Monday, September 24, 2007

Alliance Invited ...

Disclaimer: I do not mean any offense to anyone. Post to be read on a lighter note.

Came across this “Alliance Invited” ad recently. Some portions of it, which I want to highlight, are here.

The would-be groom…

- Should be Vadama Iyer (preferably from Chennai) Any area specifications also? I personally don’t like caste based searches, leave alone sub-caste. But then will just give this a go, seeing the ideology behind it being that the girl’s parents hope that even the guy is also born and brought up in a similar environment so that the compatibility is higher. What the heck! will just give in ;-)

- Has to be masters or PHDIn “anything” will do? And how does having degrees qualify the guy to be a good husband material?

- Should be simple caring and jovial kind of guyAre there any guys at all who are like this?

- Should not have any bad habits. - It is implicit that they mean smoking & drinking. I wonder why they ignored to mention past girlfriends…? I also feel picking your nose in public is also bad habit. So should the guy not do that also?

- Should not be living with ParentsNow what did those poor parents do even before marriage?

- Should not have pets at home What a dog or a cat (the usual pets) can/will do to the new bride... anyway!

- Annual income should be greater than 6 lakhsAww that was very generous and thankfully a comparatively low/feasible expectation.

- Preferably should be the only born. 1 sibling is still OK. – *Ahem*

- Should be willing to relocate to girls' choice of location I always thought location preferences could be “worked-out”? Quiet a demanding criterion isn’t it?

- Should be fair tall and handsome. – what ever happened to TDH? Specially the “D” part! With all these men’s fairness creams also in the market, I don’t have words for TDHs…

- Should have gone onsite and should have more opportunities in the future well… this has always been a standard “request” from the brides side huh? “NRI” son-in-law is a matter of pride. Gives ample scope for show-off in front of neighbors!


Prashanth M said...

Is she going to marry one guy or 11 guys??!! :P

GuNs said...

The format in this post is crapped out. I think you copy pasted this from somewhere. I dont know about IE but am using Mozilla and the font keeps getting smaller on every line until most of it is unreadable.

Kadalabal said...

nice pick up and funny expectations

shark said...

@prashanth: Finally I don't think she will ever get married with these expectations :P

@guns: Thanks for letting me know.. I just republished on mozilla and it seems fine now.. checkout.

@kadalabal: Thanks :)

parijata said...

Yep, the matrimonial ads are fun to read. But I think this is bound to happen in arranged marriages...

GuNs said...

ROTFL at all of these except the "it is implicit that they mean smoking & drinking."

I think its a fair request altogether. No matter how cool smokers can claim themselves to be, most are just addicts who cannot shake a dangerously bad habit. There really is no excuse for being a smoker whatsoever and is as rightfully socially illegitimate as substance abuse. Drinking isn't really as bad but then how can one define the difference between a social drinker and a life-threatening drunkard and who can guarantee that the first would not, in trying circumstances, lead to the development of the latter?


parijata said...

Even if one does not have any "bad habits" before marriage, how can one be sure that these habits will not develop later? They're like diseases, right? One can pick up a life-threatening disease anytime in life!

And one may lose jobs and move in with their parents!

Silly set of requirements, but as I said earlier, it is bound to happen in an arranged marriage.

GuNs said...

Oops after reading that last comment, I have noticed (and it is probably true) that most people start smoking/drinking in late high school or early years of college. I have only known people who have given up smoking/drinking after marriage - none who has actually STARTED. Exceptions are the cases I mentioned before - people who drink socially earlier but after marriage, in trying circumstances turn into drunkards.


Pavan kumar said...

Seriously, I dont know to what extent these measures that their parents take help in ensuring a "happy and married life".. maybe it is the stats, but the smoking/drinking club members are sometimes much better in real life than some of the non-smoking/non-drinking kind.. again the demographics would vary and mileage is purely situational

rads said...

oh, they forgot to add in the white horse, castle and no credentials on the kinds of cuisines he's a master at?! :D

Veena Shivanna said...

Ridiculous list (expectations)..
sometimes I feel parents them selves have so much of such things than the kids who have to marry and lead life together. Parents thinks 'they do it for children's good'.... BTW, we will track this matrimonial ad and see if there is any dharegiLida devatha manushya who finally qualified all these specs!

shark said...

@parijata: first of all welcome here :)
yeh! I know it happens :) but it sure is fun for the readers ;-)

@guns: Oh ya even I don't approve of amoking and drinking.. but that's besides the point. what is the meaning of "bad-habits"...? I feel they could have just mentioned "should be a non-smoker and teetotaller".

@parijata: See the point is, nobody can predict what will happen in the future.. but when marrying they are atleast looking for a guy who is all what is mentioned above atleast for "now" :)
Some people strongly believe that once marraige is done, they can mould the groom/bride according to their whims and fancies ;-)

@guns: You brought up a good point... i don't understand why people get into this drinking only to shy away from troubles. I have NEVER seen anything getting resolved that way! If only people realised it!

@pavan: I totally agree with you. A person's personal habit has nothing to do with his personality. A smoker can be absolutely fun to live with and a non-smoker might be equally boring... and hence i feel these kind of criteria are ridiculous to say the least... a person should be judged by his interests and not by his habits.

@rads: should I pass on this message to them ;-)?

@veena: I don't think he (if at all there is any) will be a a"dharegiLida devatha manushya".. he will be a BIG BORE ;-))) alwa?

Prakash said...

just too good......

how will a guy like me ever find a gal...