Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some this and some that

It's long since I wrote anything. I think I am obsessed with blogging now! I have always been this way, if something interests me, then I get so addicted to it...it really takes a lot of effort to get me out of it. Oh I digress.
Last weekend started blissfully. What more could I ask for than to start a weekend with an out and out SRK movie? Man, is he se*y...**drool** (I don't want our government to block blogspot again... and hence the words are written with *s!). First of all, people who will start saying that this movie is nothing as compared to the original and stuff...please...STOP! Stop comparing for a second and just see this movie as any other movie... and I am sure you will like it. All said and done, Amitabh Bachchan cannot be replaced. That's why he is a legend!
But at the same time, this new DON is beautifully made. It's fast paced with good looking women and extremely talented man to lead them all.. ;-). The little twist in the story is a real nice surprise. Just when you think that you know the story because you have seen the previous Don, you are pleasantly surprised.
But, Kareena is a disappointment. First of all she didn't do justice to the role. But most of all what happened to her perfect hour glass figure?!!
All in all it was a fantastic film... SRK is not Amitabh Bachchan, he is DON!
Saturday was Diwali celebrations at home and neighborhood :) Lighted lamps all over the house, at least we can do that if not burst crackers! Cooked yummy food at home and stuffed ourselves till we could not take even one rice grain more!
Sunday was shopping time :) That too precious gem shopping. Ah! What more can a girl ask for? As expected I became greedy and bought lots of stuff... but not only for myself, to all my cousins and aunts back in India (See I am not that selfish also it seems!)
Monday: Some major issues got clarified at work. Life is really happy for this shark. Just when the ocean is peaceful and beautiful and calm and serene... out comes a big wave and upsets it all.
The big wave is the news paper and it comes with lots of unpleasant news!
What was he thinking when he sanctioned this amount? That he was being outrageously generous? Rs 3? For heaven's sake what can you buy with that amount? A kg of rice costs at least 11rs. And a drought hit farmer is supposed to lead his life and support his family with 3 rs? I don't know whether to laugh or cry for this!
I think it's high time we stop treating special people around us with something more than curious looks. They don't need our compassion, they don't even need special attention. They just need some nice treatment. Treat them like normal people. And what were those officials doing that too in airport? Trying to hold him against boarding the plane because he "can-be" dangerous to other people? I will tell you what is more dangerous - Women with as little clothes as possible on their body, so none of the males around have sense as to what's happening around them. Or some people who have absolute no mobile manners and shout at the top of their voice without caring a hoot about their surroundings! Those are dangerous people not the autistic people!
K sleep is taking over me and I don't know what more to write.. that's it zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


doomofhades said...

Changed the template hmm... nice
no comments on DON, yet to watch...
The 12 Rs Cheque hmmm... what can one say ?
And the airport incident, that's bullshit. Jail'em all...

Ashish said...

Don - what can I say ? I have not seen the original for a long time, so was not even comparing. But with such a hype around it, it was disappointing.
Kareena Kapoor in the dance was boring..
Somehow, I liked the title song, and I thought that there was a major effort to make the story fast-paced and well scripted, but the pace of the movie was uneven, and from half-time, my cousins around me kept on telling me that there must be a twist, and seemed to be able to predict the twist..so was not that innovative. In all, a movie that I would tell people to go see once, but not more than that

Ashish said...

BTw, 2 other points:
1. I was reading a previous post (http://lemonyellowlife.blogspot.com/2006/07/soul-mate-vs-1-billion-dollars.html), and you may need to re-look at your template since the comments were hard to read.. maybe just change the font for the comments in the css
2. Would you consider adding me to your links? I added you to mine since I like the stuff you write..

Hardu said...

As you have raved so much over DON, am thinking of watching it and am currently downloading it. Lets see how I like it. New template aha.

Vin said...

hmmm... now i think i ill watch it... always read -ive feedbacks. it has been rated 1 star.

shark said...

@doomofhades: I don't think jailing is the solution. They wouldn't have done it purposely... they just need some social awareness education that's it.

