Friday, August 11, 2006

We are being ruled by MORONS!

Yes. This is exactly what I felt after reading this article!

The gist of the artcile, if you are too lazy to read the whole thing! (Frankly speaking these days I am more happy reading movie reviews than these news items. It makes me feel irritated seeing the sorry state of affairs!)

US embassy : Warned India of terror attacks by foreign terrorists - possibly the al-Qaeda - between Aug 11 and Aug 16.

Our Reaction (wah! wah!)
  • Mr. V. K Duggal (Home Secretary): When we receive inputs, we will sensitize our state government and our police force as they go about making security arrangements based on the information provided. It's a very innocous advisory and that's just about it. In other words, promptly dismissing the "warning" as something "unlikely to harm or diturb anyone"!!! I wonder which part of the world does he live in? Has even heard of 7/11?
  • Mr. Sriprakash Jaiswal (Minister of State, Home): Till now my ministry has not received any reactions and in fact as the advisory has come from abroad, it must have come to the MEA. If informed we will take all the appropriate steps. Wow! How cool is that! I mean these poeple are heroes man! They are not scared of anything! Wow! Hats off to their bravery! When it comes we will see attitude... when? after another 300 people are dead?
  • Indian authorities have put major airports on red alert: Fantastic measure! Do they think that these terrorists are also morons like them to fly to India, just 1 day before they bomb the country! **Clap** Clap**. I am not saying that airports should not be on alert.. but boss! that is not a big thing that they have done and definitely not enough!
  • Mr. A N Roy (Mumbai Police Commissioner): There is no need to panic. In case you come across any suspicious person or object, inform the police immediately.

The last one was super! I mean, terrorists attacks are not child plays. We have seen the samples of them! Be it 9/11 or 7/11 or everyday what's happening in Kashmir. And we are NOT "supposed" to panic? What then? Sit and wait for "anything" to happen?

And a normal Indian's day: Meet hazar people, busses, trains, road, theators wherever! And If I see anything suspicious report... What If I fail to notice the suspicious thing? What if it does not look suspicious?

Only GOD can help us! Each one of us have to be careful if the so called "protectors" are not doing their jobs. I am not saying that we should live with fear every single day. But just be cautious of your surroundings.

I also understand that it is not a cake walk to the intelligence agencies to find out who is plotting what plan and how to counteract it. I am just disgussted about the attitude of these people!

I want to see if they will talk the same if all the Z-security for them is revoked!


Velu Nair said...

Why am I not surprised??

mysorean said...


All this might mean two things:
1. We are fully prepared to handle any eventuality.
2. We are least bothered. 1 billion plus people already, what to do? We have hired terrorists for population control!

Hardu said...

Shark: LOL!

I guess Indian poloticians think that as the population is very high, it wouldn't matter if a few thousands/lakhs die.

adi: Your 2nd point is a very good one. ;)

pavan kumar said...

I see the point behind the post.. hasnt aajkal (others') life become insignificant? it saddens but Darwin's survival of the fittest seen live!

WinterBlue said...

Shark :) This was a good one. But, another dimension to it... you only get to hear from people who give orders and not from who receive orders. Hence, this is expected.

Hardu:Pavan:- This is not as bad as it looks like. In a country where population is more than a billion, the terrorism related incidents are significantly low. You can always make a difference between J&K and Other states of India.

WinterBlue said...

Hey! come on!!! whatever law and order existing in India, it is still because of cops. Well, cops do not wait for orders from politicians... having lived closure to these people, I know for myself that politicians talk to cops only to get information as to what precautionary measure have been taken. Atleast, they have something to talk to media about ;-)))

shark said...

@velu: I guess we all know what to expect from these people!

@adi: ha!ha! your point 1 is surely a joke! we and prepared? Point 2 sounds more logical ;-)

@hardu: Has the govt heard of population "control" rather than population "destruction"!

@pavan: Fittest? How can we show our valour against an RDX bomb da?

@wb: I appreciate your optimisim. But I am really sorry I cannot empathise with it. The sorry state of affairs we are in today speaks for itself!

RL Neva said...

America has more morons I bet. The ruled as well as the rulers because they let the morons who rule, rule. We need the Tamil Tigers here.