Friday, September 15, 2006

I broke a NAIL

Yes :( It all started with bowling last Friday. My first ball.. And it slipped my hand and broke the nail on my right hand thumb. The nail came off with a bit of skin too! It hurt like hell! But all was forgotten while enjoying the game. I had 2 perfect strikes :D
(P.S: I don't do bowling very regularly so 2 is a big number for me in a game!).
Thought it would end there.. But do things EVER go as I think it would?
I broke another one, this time middle finger while lifting my laptop bag! These laptops can get very heavy sometimes.. specially if is made by one company named DELL :P.
Another down...
Today! Yes today another one... booohoooooo Index finger this time.. While I was drying my hair!
I have decided. Out they go... All 5 of them today! (K got it! Remaining 3 :( )My right hand is jinxed.
Che.. All this just when I had planned to attend a function tomorrow night and even bought a brand new nailpolish for it!!!!
Cruel fate!


Hardu said...

Thanks for reminding me to cut my nails before tomorrow's party. :P

Me and nails can't stand each other. I cut them as soon as they grow a little.

When I first read broke a nail, I thought it was something like the whole nail coming off or something similar!

Sudhakar said...

Fate is not that bad, Left hand is left..

take care dude

Velu Nair said...


pavan kumar said...

oh-oh! sorry abt that..

it is as if God wrote a small for-loop
(for i=0;i<=2, i++)
break(shark's nail);

sorry abt making fun :-) take care!

shark said...

@hardu: I hope to find atleast one common thing between us someday ;-)
And hello! It takes a LOT of effort to grow a nail nicely... so breaking is a BIG tragedy :(

@sudhakar: Ayyo don't put nazar on my left hand... that wil also start off/..;-)

@velu: :(

@pavan: he!he! make fun! One day I will make use of the same nails to kill you muhahahahahah! ;-))))

WinterBlue said...

Sorry about that shark. You know growing nails is not a very good thing ;-) but infact, women with their nails shaped look very appealing to say the least.

Pavan: That program will not work, syntax error you see.. ;-)

mysorean said...

Hey wait wait wait...

Before I offer my condolences, let me check on my mathematics. See:
Bowling = 1 Nail,
Laptop = 1 Nail and
Hair drying = 1 Nail,
TOTAL = 3 Nails
Remaining should be 2 Nails! (considering you are not a Hrithik Roshan clone!)

Sari sari. Kopa madkobeda. I know it hurts a lot. Take care. And yeah, don't grow long nails. Which school did you study in? Didn't they check that daily?

Prakash said...

ohh...what a sad story.....

shark said...

@wb: You are contradicting yourself!

@adi: I forgot to mention.. while hair drying, only a little-bit of the nail broke.. so it's not -1 fully. Just the length has reduced now.
And hello!! I am no longer in school now..:P So, I can grow how much ever I want to ;-)

@prakash: Call me!

Vin said...

hmm... i just know how it feels.... it tough to grow them and maintain them.. and when they break itz like a piece of ur heart is gone !!

Velu Nair said...

better now???

WinterBlue said...

Shark: I never gave "my" opinion :) first line was what people generally say. Second one is what I tell my girlfriend ;-)))

shark said...

@vin: Exactly my feeling...

@velu: Ya.. better now.. Thanks :)

@wb: Ah ok.. Got it now :) I hope your gf has long and beautiful nails..:)