Monday, November 20, 2006

American Football

It seems I am back to blogging after all. People will have to wait a little bit more to hear about my vacation details. In a gist.. it was AWESOME! I will write in detail about each and every day.. be ready for some long, really long posts... till then, lets have some fun with the ball.

This is about football. The American one where there is no "foot" involved in the game with the ball.

I went to watch a high school football game some 3 weeks back. I would have sworn it was a world cup match thingy if I hadn't known before that it was just a high school game. The arrangements, the glamour... you had to see it to believe it.

First they introduced each and every player on the team. There will be at least 60 players on each side. Only 11 can play at a time, they keep rotating people, after all it's a very physical game. Each player was accompanied by his family.

After the gala introductions, the game started. Some things I learned about the game.
  • Physical power is EVERYTHING in the game. People fall over each other, trip each other, beat up each other also!

  • It's like cricket in India, it's a religion in America.

  • The supporters/audience of each of the sides are seated on the respective sides of the stadium. No mixture allowed.

  • Girls wear something called "mums" around their necks. These are basically presented by their boy friends who would have asked them for prom dance the next evening. These things costs no less than $100! These mums carry the respective boy-friends' name.

  • It's a family event.

  • America is a RICH country. The band, the cheerleaders, the dress for them, the band instruments ranging from drums to saxophones, the media coverage... all for a high school game.

During half time, there will be some recreational activities like band playing, cheerleading performance, some music etc.., Some photos and some shark's words to go with them.

My Team : Black-Panther - Band Troupe

The other team : Wild cats - Cheer leading team - They were really very impressive.

The wild-cat band team along with cheer leaders. Please note the short skirts ;-)

My team, performing. Co-ordination at it's best. They would all lift their legs at the same time and to the exact same height... super!

Ok, last but not the least ... some players in action. Couldn't catch too much of the play on camera. One, because I was trying really hard to understand the game and had no time for taking pictures. My camera does not have some fantastic zoom... so even if some pictures were taken, they were far away shots with not much clarity about what's happening out there :)

Update: Sojourner asked as to who won finally. Do I even have to mention? It was MY team... the BLACK-PANTHERS :-D


Sojourner said...

U forgot to say who won!
that was interesting to say the least :)
I know a little bit of the rules and I am sure some foot is involved in the futball game... but most of the foot work is not with the ball but avoiding the opponent :)
oh well... the fun is all in the contact.. *SMASH* *BANG* *ROAAARRRRRR!!* :)

GuNs said... thinking of cheerleading as a career option now?

If you do, we'd all love to see photos of you in your 'uniform' [:-P]


Anonymous said...

aisa bhee hotaa hai!

- s.b.

shark said...

@sojourner: Good that you mentioned, I have updated the post :)

Oh yes! Foot is involved, but not for ball kicking... for kicking something else!

@guns: He..he.. no.. I am not an american-beauty. I am a traditional Indian "beauty" ;-) If I may say so myself... ha!ha!

@s.b: Ha!ha! What level parents get to for their children! :)

pavan kumar said...

good, but close-up pics of cheerleaders would have made it more "interesting".. sigh!

waiting for updates on CA-NV trip..

bellur said...

welcome back. great to know you had a lovely vacation. waiting for those looonnnnggg posts.
btw, great pics. interesting to know that they spend so much for school games! rich brats! ;)

Vin said...

nice to know that u had a blast !!!
but it is intresting to c the investment made on a highschool event...