Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Our Rashtrapatni ji?

Pratibha Patil became a celebrity overnight when the UPA alliance proposed her as a presidential candidate. Before this nobody even knew that she existed!

Anyway all said and done she was proposed for the first citizen post. One thing which did irritate me was the “woman” tag that she had. The newspapers started boasting of first woman president and all that. It set me thinking, is it important to have a woman as our president or is it more important to have a capable person out there irrespective of their gender?

To some extent I have to agree that the President of India does not have as much power in his hands as compared to that of the Prime Minister. But still, it is THE most respectable post. Is it not then the responsibility of the parliamentarians to choose a capable candidate?

I have nothing against Prathibha Patil, but can she ever be compared with the intellectual Mr.Kalam? This looks more like yet another move from Ms.Gandhi, so that she can remote control this post also! If we remember the Office-of-Profit bill faced much resistance from Mr.Kalam and irked Ms.Gandhi to an extent. All this looks like Ms.Patil is expected to be another pawn in the hands of that Italian woman, to make things come more “her-way”.

Lets have a look at Ms.Patil’s resume

  • The bank which she had set up for the so called welfare of women “Pratibha Mahila Sahakari Bank”, had it’s license revoked in 2003 for misappropriation of funds.
  • It is believed that she falsely testified as a witness to protect her brother in a murder case.
  • The factory “Sant Muktabai Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana” of which she is the founder directory failed to repay a bank loan and was sealed in Jan 2007.
  • She claims to have had a communion with a dead guru.

These are only some of her achievements which I am aware of, who knows how many more are there.
The point I want to make is, is she a good successor to Kalam? He who was so respected for his intellectual thoughts… and she who is already full of controversies!
Alas! We do have to agree that if we look at our parliament today, we will not even find one clean (as in without allegations) man/woman, but this woman just didn’t strike the cord for a presidential candidate.

Wish “we” could elect our president!


M O H A N said...

As long as politicians make laws, they ensure nobody with good intensions come anywhere near excercising them.

Kalam was a good intellectual with no bias and if the politicians really meant even 1% of what they promise, he should have run a couple more terms.

Vijay said...

Isn't Prathibha the UPA candidate?

Regardless.. you are right here "credentials" are so fractured... and we can't do ANYTHING about it...

shark said...

@mohan: And to see so much of drama enacted ... kalam had to leave angrily!

@vijay: You are right! :) oversight mistake corrected. Thanks.

My only hope is that in the coming elections all of us vote for a proper candidate and in turn hope maybe 20 years down the line things will be atleast ok :(

DS said...

Came across this blog... loved it. I Think, I'll keep coming back and I hope its ok to link it from mine :).

pavan kumar said...

hmmn, actually refering her as rashtrapati is fine, it seems, but then, I agree, she is better off as a saas on Indian telly :)

Kavi said...

I wrote somewhere before too..that the first time i heard 'pratiba patil' i thought it was Shivraj Patil's wife / daughter ..whatever. Just to placate Shivraj Patil..!

I heaved a sigh of relief when i understood that she was Governor of Rajasthan ! Having stated that, think about it..this is the first person of the country. And look at how much of a role luck and circumstances play !

And we crib about that worthless moron who got a promotion from Manager to Sr. Manager..or whatever !

Spookie said...

I agree that media is splashing "woman" President wherever they can get their hands on. All said and done that Mr.Kalam is an intellectual but is he a good politician? For a country as diverse as ours, and politicians as ruthless as ours, is just being "first woman president" or "an intellectual" enough?

indicaspecies said...

Hello from a new blogger :)
Regarding this posting..
We all wish for someone who would be a "perfect" or nearly perfect candidate for the President's post.
My question: Is there someone out there whom we can safely say qualifies to be so?

shark said...

@ds: welcome here :) and oh yes you can link it :)

@pavan: lol! saas...:)

@kavi: yes! She was "lucky" and Ms.Gandhi got a scapegoat!
I don't even want to start talking about managers... ;-)

@spookie: Yes he was not a fantastic politician, but atleast we didn't have to hide our face for projecting him as our president. Did you see that convention in Germany where he addressed them? oh my! what an intelligent man he is.. and with so much vision, it's a pathetic situation that we are not able to utilize his powers :(

@indicaspecies: First of all welcome here :)
Ah! we can never find a "perfect" person.. but atleast I don't want someone who is far from being ok... leave alone perfect :(

And ya! regarding that comment on P.. it better not be him.. else there will be 2 slaps.. and who knows some murders as well ;-)))

indicaspecies said...

Huh? Did you say murders? Plural?
I told you I've nothing to do with your P..heh! Anyway, I am scurrying outta here. Don't want to take any chances ;)