Friday, July 07, 2006

The Saga of July4th Weekend - Day 2: San Antonio Sea World

I woke up to a nice morning filled with freshly brewed coffee smell..... mmmmmmmmm
Took a nice long hot bath. Now comes the difficult part, to "choose" what to wear! Not that I had too many choices, since I was on vacation, I had taken limited clothes.
But, then I had bought this skirt some time back and was dying to wear it... but was not sure whether I should or not! Reason? It's atleast 10 years since I last wore a skirt...**blushes**.
Anyway, I had to choose between Capris, Jeans and Skirt. Ok finally after lots of trails decided on the skirt.... Abbah! A big acheivement :)

Had a nice yummy breakfast (though it cost us quite a bit! - anyway who cares! vacation time... don't think about money...;-))

K. First of all let me give a brief description of what Sea World in San Antonio is about.
As the name suggests it's a world of sea animals. There are shows of tamed killer whales, sea lions, penguins etc etc. In some places you can even feed these animals. There are also some water rides and some dry rides (the usual fantasy park kinds). There is a 4D movie theator. Some water sports like water siking etc are also present.

We had only 1 day with us and we wanted to cover as much as possible, so we kind of short listed what shows we would like to watch and what rides do we go for.

Just as soon as we stepped out of the hotel, it started raining! Now! I love rain.... but not when I am about to go to a fun park for god's sake! Anyway we dared the rain and went... and guess what! it was a blessing in disguise :) There was no crowd at all though it was a long weekend! hurray! we needn't have to wait in long queues for everything!

We first went to "feed" the dolphins. No! I did not feed them! I can't even stand the smell of dead fish, do you think I will hold in my hand and feed the dolphin! No way! So I blissfully watched others feed them...~smiles~.

Then we went to watch the sea lions show... my! was I impressed. They actually enacted a play with the sea lions doing their part... It was just way beyond my imagination... fantastic!
Toward the climax, a big sea lion actually did crunches!!! can you believe that? That was really an enjoyable show..

Next we went for the most awaited "Shamu Show". In this show they have trained killer whales giving performances. It was ming boggling to say the least... people have managed to tame such huge creatures.. and the way they listen to their trainers.. and dance to the tunes of music... too good....

Then it was time for a 4-D movie .. This was dissaponting...:( I had been to one in Disney Land in Paris.. (hardu you remember?) and that was atleast 10 times better than this one.
This one hardly had any special effects...

Lastly we went for a dolphin + whale show.. along with some people doing acrobatics... It was also very nice.. everybody well trained and performed to perfect synchronization.

By that time, it was time to start our 5 hour jouner to South Padre Islands... that's what's going to come next on my blog...:)

P.S1: My other laptop in which I have all the snaps betrayed me...:( The screen is gone! No display.. so I am unable to put the pictures. Once I get the repaired, I will put all the pictures..:)

P.S2: I am right now listening to some of the compositions played by U.Srinivas (I have randomly selected some)... and guess which one I heard just now? "Gaanamoorthe Sri Krishna Venu"... My! Do I love that song!
My mothers sings this song beautifully to say the least... Amma, I dedicate this song to you!


Hardu said...

Yes, I do remember the show. The rats. eeks. I always felt they would touch my feet. :D

You wore a skirt?? I am looking forward to the photographs. :)

Girl Interrupted said...

At last u posted the second day saga!! About time too. All I knew about San ANtonio till now was San Antonio Spurs!!! So it was nice to hear more about that place.....

pavan kumar said...

this must have made up for the previous day! waiting for some pics, esp the dolphins and killer whale.

PS: did you meet your (evil) twin? I meant the "actual shark"? ;)

shark said...

@hardu: Yes. I did..:D I told you na... the snaps will be online as soon as my laptop is repaired.

@GI: If this was nice.. wait for the south padre stuff.. that was really really exciting.

@pavan: he..he.. there were no sharks out there.. we are really dangerous you see... can't be tamed so easily..muhahhahaha

WinterBlue said...

Hey shark! I'm eagerly waiting to see the pictures. You know I'm feeling kind of J ;-) that's the sad part of the places that I visit. I hardly get to go places as I'm mostly end up being all alone :-(

Anonymous said...

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