Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Milestone reached.

And that was my 100th post! Congrats shark.. you made it! You made it!
OK enough of exaggeration. I know it’s not a big thing. But I have seen bloggers write such kind of self congratulatory posts … so I guess it’s the in-thing now.
I have also made my point.

Thank you readers, for reading my blog… not so thanks to those who read but don’t comment on my posts :P. No thanks at all for those who don’t read my blog! (hah! As if they will come to know about this… anyways!). Lots of thanks to those who regularly visit my blog and also comment on every post… thanku thanku *bows*.

Illige blogprachaaravu mukthaayavaayithu. Namaskara!


Prashanth M said...

But the count on blog archive says 97! (25 + 72) :P

Anyway congrats...

shark said...

come on... answer to that is simple, the rest 4 are private :P

This ones number is 101 by the way.. in case you correct my maths again ;-)

rk said...

congrats on a deserved 100!

bhagavanthanu nimage aayuraarogya blogaabhivruddhi karunisalendu praarthisutthene.

best wishes from the RKyologist

Kadalabal said...

haardika shubhashyagalu shatka barisiddakke
sagali nimma blog payana munde munde
barisiri dwishataka.............
sadisiri nimma abhilasha
munduvarisi nimma i havyasa
yednu haraisuvene nanu
nimma i blog payaniga


GuNs said...

What are "Private" posts? What's the use of putting them up on the blog if they are private?

Gosh, this is more confusing that I thought. Sheesh... the more I learn, the less learned I get.

I'd better stick to being ignorant!



MM said...

100 posts!!


Anonymous said...


congratulations to slow and steady blogger who finally scores a century (at least this is not a one-dayer), but no thanks to those who receive e-mails but don't respond! ;-)

- s.b.

pavan kumar said...


PS: I keep hearing s.b. complaining, requesting, and threatening you to check your gmail a/c.. paapa alva? I thought of emailing this, but then :)

shark said...

@rk: Thumba thanksu :)

@kadalabal: Abhinandanegalu :) 200 beega reach aagbeeku... noodona :)

@guns: Well.. there were not intended to be "private".. I wrote something but then finally decided against publishing them. You just feel like that sometimes...

@mm: Thanks!

@s.b: ha! look who's talking... who replied after 2.5 months :P?

@pavan: don't listen to s.b... you mail me.. and see if you don't get a phatak reply ;-)

shark said...

@kadalabal: Correction: DhanyawaadagaLu annuvadakke badalaagi Abhinandanegalu andu bitte... he..he :)

Srikanth said...

and celebrations... :)

Veena Shivanna said...

Congrats!! Now that you have completed 100, we will ask you some questions (tv interview)..

1. How do you feel about it (Ha ha very common Q)
2. What is your target next ?
3. Do you continue to blog at the same rate or change it ?
4. What are your blog statistics..

illige blog prashNegaLa muktaaya :-)

shark said...

@srikanth : Thank you :)

Answers; oh wait.. since this is a TV interview.. let me set right my make up and attire....

umm now I am ready :)

1. I feel nice that I have aquired my own set of readers :)

2. no targets at all... the posts will flow as the topics come...

3. I plan to change it.. for the better (I mean faster ;-))

4. Statistics? You mean by visitors? by links? by entry/exit points? by durations? by reference....