Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Married women Vs. Dressing sense

What's with these married women? No, Seriously..? What happens to their dressing sense after marriage? Is it that you no longer have to impress anybody that you no longer care how you dress?
Yesterday I saw one woman in a desi store. Red Saree, a nice one at that. But... Wait, a green blouse to it! There was not even one dot of green anywhere in the saree. If it was just that, I would have left it there thinking she didn't exactly think about attire while coming for grocery shopping. But she wore a big blue earring and pink (a very bright one at that) lipstick. That shows she had actually put some effort in dressing up! But the result was bad to say the least.
Hello! Did you think that I am talking about some "aunt"? Nopes she was a young girl! In her 25 something.
If this was one off case then I would surely not bother writing a big blog about it and eat your head also... But NO, this is not a one off case.
I have my own aunts and cousins who are examples for this "AMD" (After Marriage Dressing) syndrome. They actually dress very nicely before marriage... But once the oath is taken gone are the good dresses and good accessories going with it.
I am not biased towards desi females. The so called well-dressed phirangi females are no better either... I thought wearing jeans above your waist with a belt and a straight cut was gone-with-the-wind kinds. But no, if you see anyone wearing jeans that way just stop her and ask her if she is married. You will not get a no for an answer.
I guess they also forget what is best to wear for their body structure. Tucking in the shirt when you have a large tummy is not exactly very appealing to the on-lookers eyes! Before anybody shouts at me for being insensitive and all that.. Please I am not saying everybody should and must have a hour glass figure! Please NO! I am just wondering why can't they wear appropriate clothes. That's all.
If they were like this from day one then fine, nothing more can be said about it. But if this happens only after marriage.. Then there must be some reason to it. Some reasons I can think of:
  • Once you find the man of your life, then that's it! No need to look nice to anybody else. I wonder though, is not required to look nice in front of the man of your life?
  • There is absolutely no time to think about dress and all... Give a break.. After all they are married... Marriage is a LOT of work.
  • I just don't care! Now that I am already married nobody will say " If you be like this, then nobody will marry you!" ;-)
  • There is more to life than appearance! - Though I feel that's the "first" thing anybody will notice about you.
  • Oh! My husband wants me to dress this way, he likes this combination so much you see. - What is he? Color blind?

That's all I can think of. Any more insightful comments are welcome specially from the married folk.

Surprisingly it's completely opposite with men! The "I care a damn" bachelor looks are replaced by nice fitting + clean + well-maintained clothes + clean shoes.

Wait a sec.. I think I got the answer, the wify is so busy taking care of her hubby that she forgets to take care of herself and keep up with the fashion trend of the day! That's it!. Period.


pavan kumar said...

no no no, you dont see the plot behind:

when wifey dresses that "bad/ugly", she is safe from prying eyes (which is good for hubby as he wont have to ward off other males), and when hubby dresses that meticulously, no female eyes him (refer to prev. post, the messy look is IN), so wife is happy that he is all hers.. both happy, sukhi parivaar!

and you had to get back to the male vs. female (husband vs. wife) topic? (after Hardu's inflammatory post?) :D

shark said...

This post is NOT male vs female... This is married FEMALE Vs. Unmarried FEMALE...
It's female fight...;-)

Ah! I remember Joeys dialog from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.. he refers to something else altogether when he sees two females fighting ;-))

pavan kumar said...

censored version: "cat-fight" :)

btw is that a Yahoo profile pic?

shark said...

He..he.. :)
Yes. that's my "avatar" ;-)

mysorean said...

Well, me too observed this trend after you mentioned.

Wonder what could be the reason?!

But I have seen a few aunts of mine who dress up really well whether they were married or not!

Velu Nair said...

This was a fun post!!
I am not surprised though!!
Marriage does strange things to people!!
;) :)

shark said...

@adi: There are always exceptions da...:)

@velu: Yes! It definitely does strange things to people!

Kavi said...

Marraige does strange things to people. I dont connect to the wierd dressing part. Atleast my budgets on clothes (for me and my wife) have increased more than the rate of increase of oil prices !!

Maybe people go shapeless first, and then, decide...!

But hey, good fun post !! :)

Anonymous said...

he he he. I guess it als depends on the husband. If it matters to the husband how his wife looks, then may be he insists and she continues dressing. If not, then she doesn't bother either.

Anyway, me not much into dressing and stuff. So, I can't get worse. :D

Vin said...

hmm... I guess it depends.. many married women do dress well... some might be too very occupied in work.. so they don't.. can't really tell one reason.

shark said...

@kavi: Good that you spend a lot on clothes.. money should be well spent you see...;-)
But no, this is not about having enough clothes.. this is about not having "proper" clothes... They will have hazar stuff but not one up-to-date thingy.

Maybe people go shapeless first, and then, decide...!

well.. what can I say to that :)?

@hardu: No dear.. the "other" women also dress... but not well. That's the difference. So it depends on the husband's taste...

Or maybe pavan had a good point. The husbands do not want their wives to dress well.. just to be on the safer side..;-)

@vin: Oh yes! there are nice-dressing people as well.. I am talking about that not-so-nice-dressing people, who "changed" after marraige!

Girl Interrupted said...

I dont agree with various stuff though I dont completely disagree with you.
"wearing jeans above your waist with a belt "

This was a 60's fashion. So was Skinny Jeans and empire waists (well I think this was few decades earlier to 60s).....But since 60s is in now, there is no harm wearing high waist jeans ......Even Jennifer Lopez has been spotted in this flashback to the '70s. I tried to get one myself on Shopbop.These Marc by Marc Jacobs high-waist jeans with double pockets ($178 gave me a heart attack). While the popularity of low-rise jeans continues to be strong, at least there's an option out there besides plunging waistlines that reveal thongs, tattoos and a multitude of other things that would be best kept under wraps.Also it is kind of Chic these days to wear 60s ......Fashionistas agree with me ......Btw I did buy a skinny jeans, but for 20$ (found it on sale though not Marc Jacobs)....
Red Saree with green blouse and blue earrings sounds kind of cool...maybe she is "Devil may Care" kind of girl who dresses up just for herself as she pleases and not follow the trend...I like that...she probabaly does not have sheep heard syndrome which most of us are prone to....I like that too....

shark said...

@GI: You are completely ready for marraige! :P Finding a guy is the only reamining thing to do... do that fast ;-)

Anonymous said...


some issues such as male/female husband/wife etc. have neither 'adi' nor 'ant'.

we do have an adi here - we just need an 'ant'. maybe we can rope in the blogger formerly known as anti?

- s.b.

veena shivanna said...

Good post shark,
Can't comment much... I didn't realise that all the listed points have happened with me.. except the last point..
That is also one point to be considered,atlast each one of us think about it ... Do I look impressive, if not to the world atleast to him? This inspires may be.. Wait for another couple of months to find your answers.
BTW.. I told you right, you have a very good dressing sense & that 'kaLe' in your face, not very fair but beautiful.