Monday, November 06, 2006

I know I am in America when...

  • I jump with joy when I see a 2 wheeler! The other day I saw one which looked almost exactly like our scooty pep! I miss my kinetic... :(
  • No dinner party without drinks.
  • 8 am meetings in the office.
  • 6 pm, have to really search for "people" in office.
  • 60 mph is slow! Zoom past in 80 mph speed sometimes.. and feel happy that you escaped mamas ;-)
  • The winter sets in, you can see lots of desi women in chudidar and sneakers.
  • You make coffee in a microwave.
  • You have the cooler ON in summer and heater ON in winter. - Cotton dresses and woollen sweaters would do in India though.
  • Men at work discuss about bed-performance of their girlfriends over lunch.
  • There are no all-vegetarian restuarants. Maybe you can find a udipi cafe here and there sometimes, that too in big cities.
  • People value their personal time. If you have to attend your child's school function, you can take a day off from work stating the same reason. And nobody is going to deny permission.
  • Men (who are married) accept to work over the weekend ONLY after getting their wife's consent.
  • A child stops crying the moment you put an empty nipple in its mouth. - Try doing that to a desi kid, it will throw that back at your face!
  • A major weekend outing is a movie + lunch/dinner at an Indian restuarant.
  • The office is completely empty by 3 pm on a friday.
  • Anybody and everybody you come across in the street asks you "Hi, How are you doing?". But not one waits for an answer ;-)
  • and only in America, yes ONLY here... Pakistani's and Indians live in such great harmony, it's hard to believe that we are actually fighting wars out there in our own countries.


Sojourner said...

your own experience?? very interesting :)
**Try doing that to a desi kid, it will throw that back at your face!** - that is totally new to me!

and i like that work culture... desi's can borrow some of it.

and yes one more to the reply :) here

Vin said...

i liked this "Desi women with sneakers"... but many times i ahve seen this .. desi women, with BIG bindis, huge gold "Jumkis", a think managal sutra, anklets, donezen bangles on both the hands, neatly oiled and plaited hair, sometimes with flowers in the hair too... and suddenly they are wearing loose fitting jeans and a T shirt... I always wonder y not go for a small bindi / small earrings / one bangle (or 2) / no payal pls / oil hair (no flowers pls) and then put on jeans and T - shirt...

Viky said...

Wow. Nice list. Had me smiling all over :D

Gini said...

Fortunately, having lesser number of desis here is an advantage. ;) Atleast I don't get to see such ridiculous scenes. ;)

WinterBlue said...

I'm impressed that a man takes wife's permission to work on a weekend. It's really cool... and I respect that... in India it would have been termed as "Hen-pecked" begaviour. I will surely implement the same in my life. After all, two days you get to be with your soul-mate once a week and you have to have co-ordination... Thanks shark for the post.

December Stud said...

LOL..I bet this is your experience...very interesting. I do agree with most of the stuff...there are a few things which I don't agree with...and that's because :

1. I have attended several parties without drinks.
2. Making coffee in a microwave is not a norm
3. Hardly any 8AM meetings (I hate it and that helps too).

But, I do agree with the rst....Your last point is sadly true...

priya said...

Interesting facts of different weather and stories wat men say.

Sojourner said...

heya shark,
Thanks for the comments.
To reply to them:
u probably know it. but i'll say it anyway:) : Its your space, u should do whatever u like there :)... forward or not, if u believe it, then does not matter who said it, right? :)
probably those forwards may either bore us or inspire us to write on our own if we wish :).

And Grand parents are sooo special arent they?

Gini said...

Girlie... many points are not ONLY true for America.. it is true for Europe as well.

Kulpreet said...

Things have changed here too; I found some exp, similar to Indian metros.

Velu Nair said...

No all-veg restaurants???

Velu Nair said...

And the last one... hmmm...

bellur said...

take a bow, shark.

Ashish said...

I am an infrequent visitor to the US. But when I do visit office in the US, typically see that most of the Indians are still there later in the office than the others. Have always why that is the case ?
Now that we are more closely working with American counterparts, we have a lot more meetings that are at the unearthly hour of 10 PM in California, and the person does not even complain. So things seem to be changing even in the US.
India restaurants I agree, San Jose has a high concentration of Indians, and even there Indian restaurants are not too many.

silkboard said...

as a returned NRI, I would rather not comment on this specific post :)

But thanks for visiting my blog. lemon yellow life, you call yourself shark, and your blog is titled encounters of life (and not death). Hmmm, interesting!

pegasus said...

wow.. nice one

ssk said...

hey you are absolutely right... me being from chennai met a pakistani guy for the first time in my life and we interact very well. I ask him a lot of questions bout his religion and we have very good discussions.

This could not have happened in chennai.

Sher Babbar said...

"and only in America, yes ONLY here... Pakistani's and Indians live in such great harmony..."

I can assure you that Pakistanis and Indians also live in harmony in other countries like Australia.

shark said...

@sojourner: Yes all are my own experience.
Desi kid: Don't you agree..? it takes a LOT to console our kids :) But these american kids are so docile they will just keep quite if asked. But it's another matter that they don't even care for others once they grow up.. I wonder where all the innocence goes?

@vin: He..he.. very true :) What I feel is we should either remain dress as Indians or as Americans. This "inbetween-mixture" is pathetic!

@viky: Thanks. Long time no see?

@gini: Maybe you would get to see more in Frankfurt or Hamburg I guess...

@wb: where were you all these days? welcome back :) I agree in India they would be termed as hen-pecked!
By the way, maybe I didn't mention that clearly.. but not only men, even women (married) work only after getting consent from their family..

@december stud: Yes it is. I agree this is not a "universal" set of things.. just the difference I felt :)

@priya: Ya true :)

@sojourner: I know :) But then, I was really impressed by your originality :) and grand parents are priceless!

@gini: I agree completely. Just stating the american perspective. that's all

@kulpreet: Oh is it? I hadn't seen the change until last year though...

@velu: Yes :( no all-veg restuarants!

@belur: Thank you! Thank you! :)

@ashish: That is because American stick to 8 to 5. Unlike us who are extremely flexible and take late night calls.. and hence can't come early in the morning. It's just the culture. I cannot pin point and say that one is good and one is bad. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages... it depends on us as to what we choose to follow.

@silkboard: what made you think it is about death? :) Just wondering... the term shark? or lemon yellow life?

@ssk: See that's exactly what I told.

@sher: I have not been to australia ;-) so I told America.
I correct the sentence now after comments from you and gini...

" Anywhere OUTSIDE India and Pakisthan, we live in great harmony!"

Kavi said...

That was interesting ! I didnt know much about that !

Well, men have to get their wife's permission to work over weekends ! That made me sit up and re-read !