Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Calvin - The ULTIMATE kid!

Doesn't HIS words sound perfect for today's situation? On one side with the advent of the so-called technology, we are spoiling the natural resources left and right! On the other hand every country that I know of is fighting with some other for some reason or other. I just hope as he says, the fighting will stop some day!!!!
God, Please let me have a son/daughter who thinks/acts just like Calvin... My life will be so very interesting...:D (Getting selfish huh? Well Yes! Anything... as long as I have a child like Calvin!).


Viky said...

Make up your mind. Do you really want to be a Calvin's mom? :D

pavan kumar said...

those moments are so precious, when a kid makes you realise the nuances of "better" life

Velu Nair said...

Have been down and out with a fever the last few days, so havent been able to catch up. And to add to that Blogger messed up my template and along with that my friends list, and it has been such a pain putting things back in their place.

Anywayz. hope everything has been going great here!!

Vin said...

Your Prayer Granted....
Since u prayed with such a passion, u will ahve twins 2 calvins .. :-p

shark said...

@viky: YES!

@pavan: Very true.. they just bowl you over by their simplicity!

@velu: OHO!! Are you feeling well now? Hope so.
Oh yes! putting together "corrupted" stuff is a real pain...:( Hope you have sorted out things now.

@vin: Thank you.. Thank you :) Ghee and Sugar in your mouth :D

Prakash said...

Kids like Calvin... don't you think it would be extremely difficult to handle them

GuNs said...

Hey, I am a big fan of Calvin myself. I got the entire collection of C & H in ebook form at my office. Everyday, I send out one week's strips to a bunch of people I know in office. Its slowly become so popular that a few of my friends have requested me to add their friends into my mailing list.

You will also see Calvin appearing on my blog many times.

Thanks for adding my blog in your bloglist. I dont see many comments from you though [:-(]. Please write a comment whenever you read my post regardless of you like it or hate it. I love hearing from all the people who read my blog (After all, its particularly interesting to know people who would be interested in reading the mostly uninteresting stuff that I write with much personal interest).

LOL, do keep visiting !


Anonymous said...

u'll get him, in case of children u always get what u wish for, esp. when you iwsh for mischief makers. :)