easy to point fingers at the Govt and say that they couldn't come back on time and promise that the security will be taken care off.. but then we all know how election times are... do we need to add more salt to all the chaos?
The second thing I wanted to comment about is the elections itself. Have you noticed that the majority of election violations are done by BJP candidates? Its becoming too obvious. I mean its common sense that the ruling party now is now really worried about retaining the power and hence will resort to any tactics to put black mark on the other party.. I just hope that the public is not blind. I am not for this party or that.. I would rather vote for a capable candidate than what party he belongs to.
The third thing I want to comment about is the obsession of housewives to serials. On an average my mil watches round 6 serials in a day.. just imagine! While I have no reason to complain, I am just amazed at the reach these serials have. At first sight I thought this is the best way to address social issues, as it has the widest reach and people follow these with so much interest. But then I was wrong, while it is acceptable in a serial to have an inter-caste marriage the same is not acceptable in the family. While it is ok in the serial for the son to live separately from his parents along with his wife due to compatibility issues, the same is frowned upon in the family. There goes human nature :)


Kavi said...

Welcome back.

And what a way to restart.

Mega Serials !

Well, all three will fit under the mega serial banner ! Or for that matter political banner. Or for that matter...thats what the IPL is all about ! isnt it !!

praneshachar said...

wow welcome back shark I saw ur comment in shruthis blog and came here and my expectation was correct.
Elections security all fine but certainly BCCI should have waited till the national elections are over why u should go and conduct Indian Premier League in South Africa or UK or for that matter anywhere else.
coming to serials yes that is the best time pass for majority of the people who are in house. It is true all sympathies there for everything but certainly different yard sticks when it comes to owns life
life is different. serial and cinema are different you see but still the media conveyes a lot and best way of communication
lookforward for gr8 posts from you in the coming days

Hip Grandma said...

welcome back.i think we only have to make wise choice from among a whole lot of bad and worse candidates and the plight of the thinking voter couldn't be worse.As for serials they are no better or worse than movies of yester years with a rickshaw puller wearing costliest shirts and courtship including a dance and prance sequence in a foreign location.Real life has always been diffeent.The only diffeence is that while movie goers had to plan for their day out TV serials are available 24X7 and each one is worse than the ones that precede or follow.

shark said...

@kavi: Thanks :) yeah true.. all three fit in one category ;-)

@pranesh: Cinema to a large extent is larger than life. so difficult to do the same thing in real life also. But atleast some serials have the same stories as it happens in real life.. even then the yard stick is different.. thats what bothers me!

@grandma: Yeah! Each one is worse than the other. I watch 2 serials though which are atleast a little ok types... just for time pass :)
Elections.. the less said the better!