Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Of Nightmares and SweetDreams

These are some of my night time memories, often repeated. I know there are people out there who can conjure up some meaning out of this, but I don’t want to know… what if it says something bad. Ok I am paranoid about knowing the future. I like to take life as it comes. Anyway read on… as the tradition goes bad things first.
  1. I am in a public place and suddenly my legs fail me... I am no longer able to walk, people don’t come for help. I start crawling on the floor, and my clothes start tearing. I am afraid I will go nude before I reach home… but the dream “always” stops at this point.
  2. I get up and see myself sleeping (which means I am dead?)
  3. 2 or 3 of my dead relatives are mix-and-matched, like body of one with head of other etc and they come and sit and talk with me …brrrrrrrr
  4. I come inside the house and see shadows moving all around the house, and suddenly the whole house becomes completely dark; again I always get up at this point drenched in sweat and feeling terribly scared!

Sweet/Funny Dreams:

  1. Sri Satya Sai Baba of Shirdi comes out of the picture (which I have in the pooja room) and gives me a dAswALa flower.
  2. I am running in a yellow flower field (remember DDLJ?) and I am extremely happy about something.
  3. I am on a stage speaking something, and 1000s of people are cheering me.
  4. I go to buy milk, the milkman is milking the cow there and as soon as I reach there pista flavored milk starts coming from the cow ;-)
  5. My aunt comes to our house wearing a noodle strap top and a mini skirt (FYI, she is very fat and not exactly the good looking types). No offense meant but she does look real funny... I can’t help it ;-)
  6. I am some 10 years old and I hide my father’s glasses. He can’t see a thing so me and my sis sit and watch TV on “mute”… lol! (My father wears specks, but he can definitely manage without them. And oh ya! TV was absolutely forbidden during our school days except for the 9pm DD News :-)) – It’s been a million years since I was 10, but still this dream doesn’t seem to leave me.
  7. My mom is being chased by a robber, and instead of running on the road, she is into hurdle race, jumping over our neighbors’ compound walls!
  8. My cousin gets up one morning only to find all her hair eaten by a bunch of rats (She is a sweet cousin of mine, but keeps boasting of her long thick black curly hair… dreaming this might be my revenge ;-) )


Bit Hawk said...

Nice collection of dreams!
I wonder how you remember so many of your dreams (I forget most of the dreams by the time I wake up, I know I had a dream, but most of the times I cannot recall)
I generally analyze the dreams of my friends (in a totally unscientific way though!) with the most weird funny interpretations till someone stops my outrageous Freudisms! (I have a strong urge now to interpret your dreams, but I dont try it on strangers as they might feel offended :D)

shark said...

@bit hawk : welcome here :)
And oh go ahead with your "funny" interpretations. As long as it is funny I am all for it :)))

shark said...

and oh ya.. how I remember them? They are "repetitive" and so it's not so easy to forget them ;-)

Veena Shivanna said...

Oh my GOD.. few matches actually *smiles*.. that was a good and unique blogpost.

pavan kumar said...

I read somewhere that the "naked in public" dreams are one of the most common kind of "nightmares" (if one wishes to refer them as) people get, because of situational fear from public appearances, or fear from society (as in when doing something wrong) or when under constant scrutiny..

PS: on a side note, Scrubs, a comedy series, once had an episode where a character said, "how low can my self-esteem be when I feature as a side-kick in my own dreams?" :D

Bit Hawk said...

Okay, here goes the Freud!

Nightmare 1 : Its very simple :) Fear of oldage and death. Your love for life is very visible, as your dreams stops before you reach "home" :D

Nightmare 2 : Though this seems like fear of death, it is not so. This tells that you do a lot of introspection. The very fact that you dont get up frightened (my assumption) is that you love introspecting.

Nightmares 3 and 4 : "Home" always means where we reach in the end. Darkness always represents death. Only people who fear death, are those who value life - so these dreams are not bad after all! :D

Dream 1 : Rose represents closed behavior. Daswala is symbolic of openness. God (represents inner voice) is telling you to open up more.

Dream 2 : Yellow always represents joy. If this is a recurring dream, it shows that you are a pretty happy person.

Dream 3 : You had or even now have stage fear (if this is not true, tell me, I will give some other interpretation!)

Dream 4 & 5 : There is no symbolisms in those, but mere expressions of a hyperactive imagination, that you have suppressed in the conscious state.

Dream 6 : You are a rebel! "Glasses" represents vision and "TV" represents dumbness. This is a guilt that originates by ignoring elders' vision and experience and in the end feeling dumb about it (everyone in our generation gets this dream at least once in their lifetime! :D)

Dream 7 : You have a tendency to tactically outsmart your rivals. You surprise them with unconventional methods and are always hard to predict.

Dream 8 : You guessed it right, this is just the clash of id and super-ego, which is commonly known as jealousy! :)

I hope I have not gone overboard anywhere. If I have, please delete this comment.

shark said...

@veena: Tyanks :)

@pavan: Now that you say it, I think "or when under constant scrutiny.." fits the bill!

and lol! on the PS, that was a nice one :) never watched the show though.

@bit hawk: Thank you sooo much for such a detailed interpretation, but one small correction though, I never had/have stage fear.. infact I enjoy being on the stage ;-)

You have definitely not gone overboard, thanks once again :)

Hip Grandma said...

Do you actually remember your dreams?lucky you.Sometimes I close my eyes and wait for a good dream to continue.No such luck.

Anonymous said...

i've had many dreams where i've missed a train. but not one where i've missed a bus - maybe, because i consistently do that in real life ;-).

- s.b.

bachodi said...

I too dont remember dreams lucky you. Anyways .. here is a dictionary .. help yourself

Apun Ka Desh said...


Most people cannot remember dreams though !

Anonymous said...

apun ka desh:

"Most people cannot remember dreams though !"

... unless they are daydreaming. were you, shark? :-) [since i am already in your black books, a little leg pulling can't hurt much!]

- s.b.

Vijay said...

Even today I dream of suddenly being in an Examination hall prepared for a particular subject and being given the paper of another subject... (usually Math)... its been DECADES since I graduated :-(

Kavi said...

OMG ! What vivid dreams..!

Pista flavoured milk and noodle strap top..! ROTFL !

Veena Shivanna said...

To continue with Vijay's comment, I sometime dream that I reach late to exam hall or I end up still answering my first question and the invigilator is cautioning about the last half hour.! Gosh those exams related night mares are really scary!
New post pls :-).

shark said...

@gmom: I remember them only becasue they are repetitive.
When I want to see good dreams.. I weave them ;-)

@s.b: He..He.. :)

@bachodi: hey thanks! for the dictionary :) havne't gone thru it as yet..

@vijay: oh ya! even I used to get those exam dreams.. but that was only suring exam times.. which was quite natural ;-)

@kavi : :)

@veena: I think without exception everybody would have had exam nightmares.. ;-)
New one is up :)