Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yes! I have GREY MATTER... But it's a PAIN!

Whenever I used to complain to my mom about head ache, she used to say "don't worry, it will go in some time. Sleep for few minutes. By the way, if you have headache, it only proves that you have "head" and that's why it aches ;-)"

I now have a terrible head ache. This is bad, pathetic what not! It's been there from yesterday afternoon. It's complete 24 hours now and yet it has no idea of leaving my head. Somebody please tell me how to get rid of this?

Now that it's proven that I have a head... I don't want to prove it more... Please ache.. Please go!!!!!

I tried the below mentioned remedies- none worked, in case you are still wondering!

  • Had a HOT cup of STRONG coffee - This one has been tried and tested before, and it has 99% success rate!

  • Put 2 inches of Amruthanjan - The ad claims, the head ache will disappear in 5 mins. It's 24*60 minutes now. Still no clue of disappearing

  • Switched off my laptop (with great difficulty) and just stood in the balcony for the whole of the evening! - Texas is HOT! So it was not exactly very pleasant outside. But still endured it to prevent myself from going anywhere near my laptop or the Idiot Box (read TV)

  • Had hot water - first drank some, and then took bath also!

  • I generally wear glasses while working on the computer. But yesterday I wore it even while in a meeting - Thought the headache was because of eye-strain

  • Haven't listened to music for full 24 hours - This is the toughest part. But yes! I tried that as well

  • Took an advil - I am generally against taking medicines for small things. But this time it was unbearable, so at the 21st hour, took it. But it's full 3 hours after that and still the head ache is ON

  • Somebody please tell me.. Apart from cutting off my head, is there any other way to get rid of this pain! Innovative ideas that will make my life more interesting are welcome ;-)


    Hardu said...

    Aiyyo paapa. You were not feeling well yesterday na. It must be because of that. Try taking a crocin/saridon/nise. That should help.

    pavan kumar said...

    massage forehead and temples with eucalyptus oil, might help! I do have some wierd (creative) suggestions, but let me reserve them when you are okay :)

    Megha said...

    Drink a shitload of water. Drink, even if you are not thirsty. You'd be surprised how many headaches are caused by dehydration, and we just don't realize that can ever be a cause.

    Am fresh from doc visits, as you know. Hence the advice :) Okay, I go now. Hope you feel better soon!

    shark said...

    @hardu: It has "reduced" a little now. Lets see if it goes off after tonights sleep.

    @pavan: I don't have that oil :(
    Creative idea please...:)

    @megha: I didn't know this! That dehydration causes headache! Thanks! Here I come water... to gulp you all down :)

    Velu Nair said...


    Have u been working a lot lot more, lately?

    Have u ever had a migraine attack before? I was curious Coz u were saying that it refused to go away even after a few hours. If its a migraine attack, medicines seldom help, the pain takes its toll and leaves after a while.

    I hope u had a good sleep and guess u shud be feeling much much better now, anywayz!

    shark said...

    @velu: Well work is as hectic as ever.. I mean there is nothing "new" in that ;-)

    I have had head aches before.. but none of them lasted this long... i mean just 1-2 hours when I am really tired kinds. But after a good nights sleep it generally goes off. But this time it is just not going...

    Well... now it's 30 hours... and that is definitely not "few" :(
    Though it has reduced, it has not gone completely! I hope it goes after today's sleep atleast.... lets see.

    Viky said...

    Get P to give you a treat ;) Is he speaking to you yet?

    pavan kumar said...

    ok imagine, the keyword being "imagine", that P has a new gf.. now that is a headache for you, right? (other than for her as well ;)

    so now a bigger headache more than nullifies this smaller one.. so there it goes! (ref: contrast game)

    thanks! you could call me whacko.. :)

    shark said...

    @viky: P is in India and I am in US.. no treat and all..:(

    @pa_1: Welcome! whacko ;-). Oh! he will never get another one.. don't you think he would have learned his lesson being with me ;-)?

    pavan kumar said...

    oh I know he wont risk going behind another female.. thats why I said keyword being "imagine"..

    btw pavan= "pa 1" (just easier to pronounce!)

    shark said...

    OMG! pa 1 = Pavan!!! :)) I thought I had a new visitor ;-)

    shark said...

    BTW pavan (pa 1) what happened to your "ladder" post?

    Anonymous said...

    omg! pa 1. you need to get your image together, buddy!

    pa 1 = pavan minus image.

    remember, "image is everything," etc. etc.

    - s.b.

    pavan kumar said...

    [shark] the ladder post got me unlucky! :D

    [s.b.] I guess you are right.. the cute baby face got me some good points before.. evenif I blurted out something wrong :)

    mysorean said...

    Neeru kudi! Megha is right!

    Viky said...

    Shark: Oh oh...Relax, distance only makes the heart grow fonder.