Friday, July 20, 2007

Pleasure thy name is Music

Was listening to this song today after a very long time.. and I am simply bowled all over again by the simple yet deep meaning lyrics. I am sure it sends anyone who reads this; or better who listens to this song into a deep trance.

Song Name: Mokshamu Galada
Composer: Saint Tyagaraja
Raaga: Saramathi
Thala: Adi

mokshamu galadA bhuvilo
jeevana mukthulu gAni vAralaku

sAkshAthkAra nee sadbhakthi
sangitajnAna vihinulaku

prANAnala samyOgamu valla
praNava nAdamu sapthasvaramulai baraga
vINA vAdana loludau Sivamano
vidha merugaru, thyAgarAja vinutha
And the translation (to the best of my knowledge) goes something like this…

Is salvation (moksha) conferred on anyone in this world?
or is it attainable only to realized souls ?

Is salvation (sAkshAthkAra) attainable without true devotion in you?
can a music-illiterate realize you?

Without life (prANA) and fire (Anala)
there is no Omkara (praNava)
From Omkara, the seven notes (sapthasvara) of divine music emerge
Lord Shiva derives indescribable pleasure from playing viNa
Is salvation obtainable to those who are not able to perceive this?

Basically Sri Tyagaraja is trying to tell us that we can attain salvation through Music. Isn’t it amazing to see the powers of Music? Be it any form, any kind. It’s left to the person to “vibrate” with any kind of music that matches his frequency.
I have myself experienced this amazing power...

I feel energized to start a new task when I hear something in nAta rAga.

When I am sad, I listen to varALi rAga, and each and every time tears flow down my eyes and makes my heart light.

Nothing puts me in an upbeat mood more than the rAga kadanakuthUhala.

kalyaNi and bhairavi are evergreen and can be listened to any time.. anywhere

I can go on and on…..

For me it is Carnatic Music, but some may feel the same with movie songs or even hard rock. Music is music... be it classical or pop or jazz or whatever. As long as you have felt it... you are blessed. Salvation is very near.

If any of you have not experienced this power of music.. then you are missing something really beautiful… just go and immerse yourself in this ocean of divine pleasure


pavan kumar said...

speaking of music, have you listened to hang drum?

shark said...

wow! that's truly wonderful :) sometimes sounds like our very own Ghattam :)

Veena Shivanna said...

Wow! what a beautiful lyrics.Usually dasara keerthanes do carry lot of meanings by its own. Bhairavi is one of my favourites. ShankarabharaNa too..

* I always wondered who named all these ragas. kadana kuthuhala (curious fight).. just think about one more which is kaama vardhini :-)*

shark said...

@veena: I think the "inventors" of these Raagas named them.. and they sure were creative.. after all they were music composers right ;-)?

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