Monday, June 04, 2007

Advice needed

I have a maid in my house. She has 2 children, boys. One is in 9Th class and the other in 8Th class.
It's new academic year for them, and they study in good schools (which is nice). The cost of purchasing books for each of them for the year is around 1200rs. They have to buy this in the school itself.
My maid is a very nice woman. Always has a smile on her face and does whatever work I ask her to do without grunting or anything. She somehow found the money to get books for her elder son and he started going to school from today. But she is yet to get books for her second son, so obviously he is missing a week or two of his school because of this.
The problem: I want to help. She has not asked me for any money. Not even as a loan. But I feel like buying the books for the second son. But, she is just 2 months old in my house and I must confess I don't know her very well and all. And I don't want her to take undue advantage of my help. I am not expecting money in return, but I don't want her to expect I will help always.
So what do I do?


Anonymous said...

which school is he going to? maybe you can ask vijay whether he still has his kid's old books and wouldn't mind donating them. from his posts, my understanding is that the 8th class books will be as good as new ;-).

- s.b.

pavan kumar said...

shark: you could say that you are willing to pay her salary in advance for x months (so that it pays for the books, etc.) on the condition that things are as smooth as before, and then later, give her salary as usual (thus surprising her)..

s.b.: wow, you do have a great n/w! do Orkut queries get routed to you? :P

Anonymous said...


dude, i am a super blogoholic [don't know whether to :-) or :-(]. and nope, i didn't even have an orkut account until they made it free for all. having all orkut queries routed to me would've been wonderful!!!

- s.b.

Kavi said...

If i were you, i would pay for the books ( i already have for some kids). If you are sure it is going to educating a kid, anything is worth it !

The woman MAY turn the back on you ( some have on us), but the impact that you leave on the kid..there is no turning back for that !

Srikanth said...

Pavan's suggestion sounds good to me.
At the sametime, you can probe more, if the 8th class kid could use the text books of the ninth class kid, which he used the previous year.

Also you could probe more by asking for the report cards of the kids to make sure that they are doing good at their studies, thus providing some guidance to what they should be improving upon.

bachodi said...

I don’t think you need to know her to buy the books. I suggest buy books and donate not the money to buy it.

bellur said...

i totally agree and second srikanth's thoughts.

he can ask his seniors in 9th std. if they could give him their old textbooks. not everyone would have sold it off to the groundnut seller.

Ashish said...

For one thing, it is really nice to see the feelings you have towards helping; unfortunately the query you asked is also a very familiar one.
Best thing would be to buy the books rather than giving money, and tell her that you will cut it from her salary over the year, if that seems agreeable to her.

Veena Shivanna said...

One more book related query, Vijay was checking about the shop,if he can get some particular book for his son nikhil who studies in 9th.

Well about helping, I think there is no need to think so much, since its a genuine need of books... and the maid seems to be swabhimaani and I doubt if she things to take undue advantage.. !

Vijay said...

I agree with the readers here.. if it makes you feel good just do it..

If you are taken advantage of you can always stop...

If its CBSE I have the books ... I think (unless they have been given away). Wouldn't mind chipping in with a contribution as well...

shark said...

Thank you all for such wonderful advice.. I knew you wouldn't dissapoint me :)

Finally took the advice of my close friend and pavan. I will "loan" her the money. Meaning I will give her the money but will cut say 100rs in her salary every month.
This also I will keep tab.. and if she proves to be loyal... will give her the money at the end of the year :)

@s.b: As I have mentioned they "have" to buy these un schools. These are some kind of work books itseems... she also offered to the school that she will get from somewhere else.. but they didn't agree... some schools are strict :(

@pavan: I took your advice... thanks :)

@kavi: Yes agreed. The point is I don't get to meet that kid, so if I simply give the money I want to be sure it doesn't go wasted.

@srikanth: I took pavan's advice :) Yes asking for report cards is a good idea.. will do that!

@bachodi: If I could have done that.. I would have done it long back... But unfortunately these books are to be bought in school by the parents.. hence the problem.

@bellur: My maid herself suggested that to the school staff.. but they didn't agree itseems :(

@ashih: yes have decided to do that only :)

@veena: yes she does seem to be swabhimaani.. but then how much can we know a person in 2 months alwa?

@vijay: Thanks a bunch..:) But they study in state syllabus.

pavan kumar said...

awesome, so what do I win? (other than the good feeling of having helped someone help someone) :)

PS: my resume is still pending with you, maybe some extra points? ;)

Velu Nair said...

Helpppppppppppppppp her!!

shark said...

@pavan: 2 extra points for you.... by the way as compared to the offers mini-shark is getting... (some pujaari's and all) you will win hands down ;-)

@velu: I did :D when will we get to see a post from you?