Monday, September 11, 2006


This post is in reply to this!
Thank God! The summer is finally gone. Am I happy? Yayyyhhh!!!!!
  • Don't have to wake up with sweat in your hair and smelling awful.
  • Finally you can wear all those full-sleeved tops. Sleevless stuff is a lot of work! (Girls will appreciate this more.. I know)
  • Romantic mood in the air.... mmmmm P.... I miss you.
  • No need to bother about a few extra pounds here are there.. those long jackets will hide everything ;-)
  • Even if you don't take bath... since you don't sweat so much you won't stink so much! (This is against my principles though! This is just to add a reply to the above post.)
  • The city looks beautiful (read clean)!!!! - wherever you see it is white. White is pure.. White stands for peace.. White is beautiful (again read clean!)
  • Moisturisers are so much better and smell so nice than those stupid sun screen lotions.. which are sticky to say the least (yuckkk)
  • Headache, well... you get that even if you stand in the sun for long! Pee-breaks - Now you can tell "truthfully" that you could work only for 6 hours a day instead of the usual 8 hours..;-) due to "natural" reasons!!!!
  • Gym... There is always something called evening, if early morning is tough! And you feel nice and warm after a workout... as against sweaty, tired and miserable during summers!
  • Now how is eating connected with weather? As long as you cook at home.. and re-heat everytime you eat.. it's bliss... Ahhh Sambar/Rasam rice is best eaten when it's boiling hot.. imagine doing that in summer...!!!!

Welcome Winter... welcome welcome.. I have been waiting for you!


Hardu said...

Extra pounds is extra botheration during winter as due to pullovers and jackets, it looks like 20 pounds more instead of 10! So, one looks fatTER during winter!

Gym, its cold and dark in the mornings and its cold and dark by 4 again. So, its no gym either in morning or evening!

I would rather wear sleeveless than be wearing pullovers and jackets!

I would rather have only headache during summer than have cold, cough, fever AND headache in winter!

I put both moisturizer and sunscreen during both summer and winter. So point hardly makes any diff. to me.

During winter, I am always so hungry that I eat a lot and put on a few pounds. During summer, water makes up for that and so the weight gain doesn't happen.

mysorean said...

Since I have no idea what winter means, I am out of here!
Keep arguing though! Adds to my knowledge! ;)
Lage raho!

WinterBlue said...

Shark: I agree with you... I have seen 3 winters so-far and always enjoyed it. Summers :((( you rightly explained that... I hate sweat... I only like to see that in the Gym... sometimes, it is so embarrassing. I generally sweat a lot and summer makes it worse...

WinterBlue said...

Hardu: It's just not headache... de-hydration... more prone to skin disorders in the summer. Your energy level doesn't stay good throughout the day. You can get fever anytime of the year... not necessarily b'coz of the winter.

But, the best thing is you look clean, fresh throughout the day and don't have to spend too much of time in the bathroom... you can store this for something romantic... you see ;-)

shark said...

@hardu: I know you will neer agree with me! You are in germany dear where it is 10 months winter... So I can understand your aversion to it. Over dosage of anything is bad!
Here it is not like that na.. we will have max 4 months of winter... and that's nice... very nice..:)))

@adi: Anything unknown is bliss.. so you can support me ;-))

@wb: Thank you.. Thank you.. I agree with all your points!

pavan kumar said...

hmmn, I guess you are all "cold-blooded", whereas we are "hot" :P

shark said...

@pavan: I am "COOL"..:D (Do you know who sported a chain with this wordings..????)

pavan kumar said...

oh no! not SRK again!! Sssshhhark :P

Hardu said...

You are in the desert and so its not cold. But you go to parts like NY and all and its the same there... cold most of the year. Only Texas and Calif, its warm always.

You go and stay in Canada for a winter or two. Then you can decide if you like Winter or not.. it will be -25 deg there! :P

Velu Nair said...

Same as Adi, here!!

Its such a heavenly climtae out here through out the year, that at times I wonder if seasons are just a figment some idle mind's imagination!! :)

shark said...

@hardu: OK. "As-of-now" I LOVE winter... happy ;-)?

@velu: I was also just the same when I was in India :D didn't appreciate either summer or winter! bangalore weather is heaven throughout the year...:) But yes after travelling around the world.. I have now realised that there are actually drastically different seasons..;-)

Prakash said...

ask me... or for that matter anyone who has stayed in detroit about winter .... they will tell you the real story..