Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Saga of July4th Weekend - Day 1

I wanted to write something on a happier note (my blogs recently have been cribbing so much… I am myself feeling depressed… normally I am never depressed..!!)
pavan suggested the best way to “brighten up” my blog would be to write about my long weekend trip. It was a holiday on July4th for American Independence day, and I conveniently look off on July3rd to make the weekend really long..;-)

Well… we planned for something at the last moment, to be specific on Thursday! Not that we plan well ahead on other occasions…! But that’s the thrill of life… everything should be instantaneous… ;-))

Anyway, the initial plan was Saturday- San Antonio, and Sunday-Monday- South Padre Islands. Does anything for us work according to the plan? Hah! Fat Chance! So our trip started pathetically to say the least…:( (Is that a surprise? Not for me at least ;-))
We were “supposed” to start at 5:30am but ended up starting at 8am! Forget it… this was kind of expected because none of us have time sense ha!ha!ha! ;-) And anyway this was supposed to be vacation time…. ;-)

100 miles from our house and a flat tire in one of our cars! Struck in middle of nowhere. The road side assistance took 45 minutes to reach there and another 15 minutes to put a donut tire. Obviously we could not continue our long journey of some 300 miles on a donut tire, so had to get the car changed (this was a rental car by the way.) And yes! You guessed it right.. there were no "National" rental places nearby where we could go and change the car.. and to top it off it was a Saturday and hence the few ones near by were closed! So what next? That poor fellow and his wife had to return back :( what a way to start off the wonderfully planned vacation!!!

With all these time delays we finally reached San Antonio at 8pm! The main intention of visiting SA was to go to the Sea World. We were too late now for that so we went for a walk on the river side. My! Was it crowded?
Anyway who cares about the crowd… we surely had a nice time there.

We went for a long ride on the boat around the city, a beautiful one at that. I was really impressed at the way they have preserved each and everything of their small small treasures. For instance there was this tree which was some 100 odd years old.. and they had a small story around it, they had decorated it and it was treated so specially. I am sure there are lots and lots of such trees in India… but do we even care? I know I know.. I will refrain from complaining about “anything” from now on in my blogs..:) So however we are.. that’s how we are!

There are cute small bridges around the river all over and all of them have a story behind it. There was one in which a female didn’t want the government to divert the river after a series of floods and hence painted a beautiful painting depicting how it could look like if the surroundings were “built” and infact succeeded in getting them implement it :D

There are some 9 species of fish in that river! (is 9 such a big number? The guide atleast made it sound like that! ** Am I missing something here? **)

After a nice relaxing ride in the boat.. it was time for a nice stroll on the banks with some photo sessions of course! After all walking and clicking, we finally settled down at a Mexican restaurant on the river banks. I was expecting to get some nice food which we generally get in Mexican restaurants in Dallas… but this is what I got finally :D

Anyway it tasted quite nice… though it was just fried vegetables… The best part was live music. There were some 4 people who would come to each tables and play songs which people requested for. We have a fantastic knowledge about Mexican songs so we gave them the choice to play any song of their choice (he!he!). They played some foot tapping numbers, that’s all we could make out of the song ;-)

So, after a tiring but enjoyable day, half empty stomach and humming Mexican tunes we were back in the hotel to catch up on some sleep….zzzzzzzzzzz
P.S: After some of my recent "close-to-crying" posts, my friends have been mailing me with great concern... thinking that something has gone wrong with me.. Dears, thank you so much for your concern.. But I am not depressed... nopes I am as happy as before... Leading a bindaas life as ever... Only that some of the happenings around me have been bothering me that's all. I am upset with rest of the world... But not with "my" world. I am happy :D infact very happy :D
P.P.S: This phrase in fanaah has really touched me...
Tere dil mein meri saanson ko panaah mil jaye.
Tere ishq mein meri jaan Fanaa ho jaye.
P... are you listening :)?


WinterBlue said...

Hey! Shark, that's so nice... is that you in the snap??? The last line is certainly very good.

pavan kumar said...

he he, its the obstacles that make the trip more fun.. atleast you got to see the river (we once drove for 4 hrs and all we did was use the restrooms there, yes, those caves closed sooner than we thought)

shark said...

@WB: Yes that's me! and Thanks...:) I will accept the thanks even though it's not "my" line..;-))

@pavan: oh my! You went all the way for 4 hours to use the rest rooms... che..che... didn't have one at home..;-) :P

Hardu said...

So that was an eventful first day. Looking forward to hear about the next days of the vacation.

Girl Interrupted said...

looks like someone had fun.....
Shayari and all eh?

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