Sunday, July 30, 2006

Long Time Pending Snaps - Part 1

Here are the photos which were long time pending.... :)

A guitar performance in San-Antonio River Walk

A 300 year old tree :) wow! It does look green and young.. wonder what's it's secret!

The tower of San Antonio

That's the river walk at night! Isn't that beautiful?

More pictures on it's way... keep watching this space :)


pavan kumar said...

last 2 pics are really nice.. but the river snap was lil blurry

shark said...

Ya my stupid camera ditched me! It ran out of battery!
This is one of my friends' camera... :)

Girl Interrupted said...


Hardu said...


Velu Nair said...

thx for sharing. i loved the lone tree pic especially!

shark said...

@velu: Welcome! :)