Thursday, August 31, 2006

The INDIAN Niagara...:) There you go!

Jog Falls is situated amidst dense forests of Western Ghats. She is river Sharavathi, making the falls spectacular to watch specially when she is flowing full. Raja , Roarer , Rocket and Rani are how the four different falls are called. River Sharavathi then moves on and joins the Arabian Sea at Honnavar. Feast your eyes with this vedio...

I have been to this place before :) College trip! What fun it was.... We trecked all the way down to the bottom of the falls in the wee hours of the morning. And then I slipped on a rock which had algae and fell.. broke my back! Or so I thought! I could not move a muscle... And remember we still had to treck back all the way up. My friends used the push-pull technology to somehow get me back up there. My friend N pushed me from behind and L pulled me from the front..and we made all the way like that. Went to a hospital and took an x-ray, thank God! it was just a muscle pull and I had not broken anything :) By the way, L was holding my hand when I fell... so he felt guilty all thru the trip that he let me fall down! He used to line-marofy me ;-) This L thingy is a saga in itself... I will write about it sometime when I get time.
For all you lucky guys out there in India, time to plan the next vacation?

P.S: Thanks to Pavan! He told me "how" to put this video on the blog :)


Hardu said...

L "used" to line-marofy you? Not anymore? Are you sure? ;)

Oh yes, I remember that trip very well.
On the way I sat with G and cried my heartout. He had consoled me very well.
V & V got hooked up in that trip on our return journey.
You started going arond with P 6 days later. :)
T took a photograph of You and me and created a big scene of it for which we are still troubled. :)

How can I forget that trip? :)

shark said...

@hardu: Oh yes! That was an eventful trip..:)
Regarding "L".. I (think) "used-to" holds good now!
But hey! T didn't take a picture of us in this trip.. that was "mekedaatu" trip.

pavan kumar said...

OMG.. it is like being in an LKG class with alphabets flying around.. or like this: "A took B's pic with C when D was dancing around with E while.. lalala.. so what was Z doing all this while?" Solve the equation. (5 marks) :P

shark said...

@pavan: Z was thinking about a template for her blog where she could write about all this after 20 years :P

mysorean said...


Z exists?!!

*typing from the floor after falling off my chair*

mysorean said...

Ok. I am back to my normal position now.

L was line-marofying you?! Now, that's news to me!

You are getting more mysterious even though I know you with all those A,B,C,D... stuffs!

mysorean said...

pavan kumar:
*Back on the Floor*
(Forgot to add this in my previous comment!)

Vids said...

Aha what a trip :) still remains so fresh in my memories... Don't say - u better remember antha... It was an eventful trip!

WinterBlue said...

wow! I kind refreshed myself with the alphabets ;-)

L T V V N... P and what not man???

I may visit these places next time... I got to know it is nere a place called Shimoga. There are other waterfalls near Mysore right. That is cauvery... etc..,

shark said...

@adi: LOL!!! ROTFL !!! :)
You know L? Do you know who I am talking about.

@vids: Abbah! Finally you are commenting.. welcome welcome...:)
And yes! that's an unforgettable trip... you remember the wish we made and sent the flowers on the river :)?

@wb: It surely is a complicated alphabetic world ;-)
Hope you get to see this place soon.. and yes! there are few falls in Mysore as well.. Balmuri.. KRS (though it's more of a garden and dam)...

Hardu said...

Adi: What do you know about the A,B,C,D stuff I am referring to?

Vids: Ofcourse, you cannot forget the trip. How can you? ;)

Velu Nair said...

That looks awesome, for sure!! :) And the video thingy works just fine!! Have a great Sunday!!

vids said...

Oh yeah, we did things which would have looked silly for others... thank God we didn't reveal that much :)

shark said...

@velu: Thanks!:)

@vids: Who cares whether others feel it's stupid or not! I loved the trip.. and very moment of it ;-)

veena shivanna said...

Had been to this place sep06, so very well related to all you said. It was a fantastic trip, followed by murudeshwara.. which is also gorgeous.
Thanks to you & Pavan for that video, we took only some stills, this was just roaring...Great Clip Shark!