Friday, January 16, 2009

Effects of Recession

- Most boring days at office. Ok, I am lucky that I have a job and all that but with most of the projects closing because clients have no money to give, it gets a tad boring to sit all day in office doing things totally worthless. Self motivation you may say… but you can’t do that every day and every night!

- Even people like P (my husband) have started going by bus to office ditching their beloved car… the sheer look at the credit card bills for fuel expenses must have forced him to do it. He just says it’s less strenuous... I know better! (as always)

- The grocery bills have doubled and the quantity halved. So is any other bill you can think of.

- The malls have a deserted look... whatever happened to the hip and happening crowd?

- The only word I hear everywhere I go is “Cost-cutting”… office, home … so much so even my maid has caught this word!

- I couldn’t believe that for the sankranthi festival people chose to give “one” banana along with yellu and kabbu… generally its two... so there you go!

- People used to leave their newspapers back in the bus after reading them… now I don’t see that happening. Maybe they are collecting them and giving to raddi wala for a few rupees.

- Dogs in my street have a starved look and it’s scary to go out at night. Looks like people are not giving them any leftovers!

I can go on and on… but I am myself depressed by this. Let me stop it here. Will think of something more lively to write next time.


praneshachar said...

nice recalling of events after recession what is the situation in indicated very grim though not very pathetcin here in India. I felt very bad someone who is getting married and was working in S co., has to undergo lot of mentalagony with everyone talking about his co., status, but as of now the co., has not let down anyone. may be some people have to go when new management reviews. If the fake employyees no is tru them I dont think any one need to go straight 2o% cut in bill will come
how far that is true is tobe seen
hope we will have bright days ahead and all clients of our iT co., boom and we will have life back to normal soon

bellur rk said...

sooper take on the market situation.

actually, you can do a part 2 after a few days.

till market revives, keep blogging and pursue your hobbies.

best wishes