Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello? Can you hear me?

There is "strike" trend these days.... For any problem, all we hear is that people are on the streets protesting about something or the other. Usually its the general public that suffers. Whether the strikers achieve their objective or not is case specific, the inconvenience caused in-general to everybody cannot go unnoticed. Few examples:
  • Punjabis halted rail transport in Punjab to protest against the firings in Mumbai.
  • Mandya farmers are famous for blocking the Bangalore-Mysore road for any small/medium/large problem.
  • Gujrars halted trains, burnt buildings, attacked officials etc, to get reservation.
  • The farmers had to come on roads to ask for fertilizers and one even got killed in the process! (I personally believe that this was politically motivated, but never mind that).
What does this mean? For me it means two things; one, we as Indians have generally become very aggressive overnight. For everything we come on the road and fight. We simply don't believe in getting justice the right/legal way at all. Two, the governing body (state, center whatever) has become so deaf that they won't hear us unless we come and shout on the streets. Or the red tape is so much, even if there is justice given after some 100 years it is absolutely useless simply because justice delayed is justice denied.


Kadalabal said...

politicians have invested in elections so they are busy after winning to reap and reap those who have lost will also go to take some share from the winners all are same in this situation who will worry about bada boregowda comman man so he has to come to street and some stranger will be shot and his family will suffer and drama of visiting paying compensation etc., continues what a shame !!!!!!!
long live democracy solution is more and more educated to vote and also take up this seriously


Veena Shivanna said...

Justice delayed is Justice Denied. So true.

One thing is true, the protests will loose its meaning if people come and scream for each and everything on streets.
Think of those history text book where those "chaLuvaLi's" used to be written and remembered even today!! If we start doing that, then think about the history book size for our kids/grand kids!

Sigh, both people and govt should wake up.

Kavi said...

More than aggression, it is 'intolerance'.

Leading upto nowhere.

Long back, the grand old man had said, an eye for an eye will make everyone blind.

Anyone listening...

Hobo said...

Are we looking for instant justice

err said...

Aggressive overnight?

No way if you look at our history since independence, strikes were aplenty and unions were very strong. Things did change post liberalisation (post 1991) and these things mellowd down. This is defnitely not a new phenomenon at all.

I persononally dont see a problem with strikes (peaceful). Infact it sometimes is really a sign of health of a vibrant democracy which we are and should be proud of. I would categorise these protests as agression.

Its all hunky dory sitting around in an AC office looking at 11.42% inflation as just a number. But the people it really hits bad is exactly the people who are protesting.

err said...


I would *NOT* categorise ...

HOBO said...

We should blame ourselves because we only vote.