Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Last weekend... ooofffff! it was so tiring....
I was supposed to fly to U.S on moday early morning...
I had to get a laptop from my company for this visit. I had asked for it on last monday only... but they didn't have stock and hence gave me only on friday afternoon at 3:30!!! it was terribly late to install stuff and transfer all the necessary data... But then I had no choice.:(
But then as soon as I opened the laptop.. the first problem was that it didn;t connect to the LAN... so couldn't log in with my id. Then couldn't contact the CCD guys (as if they had expected this would happen and ran away from my reach!)
I had shouted at them before only for delaying so much to give me one.

Somehow contacted some global support desk and tried to rectify that.. but to no use... :( tried so hard but no use at all....

And on top of that I had planned to leave early because I had to shop! I didn;t have clothes to wear.. All the western formals which I had no longer fit me..:( and they have become so old also!!!

So finally contacted some guys in mysore who said they would help me rectify the laptop and hence left from my bangalore office.
Finally found some clothes also...(before there were some 3 unsucessfull attempts at finding clothes... if the design matched my taste the size was not there... and if they had the size I did not like the design!) sometimes i wonder why they make such small clothes!!! they want everybody to starve to death or what to fit in to those clothes!!! what do I know!!!

Anyway finished the shopping on friday and did all the packing for the things already available in bangalore.
Went to Mysore on saturday... and all my plans got changed becasue i had to go to office to get that laptop rectified!! so full day went off in that only....:(
In the evening rushed thru the other things like doctor visit and some chota mota stuff to be bought...

Sunday, there was a function.. my BFs sisters engagement. I had to go and dress her up. Left early in the morning... and came back home only at 3 home... and guess when was my train back to bangalore? at 3:45!!! so just rushed thru it. Did some last moment packing and all... and literally ran in the railway staionm to ctach the train!
Thank god I didn't have to run all the way from home...;-) my cousin dropped us by car!
Then came to my bangalore home at some 8 in the night.. and had to leave again at 9:30 to the airport..:(
By now my head was aching terribly becasue of too much strain and lack of sleep.ALmost the whole of last week I hadn't slept properly:(

Checkin and all happened smoothly at the airport.. can you believe.. my baggage weight was less than the (much much less than in fact!!) allowable limit..:D:D:D
Guess this is the first time in my life that I have travelled so light weight.
This maybe because I had to carry almost the same things to germany and i had to adjustr within 25kilos... and now i had almost double allowable limit..:)

The journey was too boring... there were no inidvidual TVs... and they were playing some crap movie in the main screen.. I got bored of the novel that I was reading... didn't get sleep also!!! oh god!!! it's worst to just sit and stare at nothing!

Finally reached Dallas on monday afternoon...:)
Now having a terrible jet lag.. I get all sleepy at the wrong times!!!
Hopefully in another 2/3 days i should be fine.

Now also I am wide awake and it's almost 12:30 in the night...:( but if I don't sleeep now.. I am sure to fall off from my seat tomorrow;-)))


Hardu said...

He he he. Yeah 64 kilos is a lot of weight. Even I wont have so many things to carry. Max I have carried is 40. Can't imagine what else to take.

So, how are you liking the US? Channagi idiya? Housemates? ;)

Girl Interrupted said...

What airlines did u come by? Ethiopiia Airlines or Somalia Airlines or what???
U are here.....so if u have a phone in company call me....is your email still the same????I will mail u my work number or better u mail me ur work number I will call u.....

Hardu said...

Goobe! Mail maade! Phone number mail maadu. Call maadateeni.

mysorean said...

Paapa, ellaru byta iddare ninanna! :)

Anyways, good write-up!

Have a good time in the "Land of Dreams"!

shark said...

Yappa! everybody is scolding me so much... paapa me..:(

Hardu: Yes I am liking it here..:) Housemates are very nice.. very helpful..:)

GI: Hello! I came by the one and only luftansa. Darling how can my email change? it's all the same..:) Still getting used to things here.. hence the delay in calling... will call you for sure.. I guess I have your number.. will call tomorrow.

Hardu: Nenne thumba jet lag inda malkondbitte...:D ivatthu mail maadidini noodu..:)

Adi: Thank you so much... atleast one person is sayind "paapa" for me...:D

Hardu said...

Adi is saying paapa as he does not know you as much as GI and I do. :P