Friday, July 13, 2007

Can I have 36 hours in a day please?

As boring as it may sound, here's my itinerary of an average day
6:00am : Wake up - with great difficulty and sheer willpower of course!
6:20am to 7:30am : Daily activities, Make coffee, Read Newspaper, Get ready, Do Pooja, Leave to office (The initial 20 mins is for actually getting up ;-))
8:45am : Reach office, have breakfast at the desk itself and get to work...
12:00pm to 1:00pm : Lunch
1:00pm to 1:30pm : Time pass, like blogging or checking forwards etc...
1:30pm to 5:15pm : Work again in full swing, with an in between coffee at the desk. Leave for home
6:45pm to 7:30pm : Reach home, have coffee, freshen up and relax for sometime.
7:30pm to 8:30pm : Study time. I have some certifications/entrance exams lined up :(
8:30pm to 9:30pm : Prepare (basically heat sambar;already prepared by my mil, and make chapathis) and have dinner
9:30pm to 10:30pm : Serial time :) and some chit chats with in-laws during breaks ;-)
10:30pm to 11:00pm : Prepare for the next day (wash my tiffin, iron clothes etc)
11:00pm to 12:30pm : Study some more... the last 20 minutes is just falling asleep, but trying to be awake and read something else will feel guilty the next day.
Now that you have seen the schedule, I still have LOT many things which I would want to do, but just don't have the time for it. Some of them being,
  • Social Work (Involve myself in the activities of an orphanage or an old age home)
  • Practice music/ play veena (I feel ashamed sometimes that I have almost lost my touch!)
  • Go to dance (Bharathanatyam) class
  • Do some painting (I was very interested in this in my school days.. but after that have hardly had time for it)
  • Call up old friends (Except for very few with whom I interact regularly, I hardly keep in touch with old friends...che..che..)
  • Visit my cousins (Some of them are very young, and I would love to spend some time with them.. but where, pray tell me where is the time?)
  • Go for some concerts (Ah! It's almost ages since I drowned myself in some good carnatic music concert)
  • Read some good books, religious and philosophical (Somehow I do read novels during my bus journey to office :).. long live traffic jams!)
  • Experiment some good recipes (ya.. I am very fond of cooking... as long as there are people to eat them ;-))
  • Play some games (me and my sis used to play badminton/Chess/Carom etc in the good old days.. now?)

*sigh* I know! I know! you will tell me.. what are weekends for?... Here's what it is for

  • Shopping - The necessities like groceries and other house hold articles... and sometimes if there is a necessity to shop for personal stuff like dress or shoes... some function on the way. Gone are the days when I used to shop just for fun... ah! the bliss of bachelor life :)
  • Cleaning the house - This takes away most of the time! But I love it :)
  • Urgent or mandatory visits - Have to give something to somebody, someday had a baby, somebody is ill, some function, kind of visits.
  • Studying and oil bath activities :)

So there you go.. weekends go faster than the weekdays, even before you realise it's over :(

In the midst of all this, questions have subtly started coming in about my plans of starting a family... hello! *knock* *knock* Where is the time? "IF" I can feed my children "while" I am studying, if I can play with them while I am cooking, If I can make them to do homework while I am cleaning and closing the kitchen for the day, if I can help them with their school project work while I am in office... they can come and be a part of my life anytime ;-) But, till I get this great multitasking ability... kids.. you have to wait...

As much as I LOVE kids... I also want to give 100% of myself to them... so till I can do that, they can't make an entry.

OR oh ya.. if I can have 36 hours in a day....

P.S: If only some of my relatives could read this blog ;-)


M O H A N said...


No wonder DINK is a popular aspect nowadays!!
(Double Income No Kids)

Kavi said...

hmmm ! Time flies. My day is structured somewhat similar too. And suddenly i understand thats how the last 5 years have been ! The extra long weekends never came..!

Anonymous said...

unbelievable ... v.b. asked for 48 hours/day just two days ago! that would mean 6 hours/kid, eh? :-)

- s.b.

GMG said...

Doesn't look so bad... you get to work at 8:45am (and still have time to breakfast), but leave at 5:15pm! Just imagine that you had no time to get out... ;))
PS: Relatives probably needed 48h/day to go through... lol
Just kidding! Enjoy your weekend, and dance!

Sudhakar said...

