Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Uravugal Pirinthaalum, Ninaivugal maraivadhillai

  • A & S - As far back as I can remember. My first childhood buddies. Have played endless house-house, teacher-teacher, ice-pice etc etc..,
  • S Rao - L.K.G to 7th Std. The most beautiful girl in my class. Also the most intelligent girl. There was always a compitition between us for the 1st rank.
  • V - 5th Std to 7Std. Extremely orthodox. She used to do ekadashi upvaasam at that young age itself! That too without even drinking a drop of water! Interestingly she was the one who "educated" me about girl-boy things ;-). There used to be one guy in my class who used to say sorry to me every 2 minutes. I used to wonder what's wrong with him. She was the one told me that he is actually "line-marofying" me!
  • S - 7th Std. She was the new girl in class. Never actually talked to her all year. But at the end of the year there was a medical check up, both of us were standing in the queue for around 2 hours. That's when we became friends. Kept in touch for 2 more years. But later lost touch :( She was extremely clean (did I just say CLEAN...*ahem*). She always smelt very good.
  • M - 8th Std. She was a quiet girl and my first high school friend. We didn't remain friends for long though. I don't know why. Now I can't seem to remember what cut us off?
  • P & J - My best high school friends. We used to hang out together all the time :) I am still in touch with P, but not with J anymore.
  • D, G, M and A - P.U.C friends. We bunked classes almost all the time ;-) We used to go watch movies, eat churmuri, or just laze around in one of our houses when all of us were broke :). I am now only in touch with M.

So, what I came to say was... we make lots of friends. Some keep up. Some don't. We keep in touch with some, some not. But I don't think we ever forget them. They always stay in our memory forever.

Friends may depart, but memories never.


ssk said...

you are right memories dont die they cause nostalgia ...

whats worse is sometimes people(including me) take friends for granted and think that they will all remain in touch for a long time until it becomes too late.

Vin said...

hmmm.. i was reminded of all my friends n fights.... btw, didn't u fight with ur friends ??

Gini said...

Orkut has actually brought back many of my old school friends.

Sojourner said...

you are on a posting spree!!
hmm.. at each stage in our lives we seem to get those "unforgettable" people...

line marofying in 5-7??! come to think of it... I remember those days too... :)

priya said...

Thaz such a good memory. I wonder if I can remember my boys from prekg to end:-)0

Kavi said...

That was nostalgic ! Made me think of a few of my own friends and wonder where they are !

shark said...

@ssk: You are right! we do take friends for granted.. an effort to keep in touch should be there always on both sides.

@vin: No.. I never faught with them.. I am a very good girl you see..;-)

@gini: Somehow I didn't get any of my school friends in orkut :(

@sojourner: He..he.. when the typing starts.. it does not stop ;-)

I wasn't line marofying da.. he was.. I am a very nice girl ;-)

@priya: I didn't get you :( "prekg to end"???

@kavi: For all you know they might be thinking the same too :)

Sojourner said...

Yep! make the most of it when ideas flow...

hmm... interesting.. I did mean 'them' and not you... I wonder why u thought that I was saying that about 'you' ;) !! just kidding.

bellur said...

beautiful memories. this post reminded me of long lost friends. thanks. friends add value to life. you cannot forget some friends.
remembered a song which one can tell a friend:

Mannai vaergal pirinthaalum,
Vinnai neelam pirinthaalum,
Kannai manigal pirinthaalum,
Unnai naan piriyillai,
Sangam Tamilai pirinthaalum,
Sattham isaiyai pirinthaalum,
Thaalam sruthiyai pirinthaalam,
Unnai naan piriyillai...

regards and take care

GuNs said...

Looks like you've forgotten me for sure. LOL, coz I dont see you on my blog anymore !


Viky said...
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Viky said...

Great post.

I'm sure you lived your childhood all over again by the time you finished this post.

It's such a great feeling, no? You suddenly feel so great with all those childhood mischiefs gushing back, and then ... you remember that some of the people you are not in touch with anymore (albeit for unknown or the most silliest of reasons) were the ones you were "best friends" with.

And when you try to re-tie the knots that bound you, not all respond with the same vigour. And it hurts real bad. Even after all those years.

Girl Interrupted said...

well I was iwth u in PUC and we are still in touch!!*ANGRY* *LIVID*

shark said...

@sojourner: he..he..:)

@bellur:WOW! that is a beautiful song :) Thanks for sharing it here :)

@Guns: I was there on your blog today :) I have not forgotten.. you had not posted :P

@viky: You have brought up an interesting point here.. the "response" thingy! Till now I have not faced that.. but I agree with you. It would be a big dissapointment if the response is not good :(

@GI: Darling dearest... this post was about "lost" friends.. not "still-friends" dear...
Sorry if this hurt you..:( My intention was not to leave you out...:(

ekawaaz said...

Nothing but memory remains..:) Good friends are those who care without hesitation! Who tolerate without frustration!Who remember without limitation & Who love even without communication.