Thursday, June 21, 2007

SE with PM

What the SE (Software Engineer) might be doing with PM (Police Man)
  • Guess the company has fired him. With nowhere to go and no money to invest he is doing consulting job on the footpath.
  • It's xxx company that has run out of space after hiring too many people. This guy is from that company sitting outside the campus and working.
  • This is another HCL guy who was supposed to go abroad on a “Life Sciences” project … He is telling the policeman how they built the traffic management system! (remember the ad?)
  • Maybe an IT Engineer who cannot afford high rents in the city
  • The techie is sending a reply to client…..(very urgent u know! so he sat down as soon as he got a call)
  • Hes telling the policeman, “look at these dots here?? , those are the policemen supposed to be managing the traffic, u see this rogue dot here? That’s you” !
  • He is showing the scanned copy of driving license to the cop. His vehicle is parked behind due to traffic (Atlas Cycle).
  • He is booking the tickets for "Sivaji" the boss as soon as the website opened. He has booked for 2 tickets
  • Techie is playing solitaire and is thinking about his next move. Policeman is trying to help him for this.
  • OR...

Scene 1
The man standing is the offender..
“No lamp in the cycle”. Traffic police caught him and kept him behind the pole (bar). Cycle was seized.

Scene 2
Stop a techie (commuter) and enquire about laptop, wifi, Airtel/Reliance/Tata data card. Logon-to Karnataka traffic authority website and lodge a compliant, which will be sent to the offender.

Scene 3
The website sends an acknowledgement as SMS to the cop.
Meanwhile offender calls his wife and narrated the story and she is on the way.

Scene 4....

Courtesy: Lots of people ;-)


Srikanth said...

I like your comment about "HCL life sciences project" I feel that its a very stupid ad.

Srikanth said...

Scene n+1:
This guys is stopped by cops for "browsing while driving" (similar to talking on cell phone while driving)

Cop: Pay the fine
LTG(Laptop guy): Sorry, I donot have money.. I exist in virtual world...
Cop: Dont worry, pay me something(bribe), and I will leave you.
LTG: I donot have money to pay you
Cop: Do an online transfer to my Citibank account...
LTG: Ok, done...

Spookie said...

LOL :-) Nice one shark...

Spookie said...

If you check your official mails once in a while, you will realize a lot of things :-) I had been to Subramanya...

rk said...

my take:

the guy with the laptop has parked himself on the pavement. so the traffic police comes and tells: pay the also fine!

photographer name plz?

The Black King said...

LOL!! Thats hilarious!! :))

M O H A N said...

HCL life sciences project is too good a comment.


Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha... That's hilarious !!

pavan kumar said...

let me offer a different take (though I had initially come up with a thought similar to Srikanth's paypal mode of paying fine/bribe, like the way we used to pay the pan-dabba waala)

PM: ok, so what is the problem?
SE: this code doesnt compile properly, it throws a malloc error
PM: hmmn.... duh, your declaration is screwed up, and you seem to be missing a couple of header files, give, let me fix that

no wonder, when babies' first words are "hello world", such a day isnt far (geeks take over the planet!)

Madhat said...

the guy is an astrologer who replaced his parrot with a laptop?

bachodi said...

This is latest way of Hafta wasuli.
Police man is sitting there to confirm this bakra is transfring "Maamooli" Hafta amount to his account ;-)

Ravi said...

Nice One!



k@rTh1K said...

nice catch :D

Anonymous said...

Na Na Na Na .....
They r debating who is the better blogger Shark or Pavan ??


shark said...

@srikanth: of course that ad is stupid.. imagine stock market crashing just like that! and the supposedly "investment banker"... all but smiles ;-))

n+1 th situation will happen when bribe becomes part of their official slaray ;-)

@spookie: tyanks kane :). Have now replied to your mails also :) *good girl*

@rk: No idea about the photographer :( got the photo as a forward.

@the black king & mohan & cuckoo & ravi & karthik :

Thanks :)

@karthik: what ever happened to your blog (you haven't answered this question previosuly also!)

@pavan: geeks have already taken over (one example is you :-P)

@madhat: ha! good one!

@bachodi: yes. since we have assumed this guy stays on the street.. he has to give maamooli ;-)

@madhav: Isn't it obvious it's ME ;-)?

pavan: don't you dare scheme against me... else you will loose all your chances w.r.t. mini-shark ;-)

Vijay said...

Definitely the HCL guy.. hes waiting to hitch a ride to some godforsaken place so he can be picked up by a copter

Mysorean said...

Hey, isn't that Pradeep BV? If yes, then this is his idea of timepass! :)

Kavi said...

oh boy..! When did it come to this !! LOL !

And the scenes..well written and very vivid !! !!

Shruti said...

Great dude...

shark said...

@vijay: that ad is sure funny in a silly way ;-)

@adi: Is he? I thought he looked familiar... but couldn't place him though!

@kavi: I think bangalore will see much more ;-)

@shurti : thanks :)

bachodi said...


too good man!!! Read from bottom …. Too Good J

When did u change ur name Rahul… Anyway nice name… Why did u leave IBM? Koi baat nahi… welcome to Infy…

It was me who was in the Photo…. Now please beat this….

He is my college senior and working in IBM… His full name is Rahul Pradhan…

I know the guy.He is Rahul who works in Accenture and sometimes comes to Koramangla snooker parlor to play!!! J

Nopes ..he is reading an Infy BB chain mail… !

Techie is typing his resignation letter. J

Oh my god!!! Kudos guys I just posted this mail as it shows a s/w (may be a PM) on road working out his stuff…. And it turned into something else courtesy infy BB rolling on the floor

Is the cop getting his mobile recharged?? J

So who is the final winner???????

He is (guess who urself) wearing a 9 number shoe. J

U know its taken from EOS 400D canon camera… now u guys beat this rolling on the floor

The cop's helmet is made by Vigor and he is wearing an HMT watch, Bata Shoes whereas the techie is wearing woodlands J

The techie is wearing woodland footwear… The registration number of the Auto is KA-05 9867…Cop is using HMT wrist watch…..

The techie is sending a reply to clients…..(very urgent u know! so he sat down as soon as he got a call)

Great Minds Discuss Ideas,Average Minds Discuss Events,Small Minds Discuss People...

the pic was taken near malleswaram 18th cross..beat that..:P

The policemans badge reads his name as "rudrappa"…
Now nobody can beat that…JJ

Nope that's 3315………. J

The cop is using Nokia 3310 mobile…

Your eyes are in good condition.

He is using Compaq Presario V6000 series laptop ….

Anonymous said...

adi got the answer! shark, you owe him a treat! :-)

- s.b.