Friday, June 09, 2006

Lifecycle Rewinded!!!

Can't agree with him more!

My 2+ cents:

* Death is anyway inevitable - But why spoil "Life" worrying about death? It WILL happen someday or other. Make the most of all the days you have now!

* Million (or zillion... or whatever is highest!!) dollar question.....where will I be after I die??????
Will I be able to look at earth in a top level view? See everybody who I care for (or even hate for that matter!)?

* Will I be remembered after, say 10 years of my death? Is anybody really going to miss me?

* Why am I here in the first place? Do I have a mission to complete? If yes, will somebody please let me know what is that???? :-/

* Why is there a lifecycle in the first place? Why are we born.. and then grown and then dead?? What purpose does it serve?

I am thouroughly confused! :( What's the point of all this? What;s the point in making earth so hi-tech? Who is benifitting from all this?


Prakash said...

Your question is not at all simple. If you understand this you have understood everything.

State of getting rid of this cycle is called MOKSHA.

If you ask me the purpose of life, I would say to spread a disease called smile.

* You are very much right here. there is no point worrying about death which is inevitable.

* I believe in parallel world where souls and real human being stay together in the same world so you should be able to be closer to your loved ones.

* That depends whether you are able to leave any mark behind you.

* Yes, my mom taught me that every living being has a mission. It might take 100 or many more life cycles to complete that mission but the moment you are done you attain MOKSHA.

But I would say, don't think too much. Enjoy life. Who knows ...that might be the very purpose of your life.

Girl Interrupted said...

I've read this JC wisdom...he is one of a kind ....

Girl Interrupted said...

also I personally believe we all have a purpose in life and it is for us to find out. It might take us a life time to find out the purpose, but hey probably that was the purpose:)...I think when I am on a death bead, I should be able to look back and say "Wow that was fun and Oh Boy, it was a wild ride !!!!. Not thoroughly useless and I think I was quite helpful to few people and had some fun, planted some trees, recycled some plastic...and I was good I guess" and smile and die.......

U know thinking about death makes every minute here much more enjoyable reminds us that everything here is momentary....(and that does not mean that I am endrosing constant morbid thoughts)

shark said...

I know about this MOKSHA. I can also agree with you all that on an individual level it's all fine.
I mean I am born with a purpose, to be good to my fellow human beings, bring some smile in atleast a few faces, Have some fun, Enjoy myself and when I die, I am contented that I lead a complete life.

Fine! That's all understood and followed. But I am looking at one level higher.

If at all the sole purpose of me from my birth is to get MOKSHA (that means not being born again- on simple terms), then why was I born in the first place?????

GI, you talked about planting trees and recycling plastic... but who is benefitting from all this? If we go by this life-death cycle.. the earth will have no living beings some day right?
Then what';s the purpose of all this?

Oho... I am thouroughly confused!! Does anybody know any swamiji in Dallas ;-)

Prakash said...

looking for swamiji in Dallas ... wow .... u wanna go after the eternal truth...

pavan kumar said...

Vedanta is pretty good at "attempting" to answer this question (is this post on death to commomerate with 6/6/6?) but study of genes (The Selfish gene book) gives a logical (and best?) answer: we are machnies transporting the genes.. and oh George's post was really good.

Oflate these soul stirring deep thinking posts enna?

Girl Interrupted said...

Le, if I could answer ur questions in such profound levels I wouldnt be here would i?

shark said...

What;s this 6/6/6? and death? I didn't get that :-/

I was tired of stirring dal and rasam.. so thought will do some soul stirring ;-)

You never know dear... who holds the answer for what...

Prakash said...


Its a good idea to continue with soul stirring once in a while.

I think life is more like cooking as if you don't keep stirring it properly thare are chances of getting is spoiled without you knowing it.

pavan kumar said...

the date 6/6/6 is linked to the Devil's fav number 666..

Prakash said...

Devil seems to have some good taste about numbers ;-)

WinterBlue said...

I'm sorry shark. I can't comment on this as I generally keep away from these kind of stuffs.

Principle should be simple for those whose life is complex. said...

Life is good anyway, so don't make it too complicated with all these analysis.
Love life and live life..yaardu ee philosophy antha gnaapiskond barteeni okay?