Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why are people ashamed to be Indians?

I am totally irritated today! You can actually make hot pakoras on top of my head, because I am really burning with anger/irritation!!!!

How can people stoop such low levels! Why can't people be satisfied with what they have? Is there no limit to greediness?

OK... I know till now I have made no sense! My mind is not clear! So be sure to endure my blabbering for some more time... (If you can/wish to!)
Oho! Why am I being mad at you readers?? It’s not your fault, it’s somebody else’s altogether!

Let me tell you the story behind my grumpy behavior, so that you can continue to read my blog. Else I am sure you will just close this and go!

Today evening, we (my project team) had gone out for a drink... The company, for which I am doing a project, is one of the most culturally diverse organizations. I mean, you can find people of all countries and cultures here. Needless to say Indians are a majority. So, in our group of 11 people, 3 are Indians, 2 Pakistanis, 1 German, 2 Taiwanese and 3 Americans!
The topic of discussion was obviously… World-cup football :) And though there were "some" inputs from us Indians, I must confess that it was not too much... so after some time, the others realized this, and generally asked us to update on the latest of cricket...
One of the Pakistani in the group commented that “I would easily get a visa to India if there is a cricket match and I have to watch it... But I will never get a Business Visa". He was in-fact right, because he had tried so many times already and was unsuccessful in getting a business visa!
Now here is where Mr. P pitches in... (He is the one whom I am bitching about in case you haven't figured it our already!!) :
"Ha!Ha! Ha! That's so typical of India.. and it's governance! They will NEVER do
anything right! They are always like this! Highly impractical! I appreciate
America! It is so free! I love being here!"
So? what's the big deal? The whole world is not America! I do agree that India is still a long way to go in terms of catching up with the "west".. So what? I am quite happy with how my country is.. and I know that we are improving day by day and one fine day we will also be where America is! (*Think* Though I am not sure if I want it to be this way! *Think*)
If he had stopped at that...maybe I wouldn’t be writing this blog. But obviously since I am writing this.....
Here are some more of Mr. P The Great's statements!

"Thank god I did not fall sick when I went to India for
my vacation this time!

Hello! 30 years of your life you have lived in India... and now just 5+ years in America makes you fall sick on your visit to India???!!!
"Oh India is a BIG MESS!!! Total Chaos! God only knows
what’s happening out there!"
So what's your problem? anyway you are blissfully sitting here and bitching about it na.. how does it affect you **grrrrrr**
"Oh My! The pollution levels are so dreadfully high! You can almost choke to death there!"
Oh is it?!! Then how come you are still alive!) : I guess he does not know where exactly the ozone layer in thinner and depleting! Can I hope he reads this!
"There is a saying "Men should earn in dollars, drive German Cars, eat Chinese Food but Marry an
Ha-ha! ha! - Now it's time for me to laugh!! Why Indian women?? I know... What better bakras can you get whom you can tame and make her dance according to your whims and fancies! Western women will obviously not listen to anything and everything that you say!
I am too upset to carry on now... I will update with more "Gyan" from this great fellow tomorrow...

Maybe I would have cooled down by tomorrow and award him a Nobel prize who knows:-/!!!
June-16-2006: Since I am updating this blog with more of his sayings, it obviously means I haven't cooled down yet.. Does anybody have ICE???
Again the pakistani said "I keep thinking that Pakistan is fighting a loosing war.. India is atleast 5 times bigger and definitely more powerful. We have no chance!"

THE Response:
"Awww come on... India can't win
anything! It's a totally crappy system out there. By the
time they get
approval for backfire, the war would be over! Ha! Ha! Ha"
Hello! Knock Knock... has anyone heard about Kargil? and what happened in that? I am NOT for war! I pray to god every day that we end this stupid war and just live like neighbors. But was it necessary to demean your country like that!
If I go on... the list is endless and truly speaking I am bored to even write everything! I was too tongue-tied to say anything out there! What can you say when somebody from your own country is speaking like this! I mean, if somebody else was speaking this way, then you always tell them that that's not the case always and we are good in our own way!
I do agree that India :
  1. Does not have computerised systems everywhere!
  2. Does not even have proper roads in the cities leave alone freeways!
  3. We get work from "other" countries and live on the "pay" that "they" give!
All this said and done.. I LOVE MY COUNTRY! We are like this today because :
  1. We were constantly fighting wars against n number of "intruders". First came the Mughals, then came Portugese, Dutch and then English! Who can "remain" rich in such situations? The English not only ruled us, but looted us for 100 years! That surely is not a short span of time!
  2. We are country with the greatest cultural diversity! Any development should heed and adhere to all "kinds" of people, which obviosuly is not an easy task
  3. We don't exactly have "freindly" neighbors. There is constant fear of war... and hence we keep investing in military!

But we are progressing against all these odds! And it's a common man's guess that it's not an easy task! IT was unheard of 10 years ago... and now see where we are! We are now recognised as "skilled labour" rather than "cheap labour"!!!!!

