Friday, June 02, 2006

When I am 40...

OK. I was having a discussion (more of a timepass kind you can say!) with my manager yesterday. He was quite surprised when he came to know that I am just 26! He said he hadn't even "thought" about working at that age! He was generally loafing around .. Living on meager allowances from his otherwise very rich father, dating different women each day. He also agreed blondes are the best ;-)!
He was in some-kind-of job.. He can't even remember what it was now! He said he was "over-enthusiastic" to finish everything in half the time!

Just to give you an insight.. We had (initially) planned for a release on June 5th. Till last Wednesday I did not even have the access to run my code on the production servers!. No points for guessing that I was tensed to the core. I was pestering anybody and everybody whom I could find in office to let me know what I can do to go forward! I also did not have the details of the data that was "supposed" to be migrated! So you can imagine my state! What the hell! How could I do a release in such a situation in 3 days!!!!
People who generally smile at me also would run away from me as fast as they can.. For the fear that I will ask them next! Or atleast nail them down to listen to my pathetic tension filled tale :-/

So finally a meeting was called on Thursday to discuss about the same with "this" manager. The first 30 minutes we figured out what to do next and all... Then started the "timepass". Now back to the story!

Now, that you had the "insight" - he was telling me not to get tensed about these "stupid" (in his own words!) release dates! He said dates can always be shifted - as if the sky is not going to fall on our heads if we don't give the software on a particular day! Big deal!
This was how he was speaking, and all along I was just smiling... Not knowing what to say or how to respond!

Then, he asked me what all "interesting" things have I done in my life till now?
The typical traditional-south Indian-brahmin girl that I am.. I told him

* I have had a good education! Enjoyed my college life with lots of friends
* Have had quite a good career - have enjoyed my work till date
* Traveled a lot! - Paris, Germany, Now US!
* Have a boy-friend *ahem* *blush*

My! Was I happy after saying this :D

His reaction: Is that all you can say which is "interesting"?

*puff* *puff* All my "happiness" gone!

He said : You have been a very good girl.. You should have been bad also at times! Should have done something wild!
Did he mean? ....Running away from the house! Got drugged somewhere! Got lost in some third world country! And even after all this if I am still alive and the cannibals of Africa have not savored me.. I should have gone back home????

He was all the more disappointed when he came to know that I don't "live" with my boy-friend in India! Then what;s the use of having a boy-friend he asks! What was I supposed to answer?????
Oh You should have seen the surprise on his face when I said that I am going to "marry" this same boy friend and I haven;t had any others before!
I strongly feel, he was feeling very sad for me that I have;t tried the rest of the male species! ;-)

He says finally "You know why I am asking you all this? I am 45 now.. But when I think back, I am very happy that I have done everything in my life. Whether they are good or bad. I have experienced everything. I tell this to the youth of today also, that they should go out.. Explore the world! And When they are 40 something they can look back at themselves and smile and feel happy that they have "actually" experienced Life!"

A very sweet guy!

Now, I am very far from being 40.. So the "thinking back" is also very far away ;-)
But this conversation has made me think how I would be when I am 40!

1) I would be tired, overweight and not to mention OLD!.... some incentives of that might be Diabetes and Arthritis to say the least!

2) Would have 2 kids (any gender does not matter!) who are extremely brattish! Doesn't even care to listen to my requests! Leave alone orders!

3) An extremely sexy *smiles* husband who is the greatest "attraction" for the neighborhood girl next door (just turned 18 and living alone! God help me!) who gives a "sympathetic look" to my husband whenever "we" have a fight and he walks out of the house for a long walk!

4) I have a strong doubt that my husband is having an affair with his super hot secretary! (Come on! I could smell "her" perfume many times near him.. Or wait a sec.. Was it mine **????**)

5) Now just to make my husband feel J.. I purposely spoil my kitchen sink by putting all the waste in the kitchen and call the "Plumber" atleast 3 times a week! (who is known in the area as "THE GUY" who has layed most of the sexy housewives ;-)) But unfortunately he is not even remotely interested in me... Why? Read Point No 1 again :P

**shudder** **shudder** It does not look too rosy does it?
So I am going to make the most of my life while I can... And NOW is the best time.



pavan kumar said...

your manager sounded pretty right.. though we Indians tend NOT to be that risk taking because for us, every action has repercussions (like Butterfly effect).. and we end-up taking the "proven path"

shark said...

Very very true... though my heart says thatI have to go at atleast 140mph on the freeways.. Somehow my mind stops me! Saying that getting a "ticket" is not good!

though theoritically "one" ticket is not going to harm too much (i hope)! ;-)

Prakash said...

hehehe.... I have tried till 115mph. sometime it is really fun to break rule but do it carefully as life is precious.

Girl Interrupted said...

Well I have done pretty impulsive and wild things in my life. Let me make a list of them...
1. Got a tattoo
2. Fought my way with my parents to come here
3. Purchased my car just 4 hours after looking at it
4. Travelled 300 miles/day for 3 months stretch
5. Cut my hair in various angles
6. Told a guy that I absolutely love him inspite of knowing that he will not return the favor. (Well he got married to different person now. Now u know why I am shy and never do that stupid thing again. They say 'Once bitten twice shy'.
7. Cried for no reason many times\
8. Burnt down an entire machine in the school and was nicknamed "Sparky"
9. Bit my teacher i my pre school until her fingers bled
10. Well many more things....

btw there are no cannibals in Africa now.

