Monday, August 07, 2006

Hey! Nincompoop - will you EVER learn?

I will NEVER learn! I have been in this kind of situation a hundred times before.. but still!!! As some people say "Naayi baala donku" (You can never straighten a dog's tail!).
I can't say "NO" to people on their face. Be it official or personal. I always end up taking too much of work on my head in office, becasue some person will have some commitments and has to go early... but I cancel all my own plans and do his/her work as well! wah! shark wah!
Yesterday evening 7pm. One girl in my appartment block calls me and asks if she can stay with me for 2 months? And great old me says YES even without batting my eyelid.
She shifted all her stuff today... and believe me there is LOTS!!!!
Now I am regretting it. I can't share my room with one more person. I need some privacy!
Can somebody tell me how to kick myself?


Hardu said...

Goobe kane neenu! I was atleast better. I only accomodated the paki girl for 10 days. 2 months is a lot of time! Do you atleast like her?

shark said...

@hardu: Ayyo.. I don't even know her! Just that she also works for my company and is doing a project for the same client.

pavan kumar said...

reminded of Hardu's "yes-o-mania" :)

so did "P" make use of this "loophole"? ;) and wondering if this is hereditary? :D

shark said...

Shhhhhhh P does not know about this!!! Don't give him ideas!

Well I think to some extent it is hereditary.. my mom is also like this.

I know you are asking about mini-shark "indirectly"..

pavan kumar said...

P doesnt know? wow! he should come here more often.. and hehe you outsmarted me "directly" :P

sigh! my nerd score came out to be 93! :( maybe I do need a life :D

Anonymous said...

total goobe [this is such a bangalore word] only!

wonder what will happen if shark asks hardu to tell no to someone on her behalf (or vice versa). here is what will take place:

shark: [to hardu]: tell no to xyz on my behalf.

hardu [to shark]: okie dokie.

hardu [to xyz]: shark says ok!

- s.b.

shark said...

@pavan: wow!! 93.. where did you loose 7 marks nerdy :P?

@s.b: you got it! he!he!

mysorean said...

Eno mind rules the heart, etc etc antha ella bhashaNa hodididya last post nalli.. Enaytu?

Hardu said...

S.B: That was a good one. :)

Shark: Working for same company and same project made you oblige? Are you working in the same team as well? Is your work related?

What I dont understand is, how can people ask for such favours without even knowing the other person well? Amazing people! I guess they get to know we are like that and take undue advantage. :(

shark said...

@adi: Exactly kano.. my mind says it's ok she can stay.. but heart in heart I don't want her to stay becasue I amm loosing privacy!!
She has no place to stay for 2 months.. she has some other friends but they live far from office and she is not comfortble driving itseems! So there it goes!

@hardu: I am also surprised! I mean I have met her only twice before this.. I guess she asked few other people.. and I was the Bakra!

mysorean said...

Well, don't you think it should be the other way round? Your heart says let her stay because she has nowhere else to stay. Your mind says "Heart boss, no privacy?!".

Anyways I get your problem. Now that you are into it, try to make friends with her but at the same time make sure she is of the right kind. Andre oLLe huDugi na antha noDko asTe. Take care.

Do you also have to drop her to office or something like that?

pavan kumar said...

first things first.. make sure she pays the rent.. that way, you answer your Satan and angel, both :D

shark said...

@hardu: I hadn't answered your previous question. Her work is nowehere related to mine. SHe is in a totally different project and a different office campus also.

@adi: OK. You got me confused now! Was it heart or mind or whatever! All I know is I can't say NO to people easily :)
She goes to office all on her own! Thank god :)
But then she is not very bad also.. I mean she is ok.

@pavan: ofcourse she pays the rent! No bitti stuff and all.. after all she is also working!

All: She is a wierd girl.. I mean she is nice and ok. But please..... she tells me everything! I don't want to know...

"I will now to go the loo and come, I will now wash my face and come, I will read a book for sometime, I will drink milk! "
hello!!!! Why are you telling me all this? You do whatever you want and let me be at peace!

Hardu said...

He he he. Enjoy maadi. I will now send you a mail and come. :P

WinterBlue said...

Again... I'm late :( Work is too much ma'm. That's my life supporting SC. Anyways, I have experienced this so much. Infact, in this case, I'm exactly like you. Only difference is, this person who stays with me, didn't ask. But, I invited saying, "Y are you searching for a new house, stay with me and I don't even want share in rent"... but, my kind advise, keep the space. Two months not a small duration thou.

shark said...

@wb: I thought I was a dumbo.. but looks like you are dumbo square!

Oh my god.. before the world fills up with people like us.. LETS CHANGE!

Viky said...

Via Adi. :-)

shark said...

welcome viky :)

veena shivanna said...

ankonde ide tara hudugi neevu antha. Better be careful next time, one thing is good. US nalli short term assignments ge bandavarige ide problem.
I can never forget my friends chandrika's help, who allowed me to live with her(it was a one roomed apartment) when I had a short stay at phx in 2002, it was my first visit.
She is a GEM, .. I can never forget her help for the whole of my life, I am sure your roomy will also think like this about you, hope so..!!
When I went this time in 2005,
I shared my 2 roomed apartment with almost 5 different people(once shared my room with another lady for almost 3.5 weeks), sharing apt/rooms is quite challenging, adjusting to others preference.... Its an art, staying together, being friendly but still keeping distance according to your preference. This makes it more easier.. Shark, Isn't staying alone so alooooooof? Just asking nothing much

Anonymous said...

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