@ashish: Ya, even I was disappointed with Kareena. It's a nice movie... and SRK is great! What more do we want in a movie ;-)?

Ah! I corrected that comments template. I just changed these yesterday, and I hadn't looked at the comments part. Thanks for pointing out :)

Oh sure I will add you to my links :) Actually haven't re-visited my links from a long time... you are IN boy :)

@hardu: On the other hand, since I have liked it so much you might not like it at all...;-) You should see this movie in big screen.. that's when it will have the mentioned effect :) ANyway enjoy watching the movie :)

@vin: The feed back is -ve all over because they can't stop comparing with the previous one. Just watch this one as any other new movie and it will be great!

pavan kumar said...

Don: nice movie.. though I had too many expectations (it being a Farhan movie).. but the music and the women keep the movie going.. and I beg to differ, but Kareena was stunning in "Yeh mera dil" raunchy number.. and awesome dialogues! on the whole a lil let down

*next, eagerly waiting for Guru*

Kavi said...

Well, the 'special people' need ordinary treatment. That in itself is special to them !

In our pursuit of seeing them as 'special' we get them to feel 'less than ordinary' !

Thought provoking !

Jo said...

Yours is the only positive review I have read about 'Don'.So assuming that you are a great fan of SRK and this review is nothing other than just 'hero-worship' ;-)

Giri said...

Don - no comment yet; but one thing's for sure - SRK won't be in the reckoning when i decide to spend 10 phirangi bucks on the movie - Farhan Akhtar is the one.

2 rupees compensation is ridiculous. In some cases the effort to deposit the cheque might exceed that amount.

shark said...

@pavan: Kareena was stunning....??? well what can I say...:(
Who is there in Guru?

@jo: As I said, all the previous reviews are bad because they can't stop comparing... watch it just as a new movie and you will really like it... and of course the movie is nothing without SRK...seriously!

@giri: welcome here :)
DON: you know what? There is a saying "The tree which has the most fruits gets hit by the stones the most!" That explains why there are so many SRK bashers ;-)

The banks don't even accpet cheques which are less than 100rs in denomination! Do you even think these people will have bank accounts in the first place? They will have to spend more to go to a nearby city, open an account and deposit the cheque... all for 3rs!

GuNs said...

1) Watched DON. Good movie though too many twists seemed to confuse it a bit for me.

2) You fall off to sleep THAT suddenly? Gosh...you might need a doctor [:-P]


Vijay said...

I watched the account on CNN-IBN where they did not allow the child to get onto the plane.

these guys (the security folk) need to get sensitized. I feel for the parents and appreciate their efforts to make this public.

priya said...

I don't like when people compare it. Every individual has his/her own personality and thaz what it values.

I will watch it soon.

shark said...

@Guns: Ah! Good movie you say :D That's enough I say ;-)

Aw! I can sleep wherever and whenever I want to..;-) It's a God given gift.. I don't want a cure! :P

@vijay: Yes we should really appreciate them! You cannot completely blame the authorities also... all they need is some social education. That can be acheived :)

@priya: Ah! Wah! Wah! Finally somebody on my side! Yaaayyyy!!! Thank you dear :) watch it with a clear mind, and I assure you, you will like it!

Sunil Parmar said...

I don't watch SRK's movies so can't comment... :)

Apun Ka Desh said...

Rs 3 Compensation... thats a big joke. And even for this they would have to wait ages - and perhaps even pay bribe...

Why should this be allowed to go on ?

Ashish said...

As I said, don't compare with the previous one.
Even then, being very polite, my money could have been better spent, and so could the producer's :-)

shark said...

@sunil: Atleast you are not bashing him...Thank you :D

@apun ka desh: Joke it is! Definitely this should not be allowed. But can you stop it? It's a terrible mess out there... needs a LOT of cleaning!

@ashish: You could have waited for 2 more weeks, and when the prices are halved you could have watched the movie :P (I am assuming you are in US...)

Sookie said...

So happy whatching your favorite star? SRK is still your fave I guess??