Friday, November 17, 2006

Vacation time...

I will be off to LA tomorrow for a 9 day trip :) I have heard a lot about the west coast of America, going to experience it!
This weekend is gambling time... you guessed it right! I will be in Vegas.
3 days in LA.. then I will be off to San Fransisco. Golden bridge, Downtown wait till I come there!

I am very excited! Needless to say I will be off blogging.. till then Ciao!


ssk said...

dannnggg ur taking the whole thanksgiving off huh ... me in LA only ..and I am goin to SFO during the 4 day thanksgiving weekend ..

enjoy CA it is beauuuuuuutiful :-) but SFO will be a little cold.

Sojourner said...

hmmm.. have a blast! :)

Anonymous said...

have fun!

- s.b.

Sookie said...

whoo whoo whoo
Have fun kiddo!

infinity said...

SFO? same pinch!

PS: are you taking the scenic LA-->SD or LA-->SFO drive along the coast?

PPS: SFO has Saravana Bhavan!

pavan kumar said...

PPPS: the above comment was Pavan, the Hanuman kid :)

damn, should check which a/c I am signed in!

priya said...

If you eat non-veg, do not forget to go to fishermans ( forgot the name) dwarf and eat lots of crab. Its awesome in SFO.

Anonymous said...

kewl !!! :D:D
me out for a 4 day trip to SFO alone..
have a blast at LV :)

bellur said...

enjoy maadi!

Vin said...

oh wow!! happy vacation... i wish i was in CA now.. cud have joined u ;-)

GuNs said... !

That looks like A REAL treat.
How about you coming over to the UK for a trip? A few of my friends are coming over at Christmas and we are planning to go to Italy (if my VISA works out).


Ashish said...

Have a great time. When in SFO, if you have the time, do take a ride in the cable car; because of SFO's up and down roads, the pleasure of going uphill / downhill is fun

Anonymous said...


fisherman's dwarf? LOVL!


it is "fisherman's wharf", though us vegetarians would probably call it "vegetarians barf"! i could not stand it for more than a few seconds (with a nose pinch that too!).

- s.b.

shark said...

@ssk: I will also be in SFO over that weekend... You have fun!

BUT, my cousin also said it would be cold.. so I got all my warm clothes but it turns out it is 81 today! ;-)

@sojourner: Thanks!

@s.b: I sure will..:) Thanks.

@sookie: Thanks kane.. but kiddo???

@infinity aka pavan: You also in SFO? Looks like the whole world is going to be there..;-) ssk is also going there!

And YES We are driving LA -> SFO :D

Saravana Bhavan is in the list-of-places to visit ;-)

P.S: By the way how many identities do you have?

@priya: Thanks for the Info dear.. but I am a pure vegetarian :)

@anon: Thanks..:) Hope you have a great time there too...

@bellur: Thanks :)

@vin: Oh yes! It would have been so much fun if you were also here...:) The more the merrier :)

@guns: If you sponsor my ticket.. I will be right there ;-)!!

@asish: cable car? Will see if I can fit in that to my itenary :)

@s.b: He..he.. "Vegetarian's barf"..ROTFL!!!

GuNs said...

C'mmon ! You are earning, aren't you?

Believe me, its VERY cheap if you consider the fact that you will probably spend more money if you stay at home in the USA suring Christmas (due to the gross commercialization of the festival there) !

Will post some photos from London soon. LOL, only to tempt you more !


raghu said...

Pretty Impressive blog...but hard to find who you are!

shark said...

@guns: lets see when London will be lucky enough to have Shark ;-)

@raghu: Welcome here :) Isn't it easy to find who I am..? I am Shark ;-))