Still plan to do many wild things and this does not include drugs.

Girl Interrupted said...

btw u will never be overweight....if u start dancing again that is

Prakash said...

GI, u seem to have had some nice experiences. You seem to be quite impulsive by nature but certainly not wild.

and good that for you 'Once bitten twice shy' applies. For me it is " Once bitten, twice bitten, thrice bittent........." ;-)

shark said...

@GI: Wow!!! You make me feel Jealous of you.... You have done such wild things...:)
But tell me how would you picture yourself at 40?

@Prakash : Did you atleast get bitten once? ;-)

mysorean said...
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mysorean said...

That was the orkut effect!

Ok. First of all, list of wild things I have done.
1. Sitting atop Chamundi hills at 12 in the morning with an exam the next day.
2. Proposed to a schoolmate with a romantic letter and a rose on Valentine's Day knowing very well that she will reject it. I loved her truly though
3. Arranged for my boss's laptop to be stolen from the office! And returned it after a few days. But not before it had him completely paranoid! Because he would watch all porn and other films on it!
4. Drove my pulsar at 110Kmph on East-Coast Road at 1.30AM early morning!
5. Went into the internal assessment register of our department and changed the final internal marks!
6. Repeated the same for the attendance register!
7. Haven't attended a single class in my final year of under-graduation!
8. During school, 4th std, I beat up a classmate till his skull cracked and bled. We are very good friends today though!
9. Shifted into every new place on my own. Without the supervision of my parents. They haven't seen my under-grad college, hostel, room or mane or even my post-grad college or hostel or present accommodation or anything at all!
10. Threw our bags out of the college classroom, during +2, and walked out of the college as if to have a tea break or something and never returned. We did this for atleast over 75 days and till date no one knows!
...There are many more Shark! Really wild things which I can't reveal on a public forum! But there's a real wild side to me! ;)

mysorean said...

Now, to the more interesting question: Where do I see myself at 40?
- Founder-CEO of a successful company, if not two!
- Having a cute paunch not as much as I have now!, a little grey hair to go with it and a good-looking secretary!
- Based out of Mysore
- One or two kids who are more of friends than children.
- Daily morning yoga & cricket. Evenings at Ramakrishna Ashram and spend time with family & friends.
- Living in an India that's Developed!

shark said...

Wow! man... way to go! really interesting life lead maadidiya...

reading all this really makes me feel i have lead such a boring life..

No shark.. no.. now is the time to make up for all the time lost ...;-))

mysorean said...

Hun hun. US nalli bere idya! Yaaru helo avaru kelo avaru illa.. open up! Shed ur inhibitions! Be Free!

Girl Interrupted said...

At 40 I think I will be still trying to get Brad Pitts Attention(keyword being"try")
I will be busy taking care of my 6+ children(procreated+adopted)
I will wrtie a book(even if noone wants to read it)
I will be much moe health concious and freak everyone around me
I will have few dogs and few cats and few cows
I will get drunk and beat my husband atleast once before i reach the milestone;)
If my husband is the guy, who I think should be, then I think we will have a very very interesting life playing each other's bafoons

pavan kumar said...

"When I am 40 .." I shouldnt regret and write a post on "Things I should have done at 24" :)

shark said...

houdu houdu.. illi heluvavru keeluvavaru yaaroo illa...:D nande raajya.. Nodona.. yen yen maadthini antha...;-) Keep wathcing this for more updates :D

But by the way at 40 will you be so nice? I mean all goody goody :P?

Le.. Brad Pitt will be atleast 80 by the time you are 40.. find someone younger please!
Anyway people say after 60 you again become a child.. but it looks like you are going to the turn over at 40 only ;-)

Exactly... that's the reason of my post.. to enlighten you poor souls... to go and do something NOW!:P

mysorean said...

Illa. I will have a wild side to me then too! But by then the urge to explore that side might not be there ansutte! Gottilla?!

But yeah, after sometime you tend to cool down and leave the wilder things to your next generation and people younger to you! Allva?!

mysorean said...

The idea behind that being that you have done everything by the time you are 40! And somehow, I get the feeling I am already there! ;)

Hardu said...

Looks like you are already feeling J that your hubby will look at other girls. But don't worry. He would have grown old too. :)

Atleast you have a boyfriend. Just imagine my state when I tell that my parents will find a boy for me. They are all shocked out of words. :)

Girl Interrupted said...

I'll take Brad Pitt even if he is 80 or 100 for that matter....Else I'll always have my Colin Farrell with me ;).....anyways I think Colin is better than Brad in many ways.....

shark said...

No..No.. don't cool down.. let the wild side be with you forever :D

No dea.. I am not worried about my husband running behind girls.. I am afriad of girls coming after him.. You see men look sexier as they grow older...!

Girly.. don't choose.. try them both ;-)) I am saying as if they live in your neighborhood and you can ask them out anytime you want!!!he!he!he!

veena shivanna said...

enri idu ellargu haaL aago ideas kodtheera..? aa america dalliro manager ge buddi illa andre neevu sari bidi :-)