Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A very earnest prayer...

Give me the intelligence to understand my man,
Give me the patience to take all his anger,
Make me flexible enough to adjust to all his mood swings,
Give me a big heart to love him with all his flaws,
Make me beautiful so that I can please him,
Make me a good cook so that I can feed him well...
Give me everything that makes HIM happy.

DO NOT give me power (strength)
Lest I kill that fool!

P.S: To be taken on a lighter note. Just heard it on the radio and found it very funny. This is NOT to start a women vs man fight! I am tired of that now ;-)


priya said...

That was just amazing and I had real fun laughing....

pavan kumar said...

hehe, and the guy goes "Oh God, Please giver her whatever she wants.. just so that she doesnt bother me, and ahem, I cant afford her" ;)

Velu Nair said...

U have been tagged!!

shark said...

@priya: Good that you had fun..:) and welcome to my place :)

@pavan: LOL!! trust you to come up with a counter statement :P

@velu: So you tagged me huh? OK. Will do it :)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ..

Hiren said...

Very amusing and interesting. I thiught women had more emotional intelligence and were already more versatile than men. Aren' they powerful as well- " I am the boss in my house and I have my wife's permission to say so"

Hardu said...

he he he

No more fights allowed? How disappointing. ;)

shark said...

@vin: :D

@hiren: wow! Are you from Mars ;-)?

@hardu: Lets give a short break for the fights.. we shall resume soon..;-)

enigma said...

hi there, got here thru vin's. nice blog!

Ashish said...

The disclaimer at the end about not trying to provoke a fight was interesting.. one could easily miss such a disclaimer and connect with such a poem.
All a guy has to do is change some of the wordings, and voila, it applies to the female gender as well :-)

shark said...

@enigna: welcome! and Thanks :) Keep coming :)

@asish: You ready to start the fight ;-)? You go right ahead!
By the way welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahhaha..... It was too good.

Lemme share one I heard somewhere.
Once there was a couple deeply in love with each other but their family didn't accepted their marriage. Hance having no option left they planned a suicide by jumping from a hill top.
The guy planned to jump first & did so ,while he was in the air..the girl got scared of the death & told herslef: "Love is Blind, so i'll not jump". :)
Now the guy sensed that she's not coming hence he opened his parachute by saying: "Love never dies".


shark said...

@sunil: Too good! Too good! ROFTL!!! :)

Ashish said...

Thanks for the welcome and post on my blog.. so here is a slightly longish reverse poem:

Adam were all alone and looked so sad
That God, without thinking, had asked, "What's up, lad?"
He knew it were a mistake the moment he'd said it.
As Adam spoke up, God started to dread it.

He began by complaining that he had nowt to do
'Cos he'd named all the animals God had put in his zoo.
"It's not a zoo," said God, "It's the Garden of Eden."
"Whatever," said Adam, "just don't expect me to feed 'em."

'Perhaps free will was a bad idea,' thought God.
"They're all here," said Adam, "Aardvark, baboon and cod,
Dormice, eels and fleas, which I wouldn't recommend as pets."
And on and on Adam went, through several alphabets.

Not for the first time, God felt his head nodding
And woke up with a start, still to hear Adam,
"Those legs on a centipede took ages to count,
And as for the millipede, I just guessed at the amount.

Couldn't you have given some legs to the snake?
I think he'll be trouble, and no mistake.
But you've only made animals and none of them speak,
Yet they've each got a mate. You know, you've got quite a cheek!"

"All right, all right," cried God, "enough, my life!
To keep you quiet, I'll make you a wife.
Yes, a wife, a woman, the peak of my creation,
For Adam, an Eve, the perfect equation."

"I wouldn't bet on that," said Adam, who was starting to wonder
About the purpose of earwigs. Had God made a blunder?
"Pay attention," said God, "Looking at you, I know I can do better,
So shut up and listen, or you'll never get her.

She'll clean for you, make your clothes, and cook and bake,
She'll agree with every decision you'll make.
She'll be intelligent, gracious, sensitive and caring,
And never complain about periods and the pain of childbearing.

She'll never have a headache and meet all your desires and needs
She'll not nag, and admit she was wrong when you've disagreed.
Her beauty will rival the heavens and earth."
"Wow," said Adam, "What would such a woman be worth?"

"An arm and a leg, at least," said the Lord.
Adam thought that was too steep. "Can I have a quiet word?
I understand that such a creation would cost me,
But what can I get for a rib?" And the rest is history

shark said...

@asish: WOW! That was a very good one. Did you write it yourself?

Ashish said...

I wish I could have said that I did it myself, but no, I did a bit of searching and found it on a website

Kavi said...

LOL !!

This is new ground !! :)