K. I will stop it here! I don't want to spoil my mood further by constantly thinking about him and writing about him!


Supremus said...

LOL - this is very typical of Indians. I have seen many like that - I call them self loathing bastards... naahi ghar ke, nahi ghaat ke.

Amusingly nobody else (not even chinese) I have heard bitching so much abt their country than our brethern. Truly explains why it was so easy to rule us hehe!


Prakash said...

I totally agree with supremus.

I don't deny that amarica is doing gr8 but there is a reason why India is like this toady.

But there is no point going back to that. The fact is that we are improving and progressing like anyting and soon we will catch up with the best in this world.

Prakash said...

all these kind of ppl need a tight slap on their face.

pavan kumar said...

@Prakash: we had MTV "one tight slap".. a short clip showing how to set such people right..

@Shark: First, I used to believe that it was more of a cultural thing.. then I realised the culprit is generation gap.. isnt the present generation more optimistic of India than the previous gen? I bet Mr. P (p for ??) is from the old school thought that nothing can change India.. and beggars in US roam in cars *blah blah*

setting such people straight? ask him which is the largest railway network? how may employees it has.. ask him if he heard of Enron golmaal and corruption in US.. or send him a link to google news. or I have the number of a trusted hitman ;)

shark said...

@supremus : I totally agree with you!

@prakash: How I wish I could really give him a slap! Only he is atleast 10 years elder to me! I have to respect him atleast for his age!

@pavan: Is 10 years such a big generation gap?
Send me the number FAST!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its depressing to listen bad things about our India. And being silent and allowing 'P' to dishonor India in front of other nationalities is no good either. Best thing to do wouild be remind that person of his roots!!!!

WinterBlue said...

Hey! Shark, they are hypocrites. I have had bad experiences with them. But, somehow pakistanis (atleast I have quite a lot friends outside pakistan and india) really appeal to me.

I have several colleagues (pakistanis) working from Europe. I always visit them atleast twice in a week for lunch or dinner. I share a very good relationship with them. I haven't seen anyone speaking about India nor Pakistan. It was always about Bollywood.

These are people who have nothing between their ears. From the post, I can see a difference in you and me. I would have probably started with "Can I interrupt you gentleman". I personally don't like to keep quite listening to them. I would have appreciated if you have done something to shut his mouth. Atleast, this post would have been void of your frustration.

WinterBlue said...

One more thing I noticed. You seemed to have developed aversion towards male community in India ;-)

You know something, someone told me. Idhella naav maadkondiddhu. Idhellakku, naav beladh bandha vaathavarana, sthala mukhya kaarana. Munchinindha naavella seere bittu berenu nodirlilla. eevaaga... adhinna bittu berella thodthare. Ninage gotthu, swalpa jhasthine aaythu antha. Alpananige aishwarya (Actress alla) bandhre, ardha raathrili kode hididharanthe. Prathiyobbaru avaravara mithiyaali idhre, yaarigu enu besara illa.

shark said...

I could not have said anything there.. He is way too elder to me in the first place.. and also there were lots of big shots.
I am here only from the past 1 month... I cannot obviously start an argument over there!

That's why I took solace in my blog...:D

But then, I always feel uncomfortable saying to people like this.. I mean if he was some other national and ridiculing India.. You can "correct" him! But he is born and brought up in India! What can you say for such people! And do you think my saying would have made any difference?.. he would have found 10 other reasons just to win an argument against me! Is that right? I would then be "aiding" him in putting my country all the more down!

shark said...

@WB: Again!

NO. I don't have an aversion to Indian men... :)
I am just pissed with some "traits" of them!

You are saying that "If everybody is in their own limit" everything is fine...
But who defines these limits??? I know the answer... MEN!!!!!

so you can figure out the rest!

Prakash said...

Hey Shark,

There is new generation of men coming up with different set of values. So.. i am very much hopeful that things will surely change.

WinterBlue said...

I'm sorry, I would never have mentioned that MEN define these limits. No! It is not true to the best of my knowledge.

This is where I'm coming at. I feel there is a pre-conceived thoughts in your comments. If what you are saying is correct, we would not have had women working in army, navy, airforce, transportation, police, intelligence, politics... well you name the area and you will find women. It is changing men's mentality towards women which is the main reason. Even today, more than 50% of the women in India rely on husband. Well, this equation will change sooner or later. Then you will probably see a different world. But, again I would say that change must be for good. It should not be like a punch line in an ad. I hope you get what I'm saying.

WinterBlue said...

I think I must stop commenting on this for this post. This is going somewhere else :)))

veena shivanna said...

yaak istond sitt maadkoteeri? you can be easily provoked ansatte ee post nODi...! Oops sorry Man.
I can very well relate.. TNS (Mukta Director) was smiling at me when I had such a fight-kind-of-discussion about my country india which another such 'P'..
Then concluded, you live your life here & I am happy there in India antha...