Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kargil Vijay Divas - JAI HIND

Today is VIJAY DIVAS: 26th JULY, 1999 we captured our last hill from Pakistan.
But... we lost some of our most valuable, great, brave, warrior BROTHERS.

I SALUTE to all those who have pledged their lives, for our PEACE - JAI HIND

This salute is for those who... :
  • Lost their lives, trying to save the lives of millions of Indians
  • Thought that Country comes first and their own family later.
  • Bravely faught the war
  • Gave everything that they had.. without expecting anything in return.
  • Never slept nights together so that we could sleep peacefully.
  • Left their wives and children... for the safety of the Nation

I see that Americans have this yellow ribbon on their cars, which expresses how grateful they are to their troops... I really liked that Idea.

Here's a song to our troops, who sacrificed their precious life for us! - By Russ Morgan

Around her neck she wore a yellow ribbon
She wore it in the springtime
And in the month of May
And if you ask me why the heck she wore it
She wore it for her soldier who was far far away

Far away, far away

She wore it for her soldier

Who was far, far away

Around the block she pushed a baby carriage
She pushed it in the springtime
And in the month of May
And if you ask me why the heck she pushed it
She pushed it for her soldier who was far far away

Far away, far away

She pushed it for her soldier

Who was far, far away

Behind the door her daddy kept a shotgun
He kept it in the springtime
And in the month of May
And if you ask me why the heck he kept it
He kept it for her soldier who was far far away

Far away, far away

He kept it for her soldier

Who was far, far away

And this one, in our own Language :)

aye mere vatan ke logon
tum khoob laga lo naara
ye shubh din hai ham sab ka
lahara lo tiranga pyaara
par mat bhoolo seema par
veeron ne hai praan ganvaaye
kuch yaad unhein bhi kar lo
jo laut ke ghar na aaye

aye mere vatan ke logon
zara aankh mein bhar lo paani
jo shaheed hue hain unki
zara yaad karo qurbaani

jab ghayal hua himaalay
khatre mein padi aazadi
jab tak thi saans lade vo
phir apni laash bichha di
sangeen pe dhar kar maatha
so gaye amar balidaani

jo shaheed...

jab desh mein thi diwali
vo khel rahe the holi
jab ham baithe the gharon mein
vo jhel rahe the goli
the dhanya javaan vo aapane
thi dhanya vo unaki javaani
jo shaheed ...

koi sikh koi jaat maraatha
koi gurakha koi madaraasi
sarahad pe maranevaala
har veer tha bhaaratavaas
jo khoon gira parvat par
vo khoon tha hindustaani
jo shaheed...

thi khoon se lath-path kaaya
phir bhi bandook uthaake
das-das ko ek ne maara
phir gir gaye hosh ganva ke
jab ant-samay aaya to
kah gaye ke ab marate hain
khush rahana desh ke pyaaron
ab ham to safar karate hain
kya log the vo deewane
kya log the vo abhimaani

jo shaheed...

tum bhool na jaao unko
is liye kahi ye kahaani
jo shaheed...

jay hind jay hind ki sena
jay hind, jay hind, jay hind

I was listening to this song today... and I am amazed the kind of patriotic feeling it brings out in you....


pavan kumar said...

true, any amount of gratitude is less.. saltues to them!

btw which radio aired that song?

shark said...

Not radio da... MusicIndiaOnline jindaabaad..:D

What's up?? said...

Sakath haadu!! Thanks for reminding!! Salutes to Indian Army and Air Force!!

WinterBlue said...

I recall a statement from one of my fav movie Lakshya.

Amitabh (Army General) to Hrithik (Major) --

"Aaj raath, log hindustan mein, is vishwas ke saath sothe hain ki hum (ARMY) jaag rahen hain". "Hum isi vishwas ko barkharar rakhne keliye, hamaari jaan lagadhenge"

Honestly, they are the real heroes. They actually define what "sacrifice" means in the real sense.

Anonymous said...

Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.

Vandana said...

wish u Kargil Vijay Diwas.
I salute our brave soldiers today and always.
Jai Hind

KARAN said...

salute to those who fight with courage and let us sleep peacefully..............jai hind

Anant said...

Defence Minster of India

Subject: War Crime: The Murder Before Kargil!!!

Your Excellency Sri A. K. Antony!

The detailed report of this war crime of Pakistan, in which Sri Lt. Saurabh Kaliaji and five sepoys Sri Arjun Ramji, Sri Bhanwar Lal Bagariaji, Sir Bhikha Ramji, Sri Moola Ramji and Sri Naresh Singhji were tortured and mutilated stepwise to death against all international human right laws and war laws, must be written in all the Indian languages, from Kashmiri till Assamese.

The text must be added in the school books, and the report must be published perodically in all the regional and national newspapers (in print and online) of India. The report should be distributed free of cost in every village, from Kashmir to Manipur.

This report of war crime must be translated in all the foreign languages. It must be published internationally (in print and online). Pakistan must accept this war crime and pay apology to the families of six.

Anant Kumar, Magister(Author)
German Writers Association
Son of Late Prof. Major Rajendra Prasad Kassel-Germany/Motihari-India

Anonymous said...

devendra tewari:-
jai hind
I salute our brave soldiers today and always.
Jai Hind

pawan sharma said...

Bharat mata ki jai. Dur hato ye duniya walo hidustan hamara hai. i present legend and bravery for all shaheed of kargil war, unki wajah se hi hum chain se jee aur kha pa rahe hai isliye KARGIL WAR KE SHAHEEDO KO MERA SHAT SHAT NAMAN. BHARAT MATA KI JAI.

INDIAN said...


In memory of the gallant soliders who gave up their lives,to recapture Indian Territory occupied in kashmir

INDIAN said...



Dileep Jaiswal said...

I proud of my soldiers (Army,Indian Airforce,Navy).Desh ke liye jaan gawane wale hi Desh ke sacche lal hai
mai unhe tahe dil sailute karta hu, aur vishwas dilatu hu ki apne bacho ko jarur se jaroor desh ki seva me bhejunga
Jai Hind