Monday, July 23, 2007

The news that pain me

  1. I had dreams of one day becoming a “Dr”. Initially it was the MBBS doctor, but since that has not worked out, I thought I will do a PhD at least someday. But now I have dropped that idea! If a person like Shilpa Shetty gets a doctorate, I just don’t want to be in that circle anymore!!!!!
  2. Are you a female? You are useless… If I know your gender before birth I will kill you; else I will utilize you only for physical pleasures (household work and sex) and all I finally want is “male” kids from you!
  3. He is going away… The “Intellectual” man, the children’s man, the intelligent face of our nation, the scientist, the rational thinker... Mr. President, Dr. Abdul Kalam. Goodbye with a heavy heart...
  4. Mafia’s associates are “free” and are out in the open. She walks out free even though she had “fake-passports”! And all Monica Bedi had to give was Rs25, 000 as bail amount. What is that amount to her... peanuts?
  5. Women have to walk naked on the street to get “attention”, for what? For people to wake up and “listen” to their dowry harassment stories.

I can go on and on… my mood is anyway spoilt, don’t want to do the same for you guys, so THE END.


GuNs said...

Do your own job and fulfil your own responsibilities.

If everybody followed this, we would have a perfect world. We don't necessarily need people to help others. If everyone did their own job perfectly, I believe we would be living in a much better world.

"'m Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change
His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change"

-Michael Jackson in "Man In The Mirror"


Hip Grandma said...

I agree on the points made they pain me too.And as for 36 hours per day if only I had the power to grant boons I'd have given you 48 hrs.I've seen it with my daughters when I visited USA.week ends go past faster than week days.Thanks for your input at my blog.My husband too doesn't drive.He does not know to.

pavan kumar said...

only solution is: your company should block IBNlive, just like Orkut was filtered :) and then shark is back to killing people with "encounter" ;)

on a serious note, my friend here was also greatly disturbed by the spate of such news items, and then I suggested good news india and livemint, a great way to start one's day on a +ve note (ofcourse reality still persists)

Anonymous said...

Utterly masochistic !!

Why do I notice dripping pessimism in most of your posts.

Ok Shilpa Shetty goes and gets herself a PhD so freakin what !?? Some people kill the girl child before they are born .. and I wonder why that should piss you off. If it does you should go and do something about it, else I dont see why u should even complain. Mafia associates are free .. Why should that scare you I wonder and what can you do about it ?!

shark said...

@guns: Golden words! if only everybody did their job perfectly :) that's not going to happen is it?

@gmom: thanks for dropping by :)
aww thank you so much for the 48 hours "virtual" gift ;-)
And all husbands are same huh ;-)?

@pavan: he.. he.. ban ibn live?

But the links that you have sent are great! Actionaised to read it first thing everyday in the morning :)

@anon: whoever you are, chill... I think YOU need to cool down more than I do ;-)
Guess you have totally missed the humor in the comment against Shilpa..
"masochistic" huh? Do you even know the meaning? Dear, I am not the one "abused" here... I just feel for these people.. and how do YOU know that I am not actually doing anything?

Well what the heck! why am I justifying to a "anon"! This is my blog and I will write whatever I want.. if you are not comfortable reading *buzz off*!!

GuNs said...

What's with this trend of "anonymous" posters that seem to have cropped up suddenly in the last few months. I have noticed some on a lot of the blogs I visit regularly. Wonder if its the same person !


shark said...

@guns: Who cares if it's the same person or not? If they really have the guts, They will first have to be brave themselves and give out their name right :)?
Anybody can critisize being in the dark, what's the big deal?

Veena Shivanna said...

Ya, more points that can be noted but just not on females.. overall the [href=]himse in world is increasing too..[/href]!

Anything related to shilpa shetty, I think I better ignore ;-(

Veena Shivanna said...

href got goofed up, kindly edit

shark said...

@veena: not sure how to "edit" your comment.. I can only delete :(
so have left it as it is.

And yes i also feel that himse in the world i increasing? Or is it the face "shown" to us?

bachodi said...

5 th point .. she had to do it. it was her last try and indicates how desperate she was.