Friday, June 20, 2008

Back to 3 Bs

As I had mentioned earlier in one of my posts, I am now back to "part-time" college. Today was the first day and it felt amazingly refreshing to be back with Books, Benches and Breaks :)
Living upto my reputation (my BE friends would know this) I reached the first class of first day "right-on-time". Meaning 2 mins past 8am when the classes had started at 8 am ;-)
Today being the first day I guess the prof let me in, but I fear his previous reputation says otherwise.
The hand outs were given.. some two huge books of case-studies. I wonder who really has the time and most of all patience to prepare all these :-/ Anyway that aside we are assigned "designated places" in the class. Apparently there is some weightage for class participation and it helps the profs if we sit in the same place everyday. Now this arrangement is done in alphabetical order... che! didn't get a chance to six next to that hunk! I thought like in school they would make the seating arrangements according to our height.. and was hoping against hope that I would get to sit next to him... (though conventionally a guy of my height wouldn't qualify to be a hunk. but what the hell! he is good looking!) alas! the profs thought otherwise.
So shark felt nice opening the crisp new books... writing down notes and keeping the additional books in the niche under the table.
The only thing I didn't like about my class was as usual the "over-smart/know-it-all" guys. Seriously pray tell me where do they come from? Today was the "first" day in accounts class... the prof is not even done with his own introduction.. and there is this guy who already starts asking questions after proudly declaring he already read the first two chapters... bah! The prof gave him a fitting reply "the first lesson of being a good manager is to learn to be patient!". Suits him! This breed of people will be there everywhere.. now they also have the advantage of being "experienced" *sigh*.

One more quite interesting part was that I did not feel sleepy in any of the class. I felt hungry though! The class gets over by 1pm.. and my system is programmed to eat lunch everyday at 12... so 1 hour delay was too much... stomachy.. get used to it now!
The "interesting" part in this is that I didn't sleep properly yesterday night; courtesy night show of "Dashavathaaram". Is that a movie in the first place? I went with such great expectations seeing all the rave reviews that it had got... and what did I get in return? 3 hours of complete torture! If I could describe this movie in one line "Its a self obsessed kamal + Tamizh fanatic movie". Imagine the whole world somehow knows Tamizh......bah!


Veena Shivanna said...

Congrats.. MBA seridra? elli? part time college ?? I am sure you will enjoy there. Certifications/exams aaytu antha innond class/exams ge join aadra? Have a great time Enjoy!
Dashawatharam - Hype tumba and Kamal said, he don't want to agree that its a flop but he has to live up the hype created! I pity for the money flown and 3 years of hard work!

Kavi said...

Congraatulations on getting back to school !!

Variety is the spice of life. so enjoy the interactions with the 'Mr.Know it all's also !!

Have fun !

Kadalabal said...

back to school is great enjoy and learn learning never ends. if someone thinks he knows all before even prof. starts the reply by prof. was befitting.
I also heard about dashawararam being veri violent and your comment is opt some times the hype created will be so much that expectations will be high.
but it may suit to the class you mentioned

ssk said...

hey part time MBA huh .. ha ha ha welcome to the world of case packets. U will forever be amazed by the amount of information and exhibits they will cram in to each case and how easily they will put u to sleep. ( I guess some know it all has already said this to u) It has been the best sleep medicine for me ;).

Good luck.

shark said...

@veena: hoon MBA. Detaila mail maadthini.
Ayyo certification exams mugidilla :( every year we will have 2. So ee varshanu idhe :(

@kavi: Thanks :) Yes I can enjoy as long as the class participation marks of him come to me ;-)

@kadalabal: dasavatharam is not violent as such... its obsessive kamal and tamizh. ashte!

@ssk: So, you have been there done that huh :)? Some good tips to stay awake please :)

Spookie said...

hey...soooper...already started classes huh? enjoying it? Lucky girl!


ssk said...

unfortunately i have been there & done it for one year and I have one more year of that sleep prescription.

Sorry I never found a cure.. i have woken up several times on my chair with the case packet pages fallen around me.


Viky said...

The whole world DOES know Tamil. You should come and see in the UK.