Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am back!

Finally after a long self imposed hiatus... I am back! Basically had been very busy with lots of things happening around, a series of exams, project pressures.. the same old stuff.
Well, so now I am finally back to the blogging world. I know none of you have missed me or anything... but I missed this virtual world.
As the wise men say.. let the show re-begin.
Some updates just to keep you all informed:
- mini-shark is getting married in another 4 months. (Pavan you had your chance.. .missed it!)
- I am finally going to pursue higher studies... after really trying n number of times ;-)
- Married life is as lively as ever with the number of fights increasing exponentially ... ;-)
- Work was pretty hectic till the last week. Finally getting a breather now. Will resume the same old hectic schedule in another 2 weeks when another release comes along.
- Too many social gatherings and parties happening around.
Well that's the update in short for the previous 6 months. Will be back again soon


pavan said...

and I thought our pleas went to deaf ears!

sigh abt mini-shark, jolted Pavan is on revenge mode against Shark (on serious note: best wishes.. and good to hear that, sept muhurtham?)

mba/cat aa?

all in all, welcome back!

Anonymous said...


welcome back. visit my abode, virtually, when you get a chance :-).

"Married life is as lively as ever with the number of fights increasing exponentially ... ;-)"

you kid me not!

congrats to little shark. pavan ... paavam!

now that the (k)night r(a)iders crushed the royal challengers(not!) twice, you ought to renounce and denounce the original shark! plus, despite the six pack, he is starting to show his age. pick a newer model (pun unintended, really!)

all the best with your higher studies (for hire? ;-).

- s.b.

Anonymous said...

hey, where is gini?!!

- s.b.

shark said...

@pavan: August 28th is the d-day for mini shark :)

@s.b: Yes. Now that I am back will be more regular :)

My loyalty will not change.. atleast not for the time being ;-)

Kadalabal said...

welcome back we really missed you and your posts one request put small message that you are on blog hiatus and will be away from blogging so that readers like me will know u r otherwise busy it is only an advise
in short you have listed the things that happened in last six months.
great and congrats for mini shark and to u for pursuing higher studies amidst your such a busy life fights are part of married life and u learn every time all the best

Veena Shivanna said...

Thats a nice update.
Higher studies.. hmm.. en cat aa??

Well, look forward to hear more from you. and LOL on increasing fights exponentially :-)

shark said...

@pavan: to answer one more question of yours.. yes MBA.

@s.b: Gini is very much here but as usual very busy as well.

@kadalabal: Great to hear that you missed my posts :) It was not a planned hiatus.. else I would have surely given a warning... it just happened that I got very busy and tied up.

@veena: not exactly CAT... but MBA yes.