You almost spend 3hrs in commuting to workplace. may be you can use this time for study, or shift near to workplace ( I prefer changing the employer near to my home , though)

bachodi said...

"6:45pm to 7:30pm " for office to home ... Do you live next door to office. It takes me at least one and a half hour.

By the way I wanted only 18 hrs a day. take 6 hrs of mine. and adjust six from some one else.

Anonymous said...


read carefully (literally between the lines!) - shark takes at least 90 minutes to get home.

also, i wouldn't mind having only 18 hous/day as long as the six hour reduction is snipped from office timings ;-).


"11:00pm to 12:30pm : Study some more..."

if you were to study from 11 pm to 12:30 am (only), instead of pulling the 11 pm to 12:30 pm all-nighter, 24 hours would've been enough for you. *runs before shark's jaws open*

- s.b.

shark said...

@mohan: Unfortunately income has nothing to do with Kids...
Two things which work against it in bangalore specially are
distance from place to place AND peer pressure to perform better and better ;-)

@kavi: I don't think extra-long weekends exist at all ;-)

@a.b: "atleast" 6 hours yes..;-)

@gmg: welcome :) This is a "normal" day.. :) "Abnormal" days are atleast 2 days in a week when I stay for almost 12 hours in office !
Relatives need to know the existance of this blog in the first place ;-)

@sudhakar: Long time no see? Yes I do study during this time.. novels of course ;-) and catch up on my beauty sleep.. :)
No changing employers for the time being.. I am very happy (touch wood) with this one as of now :)

@bachodi: awww... thanku thanku .. you are so generous :))) ok who else is willing for trading now?

@s.b: again... looks like I have to renew my H1B ASAP and come personally and kill you.. some long time dues are pending :P

Veena Shivanna said...

Baap re.. you are a super human or what ? so many things you do ....
Any new activities/agenda you get, it will get readjusted to your biological clock ...don't worry!

Good luck.. haagantha tumba late maadbeDri... amele you have to think about your kid's planning calendar, not day wise but year wise..!

Good post and good leg pulling by sb too :-)

pavan kumar said...

also, i wouldn't mind having only 18 hous/day as long as the six hour reduction is snipped from office timings ;-).

s.b.: have you seen Adam Sandler's "click"?

shark: wow, busybee.. does P take an appointment to meet you :P
btw, you could outsource your killing contract to me :) (s.b. and I would share the money)

shark said...

@veena: He..he.. super yella yeenu illa... jam packed schedule woman anboodhu ashte ;-)
Yes kids will come soon... as soon as I finish my studies :)

@pavan: i have all the time in the world for P.... *how sweet*, if only he has the time for me.. he is busier than me!

Outsourcing killing contract? no chance... I will not want to forgo the pleasure of killing myself ;-)

GuNs said...

Aah, dont we ALL feel like the days are too short?

Maybe you should move to the UK where the days are quite long in summer. Its daylight until 10:00 p.m. [:-P]


Kadalabal said...

ivagle 36 hours beku andre munde hege
madam? good calander of events from the morning till night. 24 hours adre yenu shive 36 ghante adre yenu shiva yella kelasa agle bekalla shiva
longer days shorter working days and long week ends are everbodys expectations
yenun madaodu varakke 7 dina varshakke 365 dina dinakke 24 ghante anshte
clcok change madoke prayathna madi nodona good luck


Anonymous said...

i really thought this was a strictly desi phenomenon/issue!


no. i don't watch that many movies ... now that you recommend this, let's see!

"btw, you could outsource your killing contract to me :) (s.b. and I would share the money)"

i assume that giving up "a little finger" (proof) for (my share, i.e., half, of) an arm and a leg (which is what hopefully you will charge shark) is worth it, eh?

- s.b.

Anonymous said...

nice article for you (and others in your shoes) to read :-).

- s.b.

shark said...

@guns: where have you been all these days? UK? naaa terrorists have their whole base there! I want to live loooooong ;-)

With the hope that my days would be longer.. my life itself would be cut short :(

@kadalabal: houdu shiva 24 hours nalle yella adjust maadkobeeku :( yeen madodhu.. madkootheeni ashte :)

@s.b: AH! I am so relieved :) There are LOT more who are sailing in the same boat as mine :)

Luqman said...

17th October 2008, We will face 36 hours day. This day comes once in 2400 years.

Luqman said...

17th October 2008, We will face 36 hours day. This day comes once in 2400 years.