Thursday, July 13, 2006

Are we in some stone age era?

Please read this!

  • Isn't crime a "CRIME" irrespective of who committed it!
  • If a "woman" helps in committing a crime against another woman.., isn't it all the more reason to punish her!
  • What does "woman can't commit rape" mean? - Isn't "attempt to murder" equally bad as murder?
  • Why should there even be a consideration for any gender when it comes to punishing the guilty?

I know, I am now writing against a woman! But please! She helped her husband in raping some other woman! How miserable can people get?

In my opinion, she should be punished all the more! More than her husband, because if she being a woman can't empathize with another woman who else will!?

It's because of women like these that our country is struggling hard to come out of the dungeons!

Isn't it surprising that "most" of the injustice committed against woman is by another woman?

  • Dowry Violence/Deaths - Most of the times Mother-in-Laws are behind this. Reason? Money!
  • marriage breakups - Unreasonable in-laws - trouble in the family - should I have to mention that mother-in-law : daughter-in-law affair?
  • High infant (female) death rate - Mothers killing their own children!

It's high time we women stop treating other women like a piece of shit. We should first respect ourselves.. And then expect the rest of the society to follow!

Wake up women wake up! Today you helped someone commit a crime against your fellow female.. Tomorrow you will be on the receiving end!


Girl Interrupted said...

Boy u sound very angry!! and u have every right to be! Like I said we are not yet civilized I guess....

pavan kumar said...

it was disturbing, though evil could reside in anyone (irrespective of gender, etc)

shark said...

@GI: I am angry girl... How can people do such things ya! It's way beyond my comprehension levels :(

@prakash: I agree! But don't you think this is more gross! A woman helping another woman's rape????

These are all some educated folks! I used to think education is the solution to everything... but alas! Was I mistaken :(

pavan kumar said...

such things are not common (or heard of) in villages.. reason? lack of education and sticking to age-old customs..

with ed. comes great freedom, great power, great thinking, but also greater evil.. which is contrasting, isnt it?

and you werent mistaken.. except for my name :P hmmn maybe time for wb's request? :D

shark said...

@pavan: This time I am correct with the spelling...:) SOrry about the previous time... Kindly adjust :)
Yes I think I agree, "With great power comes great responsibility". ANs how we choose to exercise this responsibility is completely left to us...

Hiren said...

This reminds me of a remark by Nehru who said that it was irnoical that Religion caused more violence than anything else while preaching the opposite.
With women, it is likewise- they are feminine after all. They practice loha lohe ko kaata hai.

Anonymous said...

hey shark, are you active in the kannada community there? if so, have you ever run across shantha and pallavi.

- s.b.

Hardu said...

What you say is so true. In most of the cases it is women who do injustice to other women. It is really sad!

shark said...

@hiren: I wonder where you found "religion" in my post.
But I agree with your last sentence! How true!

@sb: No, I don't know any kannada community outside my colleagues here..:)

@hardu: Sad.. but true..:(

WinterBlue said...

Hey shark! You have been talking to me on these. Sorry if I have been speaking too much about the hypocritic society. The reason why I mentioned this to you is to let you know that you have been posting more on negative side of a man ;-)))
Yes! it is true that as Hiren mentioned that loha lohe to kaate. Ofcourse, you know that K serials in India is a kind of UGC for all women to exercise their mind for innovative thinking. What for??? and you know the answer in this post.

Anonymous said...

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