Wednesday, June 13, 2007

in-law... in-home

Finally I am getting to live with my in-laws. Since P is in Europe on official trip, my in-laws decided to move in sooner than planned earlier just to avoid me staying alone.
I feel guilty, because for me they had to virtually “abandon” their home town to come and stay with me. I told them that I am used to living alone… but now that I am their bahu, it’s their responsibility to look after me it seems. Choo chweeet (you guys don’t even dare to put nazar!)
I thought my blog will have some spicy stuff from now on, some saas-bahu dramas… but alas! No such thing readers, my saas is as docile as you get them. She gets up earlier than me and makes me breakfast and packs lunch… dinner is ready by the time I get home (no nazars pleeease!!!)
I have thrown the weighing machine out of the window. I am scared to even step on it. With all this eating and not doing any work at home, you can imagine the consequences.
The only issue at hand is to keep my mil from getting bored. With no friends or relatives nearby, being new to the city so not confident enough to roam around on her own… she is virtually under house arrest. My fil somehow manages with short walks around and things like that.
To somehow balance the situation, I have now ended up discussing all the serials with her :-). She watches as many as possible during the day and tells me the story when I get back home… well as long as it keeps her happy I am game for story telling!

Foot note on a lighter Note : A poem (not original of course!)
He didn't like the curry
And he didn't like my cake.
He said my biscuits were too hard...
Not like his mother used to make.
I didn't prepare the coffee right
He didn't like the stew,
I didn't mend his socks
The way his mother used to do.
I pondered for an answer
I was looking for a clue.
Isn't there anything I could do
To match his mothers shoe
Then I smiled as I saw light
One thing I could definitely do
I turned around and slapped him tight...
Like his mother used to do!!!!!


veena shivanna said...

Nice write up..
About discussing the serials, I think every saas enjoys that..thats how i track some serials :-)
Lucky you, u get packed lunch and breakfast..
Have a gaala time with them..

pavan kumar said...

with a blogname like "shark", no wonder she (mil) doesnt want to keep you hungry :P

nice idea.. maybe I shall change my name to Godzilla to get people to fear me

PS: neighbors might suspect a foul play that the saas is kept under control by her new bahu.. ;) j/k

PPS: how is Hardu?

Anonymous said...

"The only issue at hand is to keep my mil from getting bored. With no friends or relatives nearby, being new to the city so not confident enough to roam around on her own… she is virtually under house arrest. My fil somehow manages with short walks around and things like that."

do you live in plano or bengalooru? ;-)


"with a blogname like "shark", no wonder she (mil) doesnt want to keep you hungry :P"

ha ha good one!

- s.b.

p.s.: i know the above quote will invite me some kaal-yelling from veena!

shark said...

@veena: Thanks :) Oh so serials are a topic of discussion in every house huh? :)

@pavan: Good one! Thank god (touch wood) my mil is not very much into gossiping... else my neighbours would surely have a gala time bitching all about me when I am away for the whole day!

Hardu is doing very good. She is also living with her mil, husband being out of country! *same-pinch*?

@s.b: Long ago.. but not so long ago... somebody was scared to come to Rangashankara in an auto... for the fear of getting lost :P

My in-laws are very new to bangalore.. they have no clue where to go and how to go ... paavam!

Kavi said...

I read the poem. And then thought..Thank God P is away !!!

I am glad you are having such lovley time ! This is no nazar. Just plain happiness for the good living that you are enjoying !

enjoy the good times

M O H A N said...

So actually the serials are connecting saas and bahu...interesting point for ektha to take note, reverse the swings and get some goody points.

I liked pavans note on shark stuff! :-)

So watch out for that weight if not you have to change an entire wardrobe - did i see you smiling there?

Anonymous said...

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Vijay said...

Ok.. ok.. no nazar...

@SB: I wonder who that "somebody" was :-)

Veena Shivanna said...

sb: you take your mom to your place and allow us to talk to your wife.. Lets see! and on what lines were you looking for the kaal yeLeing ?
Shark, I was reading the title once more.. sounds like 'laws in home'..
One thing is sure, if in-laws are at home, laws are in place perfectly!! :-) and bahus don't dare to break them!

Anonymous said...


shark and vijay have both done enough kaal yelling, and you are asking what about?! aiyyo devaaa! and it was all your prerogative.

- s.b.

Anonymous said...

to divert attention away from me, here are a couple of links.

- some competition (refer to title) for our shark, and

- some comic relief for mr. p (see comment # 1)

- s.b.

veena shivanna said...

sb got it!!.. we had enough of it then, so i had clsed that episode ;-)
My god, how many blogs do u visit? dont u feel the blog burn out??

Cuckoo said...

Nice write up for your in-laws. You too are a nice bahu I guess. ;) I'll have to ask your in-laws. :P

That poem... good that P is away. Does he read your blog ?

bachodi said...

One question :
Does she blog ? Does she read your blog? ;-)

shark said...

@kavi: AH! Don't you worry.. I dare not try this on P... if he hits me back I have no strength to endure it! Men are seriously very very strong physically!

@mohan: smile? actually I am sad.. I have no clue how to "reduce"..;-)

@vijay: tyanks

@veena: My in-laws don't have any laws for me (atleast none as of now) I am continuing to live the way I used to live before :)

@s.b: Do you think that there are "few" competitions :(((?

@cuckoo: P is not a regular reader... but he does catch up once in a while :)
I am a very nice bahu ;-) (somebody is patting their own back huh ?)

@bachodi: She doesn't do either... good for me... she would get over confident if she sees all the praises here ;-)

indicaspecies said...

Good one! Well described feelings of a 'bahu.'

P is in Europe and yet you managed to slap him tight.

Wow. A virtual slap! Tell me how you do it. I need to pim* slap someone virtually too. And would you believe his name starts with P? No, no..not your lovely P, I promise, not him..hahaha!

indicaspecies said...

Thank you.
I felt it's in order that these comments should be put here so I can absolve myself. Am I messing up your blog comments page? :P

@indicaspecies: First of all welcome here :)
Ah! we can never find a "perfect" person.. but atleast I don't want someone who is far from being ok... leave alone perfect :(

And ya! regarding that comment on P.. it better not be him.. else there will be 2 slaps.. and who knows some murders as well ;-)))

indicaspecies said...
Huh? Did you say murders? Plural?
I told you I've nothing to do with your P..heh! Anyway, I am scurrying outta here. Don't want to take any chances ;)