Wednesday, July 12, 2006

THE weirdo that I AM!!

I was so happily yapping about my holiday pleasures and just as some people say "happiness is short lived!"... I get TAGGED!!! Yes! And that too to tell the whole world out there about how weird I am! Adi I am going to kill you for this :P!
See, that's No.1 weird behaviour of me! I don't know "sometimes" (really... truly...) how to react to certain situations. Now was I supposed to be happy that I got tagged?? **I will let you readers decide that**

No.2: I am a clean freak! I used to clean my house so much... (and make my sister also do it so much..) now she just refuses to clean the house... she says she has already done cleaning the house when I used to stay with her which is enough for another million years to come!

No.3: I "cry" for anything and everything! No! Not that booohooo types, but I get tears in my eyes almost instantly for anything and everything. I get happy, I cry... I get sad, I cry... I am not sure how to react, I cry.... I even cry watching K-Serials!!! Now! Everyone knows that those serials are anything but waste of time... even I know that... but still...**blushing**. Tears... damn them!

No.4: I can't do any "work" (by work, I mean office work...) without listening to some music. Nopes! Not even for half an hour... I am so addicted to music.

No.5: I am too lazy to fill my water bottle at work... I mean, I will be thirsty and all, but still refuse to go and fill in that bottle! But yes I know theoritically that water is really good for health...blah..blah...blah....

No.6: I can never get ready before time! Specially when going to work... I always make up my mind "each-and-every" night that I will get up early the next morning and get ready "aaraamse" and go to office aaraaamse... but alas! that has never happened till date! Nopes! Not even once! I always get up just 30 mins before leaving to office and "fast-forward" all the activities and barely manage to reach office on time!

No.7: I can't say NO :(! This has landed me in terrible situations all my life.. but I have never learnt my lesson... I end up over commiting myself and then struggle really hard to get things done!

No.8: I can NEVER stop talking... I can go on and on about anything and everything under the sun!..

Somebody stop me...... please... lest I reveal all my secret weirdness to the whole world! ;-)

Oh! Before I forget.. let me continue the chain... I tag,

Happy Blogging you poor "tagged-souls" :P


Hardu said...

Piggo!! You tagged me!! GRrrrrrrrrrrr

Girl Interrupted said...

nOt fair..U tag me and I am weired in the same sense like u, like crying and not saying 'no' etc etc

pavan kumar said...

:) not as weird as you earlier claimed!

PS: I cleaned the keyboard (twice) before typing this comment

pavan kumar said...

oh and btw any news from mini-shark? :D

WinterBlue said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
WinterBlue said...

One thing I remember (ofcourse I don't like to be that way) is I'm too overcautious when I'm outside in the public. I know that is not me. But, I'm toooooooooo, overcautious :(

WinterBlue said...

Wait! let me finish my first blog...

shark said...

@hardu: he..he..

@GI: along with that add some more... of your "original" ones..;-)

@pavan: This was just a sample.. I am not that wierd to tell the whole world how weird I am... does that sound weird? :P

Just cleaning the keyboard is not enough! Did you wash your hands!:P

mini-shark is enjoying her "dirty" life without me!..;-))

@wb: You have to be fast! You can't take some million years to write one blog..:P

mysorean said...

Waiting to killed madam! Good tag though!

It's obvious you talk a lot because the tag was about writing 5 wierd things about oneself and you cant seem to stop talking about it!

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