Monday, September 17, 2007

Pheee Pheee Stop Stop!

I got a speeding ticket in India. In Bangalore (OK near Bangalore)... can you believe this?
It happened 2 weeks back. I was driving down to Mysore from Bangalore and bhang! in the middle of the road I am stopped by a cop with a cane ready to hit my car!
I get down to see if they are stopping me for some drug trafficking or something (exaggeration huh?)...
But alas! he says "madam neevu thumba fast aagi oodistheera!".. Well 65kmph is "very fast" in India (at least in Karnataka). The speed limit was 50kmph on a state highway :((( There was a board it seems .. I didn't even see that!
I made it a point to see that while coming back.. and believe me it was half worn out already.. couldn't even make out the lettering.
There goes 300rs. BUT I was happy :) no shark has not gone crazy.. I was happy the police had speed guns and stuff.. that they could "record" who went at what speed and also their number plates and stuff. They didn't give a sheepish smile and ask for 200rs without bill. I got a proper bill. I was let out in 5 mins without any hassles. India is progressing after all....


GuNs said...

Oh boy, oh boy! A speeding ticket for 65KMpH is blasphemy but good to see decent cops for a change.

You own a car??
Whoa... I thought you were just another software engineer of my age. Sounds like you are some big shot after all.


pavan kumar said...

I was driving down to Mysore from Bangalore and "bhang"!

so, was it drunken driving? :P

but seriously, never knew we had speed limits..

Spookie said...

I wonder what police do about

Bit Hawk said...

I cannot believe it. Bangalore-Mysore road is so amazing, that you can drive feeling safe even at 100 kmph, dont know why they have speed limit of 50 kmph!

Ok said...

I got a ticket here for jay-walking:).

Kadalabal said...

yes certaianly police have got themselves updated atleast to some extent. It was good they took money against receipt so it goes to the exchequer. good experience and nicely written


Veena said...

got to hear some accidents stories recenty.. specially people coming from wrong side near the dividers Mysore road na 6 lanes maadthaarante? bekaa !??

Veena said...

@guns, just another s/w engr..? whats that..?

wooster said...

got to this blog from dunno where... and interesting stuff :)

btw, do you know how easy it is to print a receipt book? ;)